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Living Room / Re: The Best Games You've Never Played
« on: February 06, 2008, 06:54 AM »
Lots of well-known names. Even tried my luck on "Beyond Good and Evil" on PS2. Spent a summer getting through five levels. Lately my 10-year-old son got hold of it and has been to places I've never seen within days.

Alas, the game I remember most fondly was written for Commodore 64 and was called "The Castles of Dr. Creep". Run and climb, no jumping, but fun for nights upon nights, together and with friends. I used up three joysticks on this one.

I never had time to spend on games in the following years, so my favorite game on PC has been and still is "Bubble Shooter". Doesn't take too long and can be won even by me.

And yes, I am very old, almost a pc zombie. I am 46 years old.

Spider Solitaire rules

Thomas D. from Berlin, Germany

Hi all,

I regularly use the freeware "PC INSPECTORâ„¢ File Recovery 4.x"

If it's not overwritten, it can be restored. Additionally, there is a software to restore pics etc. from flashcards. Works like a charm, too.

In case of harddisk crashs (real bad), I use ZAR (Zero Assumption Recovery)
With this shareware you can even access harddisk data when FATs are destroyed. Note, you often have only one pass before destroying the disk.

Have fun

Tom D.

Hi all,

my system tray is as clogged as anyone's but there are two (maybe three) apps I want to have there on my free will:
1. Hyperionics HyperSnap de Luxe (screenshot prog, one of the best I ever used)
2. Hyperionics FileBox Extender (freeware, that gives you instant access to pre-defined folders without going through the directory tree. Same works from almost every file open dialogue out of any application. Gives access to recently opened folders also)
3. Webshots (screensaver prog with access to tons of beautiful pics at no cost and the ability to include your own pics - its the online pics that make it just great)

Some other apps have to be there like anti virus and firewall software. But these three are my favorites to work with.


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