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General Software Discussion / Re: extracting info from pdf
« on: September 22, 2010, 04:49 AM »
Hello all,

When I was in need of a PDF->Office converter, I found after some testing the program SolidConverterPDF from

I have no idea, how they do it, but the results are simply stunning. Of course, not everything is possible, but I converted manuals for devices like TV sets, DVD-recording machines, scientific books and whatnot. Just incredible.

The trial lets you convert 10 percent of the original document, max. 10 pages and adds a watermark.

I think, this is ok for testing. Prices start with $ 80 for a single user license.
The support is great, very personal and really able to solve problems.

Give it a try and no, I am not connected to them.

Berlin, Germany

Hello Tomos,
I am sorry to hear that the PC-fax solution only works with AVM hardware.
There are (very few) other fax over IP solutions out there. If it is something you need frequently, it may be worth spending some time with Google.



I am writing from Berlin, Germany, so things may be different here.
My ISP gives the AVM FritzBox as cable modem to its customers. ( - and they offer an English website also).
This box is a real wonder concerning its possibilities. They also offer a tool for download, that enables the box to send and receive fax. It works with MS Office and almost any Windows.
It is not really easy to use, there is quite some try and error involved to get used to it, but then ... it works.
Maybe you just want to check out the tool itself. I do not think it is "chained" to the FritzBox cable modem.


Living Room / Re: Farewell to Frank Frazetta 1928-2010
« on: May 12, 2010, 03:48 AM »
He was the best Fantasy Artist ever.

I know, Vallejo, Rowena and all the "new" airbrush artists are great, too, but no one gave you this feeling of ... life in his pictures. I collected his German artbooks during the 70ies and grew up with all those fantasy books that bore HIS covers and of course some longplay records (those big, black discs with sequential playing through a needle).

I never read his comics, I am not THAT old, but saw some sample pages on his website. He simply was well versed in the different arts and thus a true artist of his time. Remember Barks, who did comics AND oil paintings.

He will be missed.

Berlin, Germany

Hello f0dder, as I am no coder, have no coders or other specialists around me, I only tried to find the data with the aforementioned tools.
Maybe you find a way to make the hidden files visible. The trial version lets you hide 10 files, no matter where (i.e. 5 on a stick, 2 on hdd1, and so on.
Please let us know what you find.

Till next
Berlin, Germany

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