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General Software Discussion / Re: The Open Source debate
« on: November 12, 2013, 09:25 PM »
I prefer not to debate or argue in workplace environment. People with higher position tend to project bull** on the people who work under them. I have heard a lot of crap from managers and tech leads regarding trend changing and advocacy for paid software or closed source software.

 e.g. "Java is outdated, nobody uses java so we should use them",  "open source is costly than microsofts stuff", "open source is not easy", "open source is not secure", "norton software doesn't hang on any computer, it is good at security", "php is crap, rails is good", "linux is hard to use, windows is easy" and list goes on.

Arguments from those who promote MS stuff or expensive software is very thin and purely on the basis of personal interest.

There are many reasons with which we can argue on such stuff. We can make things work as simple as possible and get the work done. But some people hold presumptions and just want to do the work they find it better. No amount of debate can satisfy Pro-MS or Pro-paid software person from accepting open source or free software than "cost" argument.

Open source projects if gained popularity, turn themselves into foundation and become more active for security and updates. Only the projects with less popularity and lack of organization tend to be easy target for security issues. Otherwise popular open source projects are quickly maintained on security and features like - Mozilla, WordPress, Debian etc etc. The amount of work done on these projects is much higher than paid software when it comes to security.

I switched my workflow on linux 2 years ago and working just fine. No virus, no constant rebooting. It took just few days of getting used to and managed to work just fine on linux. The beauty of open source and free software is you don't have to defend it. As it saves you money and time on many things, adoption becomes much easier. Sometimes debate is pointless.

Living Room / Re: When you make your 100'th Post
« on: October 27, 2013, 07:52 AM »
Hmm, this is my 100th. Slow posting lately :D

I use Lastpass, Xmarks, Adblock and Getpocket :)

Living Room / Re: Does anyone here use Bitcoins?
« on: October 27, 2013, 07:47 AM »
I wonder if DC allows bitcoins for the donation? That would be great. I don't know if mouser has any plans to add bitcoins over here.

Living Room / Re: Was the iOS 7 "look" created using Microsoft Word?
« on: October 22, 2013, 12:22 AM »
Awesome stuff.

I would love to see a release of ubuntu distros kept side by side in comparison with weyland and xmir implemented. And then compared performance, just for the feel of it. They want to use mir for proprietary licensing then so be it. But comparison is worth doing so that others can see the potential of better product instead of thinking of only in terms of weyland for whole linux community.

LOL No. :D

I just find the whole, "Lets attack on ubuntu for whatever they do" stuff worth commenting. Note: I have made negative comments on ubuntu in the past in this forum. But I never made personal comment against anyone like mark or the other community members. KDE community making such comments by taking shelter of rest of the linux community rained on my nerves. So thought about posting that.  :P

He has no obligations to defend why he is using Mir. He and his community has all the rights in the world, to decide what is good for the ubuntu. I think debate is pointless. I mean anyone can use their own display server of choice, why defend Weyland and why trash any new display server is beyond me. It's matter of choice. The stunt from KDE people is because they fear adoption of weyland will lack in numbers if the ubuntu and other child distros adopt xmir. There has to be some sort of fear that makes them attack mir and shuttleworth. I don't see a valid argument from non contributing member calling out mir, canonical and ubuntu on fair ground for the choice of using mir. They made their choice of not using ubuntu, weyland and any other stuff, so why chase and attack ubuntu community for their actions?

Mr. Shuttleworth "shows his less professional side" in making ad hominem statements against those who dislike Mir.

I find this funny. The whole linux community attacked that guy from the start no matter what decision he took. And then when he refuted back, it is ad hominem and libel stuff? lol. So we are supposed to attack any person with such low tone and when that person refutes back then he's unprofessional and we are not? :D Whoa, what a world we live in.

I did followed this whole debacle. The KDE userbase is attacking canonical, gnome and ubuntu for quite some time. The KDE userbase is the one who is taking this discussion into form of debate. It is not even a debate, it is basically attack of "freedom of choice". Canonical wants to use mir, and rest of the community is against it. Funny how "freedom of choice" works for the so-called liberal linux folks. The way aaron is posting replies on Google plus for this debate, shows his less professional side. I have followed the weyland, mir and xmir discussion already. There is one youtube video where the X developer is giving his genuine thoughts on mir, yet the community is making up their own stories and attacking ubuntu and canonical. I failed to understand one point that if the ubuntu wants to use mir for their own closed community, why they can't use it? Redhat uses plenty of cloud components which are closed and not given to the public unless they are customers, atleast canonical is not doing something like that.

At one point, linux community talks about choice and then when some organization makes use of open source for their own purpose (in turn their choice). Linux community attacks them for that?

KDE is anti ubuntu and anti canonical. The KDE users are attacking ubuntu and gnome for quite some time now. I don't like the way KDE and community members are calling out these days to the ubuntu. I mean if you don't like ubuntu then don't use it, why cause mess by entering into their community, forums and trying to stir away the users calling canonical out. The way KDE members attacking gnome and ubuntu on sites like is a shame.

Living Room / Re: Movies or films you've seen lately
« on: September 11, 2013, 01:52 AM »
I have plenty of found footage movies collection and I can tell you that blair witch is not the first found footage movie. Besides that blair witch project is very boring movie.

I watched "Dytlov pass incident", didn't liked it much. There wasn't anything creepy in it. However here are some of the found footage movies that I enjoyed watching

V/H/S 2

I just love V/H/S series. I do agree that they have few bad stories in it but definitely worth watching if you are found footage movie fan.

Grave Ecounters (Part 1, and avoid watching second part).
Lost Coast Tapes (Creepy atmosphere for Big foot movie)
The Collingswood Story
National Geographic Lost Tapes

I have few other titles worth suggesting but considering the gore and sexual content in it, worth not listing here.

I also enjoyed this years Evidence(2013) movie which is mix of found footage and CSI theme.

Edit: If you want to see a good found footage documentary, Search for "Troll Hunter". You'll love this movie. :)

Living Room / Re: Does anyone here use Bitcoins?
« on: September 04, 2013, 08:10 AM »
If anyone wants to make bitcoins by chatting with others, then they should checkout

It is IRC chat channel that pays for the chatting (payout in bitcoins via system).

I have this history settings problem with chrome. I wonder if I can disable logging history. Current settings is enabled to "delete history after exit", yet it keeps the history and only destroys the login session.

Living Room / Re: Does anyone here use Bitcoins?
« on: August 14, 2013, 08:43 AM »
I have started using the bitcoin for domain registration. Namecheap accepts domain registration fee in the form of bitcoins. I earn bitcoins from and from another mining pool client (using it on office machine). Not a bad way to earn If you ask me. I would double my efforts if i get any local exchanger for bitcoins.

No problem. I agree on that restriction point.

If you are hosting the book on amazon then get your book enrolled to KDP select borrow program. You can get review for your book by keeping the book free for some period. Also there are some people on who promote your gig to review sites. I hope that helps boost some sales.

Living Room / Re: Tower Defense games collection updated 27-9-08
« on: June 29, 2013, 01:59 AM »
Any new games for this thread? I was thinking of humble bundle or any other place has tower defense game.

Living Room / Re: Peer Review and the Scientific Process
« on: June 19, 2013, 06:36 AM »
I believe there are absolute limits to human ability, and that there are phenomena in the universe that are not susceptible to scientific investigation, however advanced our tools become.

If we set such goalpost at first while making any theory and then try to base our assumptions thereafter, then it doesn't become critical thinking theory but more of theory based on beliefs and the goal post always changes when any proof threatens the goalpost placed earlier. Such reviews then become biased rather than critical. If the root of any theory isn't challenged it becomes biased and more personal.

Guardian == FOX ?

There is one series called otherland on amazon kindle. It has some interesting future-based scifi plot.

I am managing the email better with the outlook these days. I tried fastmail and older eudoramail and they were not bad compared to gmail.

General Software Discussion / Re: Shift to Linux
« on: June 01, 2013, 01:31 PM »
1 year 6 months and counting, no firewall and anti-virus needed so far on ubuntu. I am using few windows apps via Crossover (got it from the last novembers giveaway. Tired of linux is not ready for desktop rants, tbh. If you are using computer mostly for browser and few stuff here and there, then I don't think switching to linux ( or mac) is that hard.

By the way and livejournal are free blog hosting sites too. They have same interface, hard to learn but once you learn it is easy to post on them.

I personally think tumblr is the most simple when it comes to website and blogging.

The one thing to keep in mind with tumblr, is that it's full of porn.  Why does that affect you?  If you don't have a custom URL, you'll be blocked some places just because you have a tumblr address.
Porn blogs are marked as nsfw, and can be fitlered from the stream inside the tumblr news and also never came across places where tumblr is blocked. Which are these places that blocks tumblr? I never knew tumblr porn was that bad. I guess i never come across hardcore stuff, due to my feed being bombarded with comics from "cyanide and happiness" and other comic strips.

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