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Boy, it sure takes a long time to re-visit DC.

skwire: To answer your question from March, 29th.

If I remember right, the file read out by TAR has to be named info.txt or similar (I had no time to sort out my music for several month now, *moan*). So I can't have info.txt in my mp3 root dir. I have to move them to the dir where the corresponding mp3 files will be stored.

An inside every dir I call TAR with the info.txt, which then renames the songs according to my wishes.

I'll have to do it again in the next time. As this thread is still active, there might be better solutions, if I ever describe exactly what I do with - meanwhile - three DC apps.


Hi all,

when I started out in 1985, I was in high school, had no income and spent my driver's license money on a C64 with floppy drive. We all copied ANYTHING then. It was the Hacking Crew against LENSLOCK and mostly VERY expensive games, few apps and the fun of sharing information and how to's.

Later with my first PC (8088, 8 Mhz, 20 MB HDD) I was dependend on people who had access to software. There was no online market and stores in Germany were ... well, existent, but knowledge about PCs were not really common. I took anything, I could get my hands on, tested it, uninstalled it, kept it, depending on its value (for me).

Over the years I did what most people around me (and with similar (non-)income structure do. Re-use licenses, download trials and hacks and more and more turn to freeware.

Since working for a programmer - translating his software -, I have more and more insight into the HIGH amount of work that is connected with creating and maintaining software. His program sells well, so pirating is of course an issue but nothing to keep him from sleeping.

So my current PC has either paid software or freeware. If I need a program, I find a freeware or I test several programs and decide which to buy.

I admit, I sometimes use a crack, if I need extended features before I decide to buy. I also used cracks, if I needed ONE special software for ONE task only. But after that, I usually deinstall OR decide to buy anyway.

But then again, it took me some 20 years to achieve an income that lets me act that way.


Hello skwire,
looking for another special tool, I found your dropbox. Another great little app.
I am creating a mp3 folder structure to store all my mp3 I downloaded from a certain (yes, it's legal) portal. Renaming the files to my liking is done via an app by you (TAR) or Krishean. Maybe you remember this thread
Both your tools need to be present in the subdirectory with the mp3 files.
d:\MP3\Amy Whinehouse - Greatest Fits
d:\MP3\ACDSee - Greatest Hits
d:\MP3\Shakira - Greatest Hips
add another 35 to 60 directories per Month as a safe asumption

I have TAR and the other program stored in d:\MP3. I need it in every subdir. So I would like to have dropbox expanded to the "all level one subdirectories from here" option.
It would mean, I don't have to define special dropzones but it would copy / move / ask it to any next subdir of the maindir.
Aaaand it would skip any subdir, where the file(s) is/are already present. If you want to include version / date control, the better, but not really necessary.
Because: Drum Roll Please!! Every donationcoder tool that gets published, almost never has to be updated again.

Berlin, Germany

General Software Discussion / Re: extracting info from pdf
« on: March 29, 2011, 12:06 PM »
Hi all,
let's see, if anyone is still looking at this thread. I stumbled upon this while checking on answered postings.
1st: Can't pdf be saved as html? I think having done this. But it may have been with Acrobat Full version. It's not for the faint of purse. Advantage: text is html, images are saved separately.

2nd: One of the very good screenshot programs with a scrolling option is - apart from the incomparable screenshot captor - HyperSnap from Region with scrolling, windows with scrolling, text with scrolling, almost everything.
Give it a try, if you never heard about it.

Berlin, Germany

edited two hours later.
Hello Krishean,
this time I didn't wait until afternoon.

I copied 11 mp3 to a directory, created the list.txt and used the new rename.js.

I know what keeps the app from renaming all files. Special characters like brackets ( ) or hyphens '  are probably dependent on the country codepage, so the app ignores any files with these special characters. As soon as I delete any special character, it works like a charm.

Differences of capital letters between list.txt and filenames are successfully ignored now.

On a short notice: Is it possible to  have the leading zero added to the renaming process, even if it is not in the list.txt.
Fuel - Hemorrhage (In My Hands).mp3 - file - (had to del the brackets) -> Fuel - Hemorrhage In My Hands.mp3
1 Hemorrhage (In My Hands) - within list.txt - (had to del the brackets) -> 1 Hemorrhage In My Hands

would be 01 - Hemorrhage In My Hands.mp3 - renamed file

Have fun.


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