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The Form Letter Machine / Additional Templates
« on: May 28, 2007, 11:46 PM »
Hi Mouser et al.

I just downloaded and installed the Form Letter Machine.  It's a great idea and packaged in a nice compact application.  I do have a couple pf requests, however.  (Don't I always?!)

  • I mistakenly presumed that the program came with a number of pre-written paragraphs.  Templates, if you will, in a variety of standard subjects.  I know that some other similar applications come with a lot of such templates.  (For an example, see Blitz Document at  Are there more templates available on  Or is the one included template meant as a guide for creating our own?

  • Assuming that the included MS Word template is the only one available, would it be possible to assign a page where users/DC members could upload templates that are fairly generic for other users to download?  Kind of a Form Letter Machine Template Repository?

  • Where can I find some study/learning resources for scripting as is necessary to create my own form letter templates?  I am definitely NOT very adept at code writing, even for relatively simple scripts, though I am an extremely fast learner.  It would be beneficial to me if you or someone could point me toward a website where I could read up on whatever language it is that uses the coding required for creating Form Letter Templates.  Or is the Form Letter Machine designed only for those who are more experienced in this coding?  (If so, then maybe you could note that on your programs that require more knowledge than the average idiot like me has in our repertoire!!)

Thank you.


Skrommel's Software / MultiMonitor Manager Features
« on: May 28, 2007, 03:46 PM »
Before I install MultiMonitor Manager and get my PC really confused, is ther a feature list or guide so I can see exactly what MM Manager is designed to do?

I have all but given up on Nvidia's Desktop Manager - it has driven me thoroughly crazier than when I started!! And I also ran a trial of an application called UltraMon, but that had some idiosyncrasies that weren't entirely cool also.

Does MultiMonitor Manager allow assigning apps to open in one display or the other?  More importantly, does it address viewing video (streaming, WMP, Hauppauge TV Tuner, etc.) in full screen on the secondary monitor while the app is minimized on the primary monitor? (nVidia is supposed to handle this but it has gone a little wild at times, going full-screen on my primary monitor and not allowing access to anything else -- forcing a reboot. And nVidia does not support individual customers. :huh:)



Oops!  That says 2002!  I don't know why, but I saw "2007" when I first looked. Wishful thinking, I guess.

I have TweakUI with the same setting, but I am not too sure it will change anything but which window is getting the focus.


By the way:


• If you installed PowerToys prior to April 23, 2002, you must uninstall your old PowerToys before installing the versions available here.
• PowerToys only work with U.S. English regional settings. 

From experience I know that some PowerToys actually work with other languages as well, but not all.

Now that's interesting. I didn't realize they had updated TweakUI. I'll uninstall the old and install the new -- see what they did for it.


J-Mac; we forgot to also make the obvious point, didn't we.
When you raise the dragon's priority, using Process Tamer, you should of course also lower Windows Desktop Search's priority to below normal or even idle.


I removed Windows Desktop Search as soon as I realized that it would not let me alter any of its behavior. MS must have built in a "strong man" feature to it. I couldn't find a way to even touch its priority. Irritating as all heck! I'll live with OneNote 2007 having lesser search capabilites, if they won't let it take advantage of Copernic or X1!!

Thanks Curt.

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