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I noticed this more than a year ago, but didn't worry about it. Still not worried - haha, but thought I'd mention it.

DcUpdater v1.32.01 reports "version on the web" as 1.01.01, when in fact the web site says 1.02.01 at

Clipboard Help+Spell / Re: Foreign Language Paste
« on: January 09, 2018, 01:31 AM »
Can you please update the program to support Unicode (foreign languages)?

Is the source code available? Maybe I could look at it.

Thanks for your thoughtful reply. I will try your suggestions, perhaps tomorrow. It's getting late here.

However, I've attached a quick screen capture of an example... 

(See "Selection Capture Options" tab),

Yes, I had seen that before writing, thanks.

I will also try your screen recorder. But, that seems a lot more steps, when now I can just capture a portion of the screen, save and attach to an email.

Perhaps I don't have enough experience with your program yet. But, in all the other screen capture programs that I use, it's impossible to capture the drop down menus, which disappear automatically when program focus changes to another program.

OK... I've just tried, and I don't see a way to capture the menu with your program either. (Pull down "File" menu on Firefox/Chrome/... and then start a screen capture manually (not automatically).

Also, positioning of the mouse so that it "points" to the exact sub-menu item that I want to emphasize when sending a quick "how to" to friends, etc. sometimes can take more than 5 seconds. For example, how to get the "Share Link" on a dropbox file, by right clicking on the file, then moving mouse over to "Dropbox", and then to the correct submenu... I have a large right click menu! (attached).

My other program "PrtScr" has a 5 second delay, so I'm familiar with how much I can "set up" within 5 seconds!  haha. Sometimes it isn't quite enough time, depending upon the complexity of mouse movements needed.

Screen movies would be overkill in all of these situations.

I suppose I could always do a full screen PrtScr key and then edit, but that seems to be MORE work, not less.

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