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Mobysaurus / Re: Congratulations?
« on: September 18, 2008, 05:12 PM »
Thanks for your replies, and for taking this topic so seriously, or at least acting that way.

mouser > Actually i agree with you 100%.  Finding out that there is no update available for Mobysaurus is not a cause for celebration... A more appropriate messagebox would be: "Our deepest consolations and condolences..."

Now that's more like it. Clearly, Mobysaurus's authors are too modest. They don't appreciate how this no-update business affects us.

When there's no update, I find it makes me sad, anguished, anxious, ashen, ashy, badly off, beggarly, bitter, blackish, bleak, blue, cheerless, cheesy, cinereous, comfortless, crummy, dark, darkish, darksome, dejected, depressed, desolate, Quaker-colored...

(That's right, "Quaker-colored". Just run MS and look up "sad". "creamy" is in there, too... Maybe it's an association between cream and Quaker Oats.)

jgpaiva > Solution: start posting at DC more often!

I've tried that. I'm doing it now. Still no update, though... How many posts must one, er, post, before it prompts an update? Is there a standard number, or does it depend on the quality or subject matter of the posts, or what one is wearing (what you're wearing, I mean, not what one of the posts is wearing), and so on?

Would it hasten things along if I went outside and opened and closed my automatic garage door a few times? You wouldn't think it would, but when I've done that before, lots of things have happened: Jehovah's Witnesses suddenly appearing, extra-interesting junk mail arriving, neighbors yelling (this was at 3 a.m.)... You never know.

BTW, considering that you have to press a button to get the door to do anything, why do they call it "automatic"? Shouldn't it be "semi-automatic" or "motorized" or something? What were these people thinking back in the '50s, besides how they were going to grab a martini, put on their funny chef aprons, and fire up the barbeque as soon as they got home? I realize this is a different topic.

jgpaiva > Fairfield County: It's a nice place to live, but you wouldn't want to visit there.

That's good. If I ever travel near Fairfield County, I'll have to remember what you said and live there rather than visiting. Maybe I can find a bench at the bus depot that is close enough to an AC outlet to plug in my coffeemaker.

You reminded me of how fond I am of standing in our frontyard and saying to passers-by, "If you lived here, you'd be home by now—but you don't, so ha." I've managed to reduce our property value by 20%. You can imagine the tax savings.

Paul Keith > My theory is that the person was thinking of an antivirus program when he was making it. When you deal with putting that many words in, those can start to look like virus definitions.

You must be on to something! That would explain why Mobysaurus shows so many words that seem completely unrelated to the word you entered. It must be some kind of word-generating virus. Let's start another topic about this and see how many words we can type about it.

Having said all that, MS is still a dang useful program. I write computer documentation, so I must often come up with lots of words that have nothing to do with the topic at hand. MS is great for this.

In any case, let's congratulate ourselves on creating an entire forum topic that's as useful as anything you'll hear a U.S. presidential candidate say. More useful, actually, when you consider that you don't have to listen to brass band music.

Congratulatorily, A.

Mobysaurus / Congratulations?
« on: September 17, 2008, 12:08 PM »
When I used Mobysaurus's "Check For Updates Now" feature today, I couldn't help noticing that it said:

No Updates Found
Congratulations! You are already running the Latest Version of this program.

My dictionary says that "congratulate" means "to express sympathetic pleasure to on account of success or good fortune."

So, what exactly is the "good fortune" the message refers to? That you don't have to download a newer version of Mobysaurus? What's the big deal about that? Isn't it a more or less brainless process?

Besides—and I can't speak for everyone—but I actually enjoy updating programs. I live in the suburbs, where nothing ever happens. It's quite exciting to get to do something like updating a program. When I don't get to update a program, I'm disappointed. So seeing this "congratulatory" message is nothing more than an ironic reminder of my lackluster existence.

Anyway, I thought I should explain that, in case it made sense to anyone else. And now, more coffee.

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