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Yup, see FAQ

Yeah, I didn't even have to see that -- it's happened before with other files.

Hey - I was able to download a lot of files there; NOD32 didn't touch them.  Though sometimes it doesn't do anything until I attempt installation.

Thanks all!


maybe turn off nod32 "heuristic" guessing option.


That, of course, will stop the heurisitic guessing. However the password recovery apps are grabbed because they are seen as established threats - not heuristically.



mouser - or anyone...

Before I even try to download some of the Nirsoft programs, I am trying to think of a way to be able to not only use, but even download the password recovery applications without NOD32 grabbing them immediately and locking them up tight. I recently gave up on one of PC Magazine's latest utilities because before it could rename a temp file it creates NOD32 would grab that file and declare it a "possible threat" based on heurisitics alone. I kept restoring it but NOD32 kept grabbing it. Even shutting down NOD32 doesn't help -- it keeps an eye on things and as soon as it is active again it would find and grab that file no matter where I hid it nor what I renamed it to!!

How are some of you able to download and use such programs?

Thank you!


Panorama Maker is redundant if you have Studio Pro as it is fully incorporated.
-Carol Haynes (July 22, 2007, 01:25 PM)

I see that now. They don't make that very clear at their site.  :huh:

Find And Run Robot / Re: Long Time to Find Programs
« on: July 23, 2007, 02:06 PM »
as soon as i type tot then total commander is selected, should take about 0.2s at the most.

Same here - as long as it is not the first time I was looking for that particular program.  It takes much longer when it is the first time. you have farr sitting in the system tray as it should? and on the general tab does inactive memory use say "stay in memory longer"?

Yes.  That is selected.

definately should be instant. Maybe you have loads of folders on your desktop?
See my capture using FARR to run Total Commander:

Nope -- two folders on my desktop; one is a "Downloads" folder, and the other is actually a "virtual" folder for my PPC.

I am talking about "finding" programs for the first time.  I realize that if it has to do the searching the first time you look every program, that would understandably take some time.  However -- and maybe this is actually a feature request -- I am talking about FARR polling the selected Search folders upon installation and noting all program locations.  That would eliminate the delay when finding a program for the first time.  Except, of course, newly installed programs.  But even they could be automatically updated within FARR -- I think!



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