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Living Room / My Stinking, Rotten ASUS Router Died Overnight!
« on: August 29, 2014, 12:57 AM »
ASUS RT-N16 router... State of the so-called art.  Blah!

No internet when I got up - noticed I had no lights on the router at all. Pulled the power cable and re-plugged it; lights on for a half second and then nothing. Tried all the online tips I could find: Holding WPA button while inserting power cable; holding Reset button while doing the same. Couldn't get it going at all. Apparently this has happened to some others out there. Most others were on dd-wrt F/W; I was still on the stock ASUS F/W.

New router should be delivered tomorrow. My old Linksys WRT-54G routers seemed to last forever. I used them for years and they are still in service on my kids' networks. The newer and fancier they get, the faster they die, or so it seems.   >:(


So sorry to hear this mouser.   :(

I know how much it hurts - We lost one of our little Yorkies a couple of months ago at 17 years old. I wouldn’t have thought I'd be so devastated. I'll continue to send happy thoughts and prayers your way.

Take care.


Woohoo! Just as I was thinking hard about dropping my Dropbox Pro account since I could get so much more storage elsewhere, they went and sent me an email today saying that they have raised my limit from 100GB to 1TB! Wow!

They also added a number of features to make sharing more secure, like the ability to require passwords for others to download from your Dropbox. Many more changes also.

Here a link to their blog post announcing the changes:



While this topic was fairly interesting on its own, you have made it infinitely more so! Thought provoking. (And now I am trying hard to remember if I have ever taken any photos of anyone who has since become famous!  :P  )


Hopefully this is an easy question for someone here!!

I am trying to install an updated USB Mass Storage Device Driver for my USB 3.0 devices. Current driver is from 2006 - I'm guessing this was from Microsoft since the PC was just built in January 2012 - and I keep getting shouts from the Windows 7x64 Action Center. That plus the fact that I keep getting BSODs which are possibly caused by outdated software driver(s), according to suggestions from the Windows Debugger, WhoCrashed, and Nirsoft's BlueScreenView. My problem is that shortly after starting the installation I get an Install Shield popup asking me to "Please Plug-in Device". What device? All devices I have that need to be plugged into USB ports are already there. Am I supposed to remove one and then plug it right back in? Remove all? Can I just unplug it or must it (or they?) be uninstalled and reinstalled? (via Device Manager).

If I don’t plug anything in then the driver installation is canceled and I'm back to square one. I have done a fair amount of searching but cannot find anyone else posting about this problem.  (Am I the only one dumb enough to not know what to do here?! Second though, don’t answer that...)

Anyway, since there are a number of folks here with a lot more tech knowledge than I, I'm hoping that someone can advise me on this.

Thank you.


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