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Add another hardcore member to the group.  I just looked and there are 381 programs listed.  What I did was open CCleaner, Tools>Installed Programs, Save as .txt File.  I use NoteTab Pro for my text files (among other files) and it is setup to show line numbers on the left.  381 lines -- each representing one program listed on the Add or Remove Programs menu.

I have to agree with gjehle however, in that all are not truly installed programs.  Some are programs that I installed to one or more of my Pocket PCs via Activesync, and most of those get listed in the Add or Remove Programs menu.  Some have multiple skins and they are often .exe files that are executed on the PC but place the skins themselves on the Pocket PC.

I also beta test a lot of programs, however when the testing is complete -- if I decided it is not for me, or if the developer perhaps does not offer a good price for the full license -- I do uninstall them and then run jv16 Powertools 2007's Registry Cleaner to try and clean up the registry a bit.  I also scan regularly with JAM Software's TreeSize Personal version to find left behind files and folders that I can delete.

But ultimately I still have quite a few programs installed.  Some I use very frequently; some only when I really need to.  All are either utilities that are necessary for running a Windows XP Pro SP2 machine cleanly, some are necessary security applications, but most are programs that I like and wanted to have.   :)


Just out of curiosity, are any of these programs better than Acrobat? I have Acrobat v7 Standard, which I got with a scanner. Is there any reason I would WANT to use anything else to work with my PDF files?

Thanks, Ken

Scansoft's PDF Converter Pro (Current version is 4, though I have version 3) is very good working with PDF files, when it works.  But it is pretty buggy IMO. Actually quite a few users are having similar experiences; look at user reviews for it at Amazon, Newegg, C-Net, etc. and you'll see an unusually high number of users seeing it terminate suddenly and unexpectedly. However when it works, it works very well.  At least for what I need from it.

My main reason for purchasing PDF Converter Pro is to edit and/or type directly into existing PDF documents: I am pretty much housebound, and I am required to complete PDF forms for my insurance company, as well as my prescription mail-in insurer.  They have the PDFs on their sites for download and I am expected to print them and handwrite on them. But they don't have enough space for handwritten input. With PDF Converter Pro I can type right into the documents, and then print and mail them. I also save them for minimal input on subsequent forms. Works well for that.  However in almost every instance when I try to open a form from the File menu or toolbar icon. the program crashes. I have found that if I set this app as the default handler for PDFs and then double-click on files that are not in deeply nested folders they open fine.

I also use PDF Converter Pro for the following: converting PDF files to MS Word documents; consolidate several different PDF files into one file; similarly, I also extract pages from PDF files, or break larger files into several smaller files.

It has a nice feature set, but crashes often. And Nuance doesn't offer any support for it, neither free nor paid, which is pretty sad.

I initially had wanted to purchase Acrobat, but their most inexpensive license a couple of years ago was over $300!  As I only use it sparingly at home -- compared to business users -- I thought that they might offer a reduced price version for home/personal users. I wrote Adobe and asked about that, but the tech who replied said that they only offer the pricing models on their site. $300 is too much for me to pay for occasional home use only, so I sought less expensive alternatives.

The reader  ;)
Thanks. I figured that; after all Foxit only has a reader I think.

I know the thread is about readers.  I was just hoping to avoid creating another thread by asking about that in this one, but I don't think many folks will see it here.  ;)

Thanks again!

I like PDF-Xchange, but I have noticed that its cpu and memory usage while scrolling is much, much higher than Foxit's (100MB+ vs 25MB ...)
The Pro application?  Or are you talking about the reader?

Either way, I didn't like Fox-It the few times I tried it. It did some things nice, but now and then it would render kinda weird. Also, it would print OK, then out of the blue it would print something way off. I have a feeling it depends on what Acrobat version it was converted with, something like that.


Build 1.017 of PDF-XChange is now available with Forms support + some other new/extended features and more to come in the next 10 days or so when build 1.018 is released.
Has anyone tried using PDF-XChange Pro? The version that has the Forms support included?  I am interested in hearing just how well the Forms feature works.

I presently use Scansoft's PDF Converter Pro 3. Besides converting most any other document-type to PDF format, it allows me to edit existing PDFs and also fill forms on them. Really great for filling out PDF forms that you normally have to print out and manually write on, and then mail. Problem is that PDF Converter Pro is about as buggy as I have ever seen. After fighting with it for over a year, I purchased a new PC and thought that might solve any potential conflicts. Turns out conflicts aren't the problem. The application is just that buggy!! (Reviews all over agree). They released a Version 4, but without many added features at all -- its main claim was that it loads and converts faster. However reviews indicate that it is just as buggy as version 3. Plus, Nuance (Scansoft changed there name but for some reason they still insist on calling this program "Scansoft's PDF Converter Pro) does not support the program at all. They sell support plans for the rest of their products, but not this one. And they do not provide any free support for any of their programs.

So I would like to try another similar application. I wrote to the developers of PDF-XChange Pro and they said that the Forms feature can only work by using MS Office "Web Forms". I asked if that means that MS Office must be installed on one's PC, or if that is a feature that can be used independently, and also if using that format changes the structure of the document in any other way, but they didn't respond.

Anyone here use PDF-XChange Pro for typing directly into existing PDF documents?



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