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Hello Skwire,

slick app with a nice GUI. Makes it very easy to organize my files in the right order and then renames it. Especially helpful: the automatic adding of a leading zero.

Hello Krishean,
phantastic. Just edit a textfile to fit my need and it finds the corresponding mp3 even if they are in another order. Just what I wanted.
But I am afraid there are some bugs left.
I tried three directories, checked every list.txt and found no spelling error. Nonetheless, the app omits files. In the first test the app ignored 3 of 12 files.
Next test 3 of 13 files
Last test 2 of 10 files.
They are out of order an I can see no rule in it.
Any idea. I could not find counters in the script, counters with a certain range of lines, that is.
And yes, is there any chance to add a leading zero to two-digit-numbers?

Thanks again for these two little helpers.

0:45 a.m. on a Tuesday.

Hello Krishean and Skwire,

you both are just great. Due to time zone differences I just arrived at work and have to wait 8 hours until I can test your solutions.

I'll be back.


Hello timns and Renegade,
I used mp3tag to check for track numbers. Almost every album has missing track info - even if it is only one or two - or double entries with the same track number for different titles. So the tag info is of no use for me.

Directory opus appears to have many fascinating options, but I could not find an option, scripting or not, where to assign filenames from a list which is in another order as the files listed in the directory. I even discovered the tools Series Renamer in the Opus-forum, but all elaborate renamers depend on any kind of numbering within the file in the directory. 

I need a tool to read the string from the file name, compare it to the string in the textfile and, if the same, rename the file in the directory with the filename from the textfile.

This is something I haven't found yet - or didn't use the right terms for my search.


Hello Krishean,

this sounds phantastic. If you have time, create a rough script and I will test it with some samples.
I am not in a hurry, so take your time.

Best wishes


Hello Coders,

I am fairly new to downloading mp3-files from a radio station. I usually ONLY download whole albums, not single tracks.

The downloaded files all have the following syntax:
Artist - Title with spaces.mp3

After downloading, they are sorted alphabetically (or in another way the filesystem from windows permits. This is, of course, not the original order on the album any more.

If I now rename the files listed in my directory I could omit the artist and add a number. But the files would be numbered according to the alphabet, not the intended order on the album.

Before you send me to look for any good mp3-tag-editor: Some of the mp3 HAVE complete tags including track number, others do not. So yes, I tried this already.

Example for tracks as saved on my hard disk:
Keith Urban - All for You.mp3
Keith Urban - Georgia Woods.mp3
Keith Urban - Long Hot Summer.mp3
Keith Urban - Put You in a Song.mp3
Keith Urban - Right on Back to You.mp3
Keith Urban - Shut Out the Lights.mp3
Keith Urban - Without You.mp3
Keith Urban - You Gonna Fly.mp3

The Original order on the album was
1   Put You in a Song
2   You Gonna Fly
3   All for You
4   Long Hot Summer
5   Without You
6   Georgia Woods
7   Right on Back to You
8   Shut Out the Lights

For MY needs - and there could be others like me - I would have to rename each file individually by omitting the artist and adding the right track number  (with two digits incl. leading zero) in front of the title before the  " - ".

So the first title in my directory would be:
Keith Urban - All for You.mp3    ---> 03 - All for you.mp3.

So what I want, seems impossible, as the program would have to be able to parse and compare words from a directory with a file list and rename the files due to these variables.

If you tell me this is simply not possible, I can accept that. I did not find a program to achieve this task.

If anything like this already exists, let me know. I learned that most things people want are already done by (donation)coders.

Have a great Christmas season - or any other festivity according your beliefs

Thomas from Berlin, Germany

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