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Just bumping this to remind people to take a look.

Photo Studio Pro 9 is quite nice as a photo organiser/editor and has built in simple panorama software. It also deals nicely with RAW images.

I also decided to give their Draw program ago (at <£3 it seemed worth buying without even trying!). It looks quite neat and does a lot - definitely worth a trial download if you are interested in vector graphics.
-Carol Haynes (July 20, 2007, 05:55 AM)


I'm buying it now.  I have to admit I never heard of Zoner before.  But as one who has a number of graphics/photo applications I can never have too many in my toolbox!  Looks nice.

Thank you Carol!


Find And Run Robot / Re: Long Time to Find Programs
« on: July 22, 2007, 12:41 AM »
Oh - which Start Menu does it search? User Start Menu? Or All Users?  Or both?


Find And Run Robot / Re: Long Time to Find Programs
« on: July 22, 2007, 12:39 AM »
farr is meant to search the start menu, not program files.
OK -- then does it pre-inventory all in the Start Menu upon installation? Or does it search fresh each time I enter a name?


Find And Run Robot / Long Time to Find Programs
« on: July 22, 2007, 12:25 AM »
Why does it take FARR so long to locate a program when I enter it?

I am running FARR 2.00.126 on a Windows XP Pro SP2 machine, a pretty quick one usually.  I did have to go into the settings and select Program Files as a folder to search when I installed it. (I would have expected that folder to the first one automatically configured for searching for programs, if any. But it, along with several others, like My Documents, was not selected at installation).

I kind of thought that FARR would go and perform an initial search and cache all found program files as soon as it is installed, but apparently it searches anew every time I type in a keyword. And that is if I know the exact program executable name. If the program has a name that does not match the nominal title of the program, it then takes FARR an extremely long time.  (E.g., Total Commander actually starts with cecmd.exe).

Is this configured all wrong on my PC? Or is this normal behavior?



I use MediaMonkey, but I had to disassociate all music files.  MediaMonkey removes the icons and gives all music tracks -- regardless of file type -- the same icon and file type name - MediaMonkey file. So it is difficult to distinguish as to which are .mp3 files, which are .wma files, etc.  Someone came up with a very long drawn out way to reverse this but it is overly complicated and doesn't "stick".

MediaMonkey is good at tagging and organizing - as long as you don't care which types of files are which!  (BTW, this has been a feature request for about two years that I know of, but no indication from the developer.)

In the meantime I have all sound files associated with WMP 11.

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