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Mini-Reviews by Members / Re: Locate 3.0 - great HD search tool
« on: November 11, 2005, 12:58 PM »
Total Commander is truly the one ring that rules them all. With more plugins than ya can shake a stick at one would be hard-pressed to find anything it cannot do. It's got a mass-rename feature that cannot be beat, IMHO.

It's old school, however. Based on the powerful, but venerable Norton Commander it's for those of us who were weaned on DOS & if a mouse was ever spotted next to our computers we knew it was time to set out traps.  8)

Icons, menus, and toolbars can all be custom-crafted to taste. All hotkeys are changeable. It supports skinning by programs such as WindowBlinds & StyleXP. Its looks can be changed to suit one's fancy.

Carol, I have to agree with you to a point. After v3 things went progressively downhill with v6 being the absolute worst. However, v7 & now v8 are both very fast & feature-rich.

I don't deal with RAW formatted files often, though, so your mileage may vary.

Simplistic question, but have you didn't say what version of Windows you were using? If you are using NTFS then don't use anything Win98-based. Windows 9x does not recognize NTFS so things will either be unrecognized/ignored or trash things beyond repair.

If you are running Win2K or WinXP have you tried using the built-in error checking built into Windows? Just right-click on the drive in My Computer, select Properties and it's on the Tools tab. Windows XP's built-in error-checking is very robust.

Not free, but I have to chime in here with my favorite digital image organizational tool. I use ACDSee v8 for everything regarding digital images & it has the capability to archive photos to CD & DVD.

Maybe we could get mouser to bully them into giving us all a discount? :)

Living Room / Re: Anyone know of a Postal Mail Checker?
« on: November 10, 2005, 10:08 AM »
You're not alone in your desire! I'd kill for an app like this. A little package tracker that automatically updated itself & possibly lived down in the system tray.

We do a lot of business & shopping on the internet and one little program that kept track of all the tracking numbers & the travel progress of the packages would indeed be a killer app.

Good to see a nice spirited debate that does NOT devolve into a slew of personal attacks.

And nice to see when it comes to a conversational fire I still have what it takes to throw a big ole' log on it.  :D

To get back to the roots of this thread, though. There are lots of ways to regulate what you or your children see on the internet. More and more routers are being sold with content filtering built-in. There are services such as BlueCoat and WebSense that will also help weed out anything that one does not want to see.

Ad Muncher [Buy it now with a 20% discount available in the members forum!] has a setting that will block any image with suspected adult content so that is also another tool at one's disposal to keep undesired content at bay.

kfitting, cannot, should not, try to legislate morality. Separation of church and state is a good thing.

Nothing against you, but to play Devil's Advocate here...

If there's something on the PC that you don't want your children to see then turn it off.

If there's something on the TV that you don't want your children to see then turn it off.

And finally, don't let your children operate either device without active, close adult supervision. The parents should raise the children not these devices. They are just electronic gizmos NOT babysitters.

I do not have children I do not want to be told what I can see, hear, watch, and/or interactive with just because some people can't control their children.

Can't be there 24 hours a day when the children watch TV? Buy televisions & cable boxes that implement the V-Chip and use it.

Can't be there 24 hours a day when the children are online? Buy a child control program such as Child Control or Net Nanny and use it.

Censoring the content your children see does not mean one has to censor the content the world sees.

Official Reviews / Re: Best Anti-virus
« on: November 09, 2005, 09:51 AM »
If you want the absolute best protection from viruses and trojans in one package there is no other choice but Kaspersky, but it is very resource-hungry.

If you want a solution lighter on resources,are willing to give up defense in the trojan area & put up with a few more false positives then NOD32 is what you want.

The new version of Symantec's corporate version of their AV (no way can you compare it to the consumer version being hawked in stores) is doing very well in tests & comparisons. It's amazing how much malware it can catch. However, some malware will knock its scanning engine out of commission & render it unable to run. That's a fatal flaw in my book. Couple that with the fact that Symantec is a very slimy company & ruins everything they touch I have vowed no Symantec software will ever reside on any of my PCs, but I mention their AV here for the people who do not dislike Symantec as much as I do.

BitDefender is not quite ready, IMHO. They were an absolutely crummy AV when first released but the latest version has really shown great strides towards becoming a great AV. Hopefully, next version will be the one that launches it to greatness.

I haven't used any freeware AV programs, but everywhere I go I only hear good things about AntiVir.

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