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General Software Discussion / Re: Software to catalog video files
« on: October 23, 2007, 01:40 AM »
Also try -- Media Center

Thanks mikiem. Will try it out

yup. thought about doing so yesterday but was too tired. hopefully, will have it up on the weekend

It works beautifully :D

I think I found something suitable. Called eo-video:

Trying to figure it out, will keep you updated.

this sounds like a useful request (the batch part specifically -- is that where the existing programs are failing to live up to requirements?)

Yes, woefully so. Even with SolveigMM, one needs to cut each video manually and then add to the task list. Other programs do allow you to define the chunks -- either as time lengths (each chunk of XXX seconds), or size length (each of XXX MB) but these do not batch.

An ideal program would:

1. Allow you to point to a video directory
2. Allow you to set the size of each chunk, either as time or size
3. Automatically append some value to a video's name to denote snips of the parent video (video_1, video_2, video_3, etc.)
4. Process the entire job automatically
5. As a nice bonus, also convert the videos, if needed
6. Massage my ankles

Sounds like a job for mouser? :P

Hi all,

This is a very urgent requirement and I hope you might be able to help.

I need to split around 1,800 videos, each into parts of 5 minutes each. These videos range from 20-40 minutes in length. I have tried Googling for such software and every one has come out lacking. The one that came closest to covering my needs was SolveigMM Video Splitter.

Software I tried:

1. Easy Video Splitter
2. Ultra Video Splitter
3. Speed Video Splitter
4. Video File Master
5. New Video Splitter
6. SolveigMM Video Splitter (this one has a pseudo-batch mode, in which you need to manually place cut points for each video and then queue them in a batch file, which can then be batch processed)

My needs:

1. Must be able to split each video into defined time chunks (like say, 5mins for each chunk)
2. Would be nice if it converts as it splits (WMV to AVI)
3. MUST be able to do the splitting in a batch (ideally, "split all the videos inside this folder into 5 minutes chunk")

Anyone with a solution?

Thanks for your time!

A few issues here:

1. Running Vista Ultimate
2. @120 dpi
3. Problem #1 persists at lower dpi as well
4. Problem #2 goes away at the default 96dpi


1. Generally, the status bar is not visible (120dpi) or half-visible (96dpi)
2. At higher dpi, a drop-down menu opens a few pixels away from the drop-down button -- as if detached

I have attached some screenshots that might better explain the situation:
Bug_1.jpg and bug_2.jpg show the detached daughter from the drop down box. Bug_3.jpg shows the non-existent status bar (note that the status bar was half-visible at 96dpi).

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