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Great to see you back!

I use AstonShell (and Menu) and yes it is a shell replacement, there are some hideous skins available for it but also some great ones. They also do a desktop manager called AltDesk which I haven't tried but if it's as good as their other products it will be superb.

The reason I haven't tried AltDesk is that I already use DeskSpace by Otaku Software. It may be a memory hog and it may not have some of the features of others but I love it - it has never caused me any problems and the visual appearance to me is the killer.
I also use their task switching tool, TopDesk, which again I love for it's visual appearance.


Have you tried LookOut? I use it and it's excellent for searching Outlook. Not sure how it would work with Exchange though, I don't know enough about this.

I've found Shutter to be excellent.

General Software Discussion / Re: photo duplicate scanner
« on: January 16, 2008, 05:41 AM »

I've tried many and the best one I've come across is DupDetector, and it's free.

It was/is from a company called Prismatic Software

Although it looks like they sadly no longer exist.

It's worth Googling to see if you can find it elsewhere or I'll gladly email it to you.

It's not very pretty to look at but works really well.

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