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I use "The Journal" available at  Definitely worth a look - they have a full-featured 45 day trial you can download.

I was looking for such a program for quite a while but was really limiting myself by requiring that the application have both a desktop PC and Pocket PC version available. But I finally gave up on that and started looking for simply the best PC journal software I could find - and The Journal fit the bill.  Excellent developer support with a very active Yahoo group (though I don't really like Yahoo groups!). This one gives me all that I need, plus has a lot of additional features that I am not presently using, but I hope to use someday.

It's not inexpensive, but it satisfies all of my requirements, and has some extras that are really great.

Oops - I just noticed that superboyac did mention this software in his initial post -- and he is correct in that this application is not really interactive with other applications, though you can link a number of other document types to it, as well as embed them in your journal pages.

General Software Discussion / Re: PC Diagnotic Software?
« on: May 17, 2007, 10:40 PM »
30 day trial with undo features
free with undo features
no undo feature and cleans thoroughly
make a system restore point before running this

spyware programs-
30 day trial period

defrag with ms defrag

still having trouble after virus scanning?
a complete log

post here after doing the above

may take them a few days to get to you
and they may have added more programs to run before posting a hijack log


I'm clean of malware -- or at least as clean as I am going to get.  I run NOD32 V. 2.7 AV, Counterspy 2 Antispyware, and I also am using SpywareBlaster to keep my list of bad sites updated.

I run Ccleaner as a general cleaner, as well as jv16 Powertools 2006 (licensed version) for registry monitoring/cleaning. And I run PerfectDisk by Raxco for defragging.  It's not malware that's affecting my PC. When the Windows startup slows down, it is usually a bit of a battle among two or more applications or services for the same resource or resources.  I try not to run anything that I suspect would have conflicts, but it is hard to know about some until it happens!

Microsoft's Bootvis was a good tool for analyzing what happens during startup, and when -- the sequence. It also allowed me to see when the longest delays occur, thus pointing out to me which app or apps are causing the sluggishness. XP supposedly incorporates some of the features of Bootvis into the OS, but you no longer get to see a clear picture of exactly what happens during the startup. I still have the latest version of Bootvis, but it doesn't work with dual processors, unfortunately. Sysinternal's Procmon - Process Monitor - also has a similar feature -- you can set it to run during a reboot and it will create a detailed log of all startup activity.  However on some systems it throws a "fatal error"; mine happens to be one of those systems.  :(

If you discount the Microsoft system startup items, I don't have a lot of applications in my startup configuration.  However every now and then I'll get a slowdown like this and it would be great to be able to see what is happening during startup.

As for the shutdown, my only issue is the Dr. Watson debugger. I already deleted the AeDebug registry key -- actually I deleted it a few times!  Occasionally a MS Hotfix restores it.  However even with the registry key deleted presently, it tries to initiate at shutdown, and if you don't see the dialog appear, it just keeps the system kind of frozen until you respond to the popup dialog. I need to find a more certain way of disabling it.


Thank you, good friends!  I'll go over and take a look at all.

I don't mind paying for the application, BTW. I just can't justify -- nor afford! -- Camtasia Studio for the very limited use I have for it.

Sorry I didn't post back earlier; my email notifications go to an email address that I don't normally monitor. Apparently DonationCoder uses the email address of the PayPal account I used to make my initial donation. I really don't use that email address for anything else -- just PayPal payments and correspondence from PayPal. I only check it every couple of days. I had listed my regular email address when I first registered here, but as I said, the email address I used to donate from is the one that all forum messages are sent to.

Can that be easily changed?


I want to create some video tutorials but not enough to come up with the $300 that TechSmith wants for Camtasia Studios. Plus, I have a feeling that Camtasia is a lot more than what I need.

This will not be a "daily use" application for me; quite the contrary, I will only need to use it once in a great while. I remember not too long ago seeing a reasonable freeware or shareware version of just such a tool, but of course now that I have decided that I need it, I can't find it nor remember exactly what it was called!

Any suggestions?


I frequent the "deal websites"... here's a program "Total 3D Home Design Deluxe 9.0" for $0 after $25 mail in rebate from CompUSA...

Total 3D Home Design Deluxe 9.0

I don't know anything about the program, but if you're good at actually sending in rebates it's a good deal.

This is the program I mentioned in my post above:  I have used it for years and while a professional architect would consider this to be "light", for home users it is actually pretty awesome.

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