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OK, thanks Supe! BTW, mine only checks manually; can't find any setting to auto-check for updates. Same for you?


Hmm.. I didn't receive any notification about V.7. And when I click on "Check for Updates" it tells me that V.6.73 is available. (I presently have V.6.67d)

Were you notified about the new version, Tom?

Thank you.


Living Room / Re: Where do you buy your printer ink?
« on: November 17, 2014, 12:13 AM »
For my Epson inkjet printers I had very good luck with 123 InkJets

I used cartridges from the same company (123inkjets) for my Canon All-in-Ones (830 & 860), though I purchased them from Amazon. Never had a problem with them at all. I never even got a dry cartridge.

When I got my Epson Workforce AIO I couldn't find ink cartridges for it from that company on Amazon, unfortunately.


How did that happen? Why did he have it taken down?


OK - Either Macecraft is at it again, or someone is appropriating their name and trying to pull something.

I just received an email - ostensibly from Macecraft - offering their latest - jv16 PowerTools X. Now we have already seen where Jouni - the developer - has moved to Thailand and left his staff stuck to answer questions, all without pay. Why would we believe that he is back developing this program?

Oh - and the URL it tries to send you to is an odd one. Definitely not the old Macecraft site. (I didn't try it - don’t want to catch anything).


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