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Hello all,
I got to test Dashlane via bitsdujour (I think) a while back. I NEVER used a password manager before, so I have NO idea how to compare their service. I took advantage of their special offer for three years, paying 50 instead of 100 dollars. Yes, I know, there are services for free, cheaper or better, but I started - as I said - for the first time to use a tool that relieved me from looking up or memorize around 200 different passwords or login information for all the sites I visit regularly.
Method is simple: You login, while Dashlane is running. Dashlane "knows", you do a login, monitors it and asks, whether you want to store this special information. NEVER does it automatically, not even, if updating a known login with a new password.
The premium version can be installed on ANY device you own / use. It syncs automatically every new information to every (active / online) device. NO matter which device - including android cellphones (and probably apple as well) you use for creating or updating an entry, it will be synced with every other as soon as it is active.
Dashlane offers a multitude of features, like creating your home adress in a way it will automatically inserted in most masks using the typical fields like name, first name, street etc. You can of course create several of these.
The service: upon downloading the - then - current version, I run afoul on my Vista laptop. It simply would not install. We exchanged emails for a while and the guys at Dashlane did NOT give up until they found a working solution. Since then, no problem with updates or anything with my Vista machine. W7, android, W8, no problem anyway.

Impression: I am satisfied with the service, the product, the usablility and quite everything connected with the company and the product. But I DON'T KNOW better. First time. I like it. Yes, I took a look at KeepAss and some others, but did not even bother to install. Something just didn't feel ... right. No criticism, but just a .... feeling.

My recommendation: IF YOU are really prepared to use a service that charges money AND IF you have some experience to compare, give it a try. Test the free of charge version (not synching, only valid for ONE machine). Get a feeling for the GUI and the way it works and decide for yourself. You are about to offer your inner self to a company. Don't, if you don't feel good with it.

Berlin, Germany

General Software Discussion / Re: Text-To-Speech Freeware?
« on: April 21, 2015, 05:00 AM »
Hello all,

take a look at @Voice Aloud Reader.
This app - available at Google Playstore - is a product of, the guy behind screen capture classic HyperSnap.

I did some translation for @Voice Aloud Reader, but do not use it myself. Others are quite impressed.
I won't go any further than throwing the name in the ring.


Hello all,

thanks for your answers. I will have to live with the new situation.
There is no way to get THE MAN into helping me.  Our new IT crowd distributes a working environment with a fixed number of programs we need. Anything else is blocked. If we need additional programs, we have to pay. Ditto (the freeware) would cost some 20+ $ PER MONTH AND PER PC.

I will just do less work in the same time. Two of the greatest time savers are not available anymore. Ditto and Filebox Extender.

As I can't be fired (hired for life), THE MAN pays me my income even if my productivity goes down. I can live with that.

Berlin, Germany

Hello all,
if something matching the following description exists already, please let me know. I would not even know how to formulate the fitting question.
My problem:
At my office we are switching from a quite open XP environment to a totally lockdown Windows 7. We can work with some allowed applications, but executing any other exe file is prohibited. Drive C with programs and OS is hidden, installing anything is not possible. User rights are restricted. Just imagine any no-fun, paranoid, as little administration as possible provider and you got our new IT crowd.
After using ditto for 10odd years I dread the moment having to do anything manually again.
My question:
Is it possible to program a clipboard extension whatsoever that runs from a whatever programming environment (java, ahk, you name it) and circumvents the barricades of the user settings?
Thanks for thinking
Berlin, Germany

General Software Discussion / Re: What Android Apps Do You Use?
« on: March 05, 2013, 02:00 PM »
I just inherited a Galaxy Ace from my son - yes, really.
It's my first smartphone and I have to learn from scratch.
First (and only) app I installed is
@Voice Aloud Reader.
Created by the guy who makes HyperSnap, this app reads all text aloud, that you put into the @Voice window or into a reading list. It uses the installed TTS engine - or more than one and works with many different voices from several languages.
I like it, as I have trouble reading all the stuff on the screen. So I have my emails, news and anything read to me.
Now my son has to show me how to use dropbox to go beyond tiny snippets that clog my memory card.

And if everything goes to plan, I will even learn how to really use that phone. My Nokia 3650 was never that complicated.

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