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Hi all,

Thanks a lot for all your comments and suggestions. I haven't done any work on WorkCoach lately nor have I been active on this forum, so my apologies for the late reply. I would like to make some improvements to WorkCoach in the future, so I guess you could say the project is asleep but still alive. :-)

We'll keep in touch...


Arjen, can you check what version # it says you are running in your about box?

hmm.. what on earth have i done.. and why aren't these things happening for me..
sounds like an issue with my autoshrink timer - ill have another look.
now we know why these are still alphas  :-\
Here is what happened after some more testing:

  • I restarted FARR without changing any options - the problem was still there.
  • I turned off "Auto shrink", restarted FARR and turned it on again and it worked fine!
  • When I restarted FARR, the problem came back.

So it seems to be some startup issue, maybe?

Also, when I turn the "auto shrink" option OFF, it seems that the FARR window stays the same size no matter what. So if the window is really small (because there were no results) when you turn the option off, it stays that way and you can't see the search results anymore.

Macromedia Flash / Re: What is needed?
« on: January 31, 2007, 03:07 AM »
You can use all the "basic" ActionScript classes with MTASC.

If you want to use the MX components (GUI components etc.) you need to have a license. If you want to build a GUI in Flash you could use an open source alternative like AsWing.

You can view or download all the Flash documentation here. I recommend downloading the ActionScript language reference!

Macromedia Flash / Re: What is needed?
« on: January 30, 2007, 11:12 AM »
This article gives a nice introduction on how to get started with programming in Flash with open source tools (Eclipse IDE, MTASC compiler and others).

I just installed it myself yesterday. I promised mouser a while ago to post something on the MTASC compiler, so maybe this is the right occassion? :-}

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