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Screenshot Captor / Re: Wow! Goodbye SnagIt
« on: July 17, 2007, 02:36 AM »
That's pretty much how I have it setup now, Katy.

But to be honest, I haven't opened SnagIt since installing Screenshot Captor!

I'd like that also.   :)


Odd, I am not seeing this at all on Windows XP Pro SP2.

And I usually get hit with every little bug like that even when most others aren't!

Just out of curiosity, are any of you using any Stardock shell-altering applications?  (E.g., WindowBlinds, WindowsFX, DesktopX, etc.)  Whenever I have run into odd display issues disabling one or all of those has solved it.

Just a random thought...


Screenshot Captor / Wow! Goodbye SnagIt
« on: July 15, 2007, 02:19 PM »
I never bothered to download this application because I already have a license for SnagIt, the screen capture program that seems to hold almost every online award available. However SnagIt has had a number of problems ever since the 7.2 release, I think.

First they changed the installer package that they use, from Installshield to Microsoft Installer 3, and they did it rather poorly.  Errors in their installer package that centered around the Windows SxS DLLs sent a lot of Windows PCs spinning, including mine! Once you have installed a program with a faulty installer package like that you get errors that are almost impossible to fix until the developer rebuilds their installer package to correct the errors -- or reinstall the OS. TechSmith didn't acknowledge this FUBAR for about six months, leaving a lot of users hurting.

Next, they reworked the program to comply with Microsoft Logo Certification, and to get ready for the Vista release. And SnagIt has never been the same -- at least for me. One issue is capturing cascading menus -- very simply, it doesn't work anymore in snagIt in most cases. Occasionally I can get it to work almost by accident, but never when I really need it.

I needed it for the last few days.  I purchased True Launch Bar using the Donation Coder discount and installed it. Everything seemed fine until I restarted -- and TLB did not. When I started it again, my configuration was gone and I had to start again. After that it would start with Windows, but it did not have everything that I configured.  It loses the separators and will not retain the order I set up. I wrote to their support group and they asked me for a screen capture of my TLB -- which meant capturing the cascading menu, of course!  I tried with SnagIt for three days: an hour or two until I'd get too frustrated to deal with it anymore for a day. Then I'd try again, only to get more of the same.  (Disappointment, that is...)

Finally today I had an "Aha" moment and remembered Mouser's Screenshot Captor.  Downloaded and installed it, and while I still have a LOT of configuration to do, the simple fact is that I had the screen cap of the cascading True Launch Bar about 2 minutes after I installed it. That fast with nothing set up and customized yet!

I just wanted to shout out what happened to you all, and to thank Mouser for this program  (Another donation coming!!)

There is literally no end to my amazement at the programs I have found on Donation Coder.   :D :D :Thmbsup:

J-Mac, you look like you need a virtual machine for all that testing. It would save you some time of cleaning hassle ;)
Recently did just that!   :)

However I would still have quite a few apps installed.  E.g., I have about a dozen different graphics/digital photo applications.  Some overlap features, and when I finally admit that I am not using one hardly at all, I uninstall it. But I do use most for different functions.

When I had this PC built, I had four drives installed in it, dual processors, a bevy of optical drives, etc. I became disabled/virtually housebound a little over two years ago and so a lot of my time is spent on new-found interests: digital photo and video authoring and editing. Lotsa tools for that!

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