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I still haven't tried OneNote 2007, but I really want to sometime soon when I have the time.  I've also heard great things about it.  I still don't see it taking the place of traditional heirarchical notetakers, but I can see it being competition to programs like EverNote.  I have a feeling I'm selling Onenote short by saying that, but I have to try it out and see for myself.

You sound like me right before I purchased and installed OneNote 2007.  ;)

Really though, in my opinion, you need to try it before "selling it short", as you say.  It has some pretty unique features that are not present in any that you reviewed.  Features that are actually quite a surprise in that Microsoft is not known for its innovation, but for its staid, steady programs, usually without any "pizzazz".  OneNote will not feel like a Microsoft Office application at all, when you try it. Oh - make sure you get the 2007 version, not 2003. Though I understand that OneNote 2003 was pretty good itself, OneNote 2007 jumped ahead a few light years, according to those I know who had both. One friend purchased OneNote 2003 recently because it was so cheap after the 2007 version hit the stores. Retailers were trying to unload it to make room on their shelves. Yet after he downloaded the trial for OneNote 2007 - all of two weeks after paying for 2003 - he went ahead and purchased the 2007 version!

BTW, you ca download a fully-functional trial version from the Microsoft and use it for a fairly long period. Worth a look.  :)

Very nice, thorough review.  I liked it.

I use two of the applications in the review:  AM-Notebook (Pro Version is the only way to go), and Evernote - though I only use the free version of that, as without the ability to use ink notes (like, a Tablet PC) I can;t see buying the Plus version. Syncing doesn't do it for me.  I use Evernote primarily for web clipping - or at least I did until recently. However for notes that I create from scratch, I just can't stop using AM-Notebook by Aignes Software.  Too many really neat features!

I said I used Evernote for clipping until recently because I "recently" obtained a copy of OneNote 2007 - and that has taken over most of the note functions on my main PC. I alerady had MS Office Professional - I still need to run Word, Excel, and Outlook only because I use Dragon NaturallySpeaking due to a disability that makes keyboard usage difficult (my left arm is fast failing me), and Dragon's "Select and Say" capability - which you would know is a must if you had to use Dragon - only works in programs that have added that capability.  Microsoft, though a royal pain in other ways - is the only developer of an Office Suite that writes full Select and Say compatibility into it. However it'll be a cold day in you-know-where before I re-mortgage my house to be able to afford Office 2007!! Even as an upgrade it's just priced ridiculously high.

But I had to purchase OneNote 2007 after reading some reviews - and after some close friends just gushed about it.  And I must admit that Microsoft has really created a winner there.  Best overall notes program I've seen - ever.  And I've seen quite a few in my many years!

I saw where others have posted about OneNote, and so I'll leave it at that.  But as much as I love both Evernote - and especially AM-Notebook, OneNote 2007 has no equal at the present time.

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