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I'm running the trial for SoftCat Plus right now and yes, it will do drives (rather then merely a drive). It also allows you to create and access multiple databases, which is useful if you play around with different s/w configurations and freqently create drive images.

Sounded great.  However looking at their forum I saw where someone had asked a few good questions. One was whether softCAT only scans the All Users and Users Start Menus for the program listing, or does it also scan the registry and elsewhere for those programs not listed in the Start Menus.  The developer replied that only those listed in the Start Menus are scanned.

A little bit of a bummer. I have found by copying and pasting program scans from BelArc Advisor, jv16 Powertools 2007, and CCleaner's Installed Programs list into Excel and comparing that there are lots of programs (on my PC, anyway) that are installed but not listed in the Start Menus. IMO, it would be a lot better if it scanned the whole PC and not just the Start Menus.


BTW, if you use the SiteAdvisor extension in Firefox, or the add-on in IE, here's what you see:  SiteAdvisor Site Review for


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« on: August 14, 2007, 01:56 AM »
I would not purchase software through ShareIT for a while because of their currency exchange inaccuracies. They insisted that their policy was not to charge anything extra for currency exchange, but when they converted Euros to USDollars, it looked high to me. I checked at several international banking websites and it turned out that they were adding from 4% to as much as 9% to the price when converting! I wrote to ShareIt and to their parent company, Digital River to complain, but they said they could not comment.

Additionally, prior to that discovery, whenever I did purchase through ShareIT, American Express would call me at home and ask me several questions to verify that I indeed was making a purchase using ShareIt, and ti ensure I was aware of exactly what they were charging me. This always made me apprehensive also.  A written request as to why they did this got me a response that a very high incidence of fraud had been experienced with ShareIt purchases.

Now if I must use them I use PayPal, which Digital River added as an option to ShareIt purchases a few months ago. PayPal allows me to pay in US Dollars and then THEY make the conversion.  Works for me!

But if you are in the US and using a credit card with ShareIt, check the conversion rate very closely!


I tried The Bat! about two years ago but found it a little too restrictive for my taste.  Particularly their trepidation of allowing HTML through in messages.  I did use Pocomail for several years and finally tired of it for that same reason.  A number of commercial email clients were very careful with HTML way back in the day when it was truly a concern.  However in my opinion that day has long since passed and way too much of my necessary email traffic is newsletter-type messages that require HTML viewing or the messages are virtually unreadable.  Plus with the security toolset available to me nowadays, HTML is no longer a real threat to my PC.  It was a good security hedge at one time but I think it is more of an inconvenience today.

BTW, if The Bat! no longer insists on replacing the native HTML of messages with their own inferior brand of HTML like they once did, then I apologize, as I have not tried it lately.  Another issue that I had with Pocomail was that the developers still refused to allow it to use MAPI, which again I feel is outdated thinking.  Their line is that if I were to become infected then by not permitting Pocomail to accept MAPI requests they would be saving the world from my unwitting spam.  I like to think that I am responsible enough to handle any such security concerns through my own use of judgment and PC security applications, and not have such rules mandated by my email client's developer.  Does The Bat! allow MAPI interface yet?

Anyway, just my opinion.  After switching back to Outlook 2003 for as long as I could hold my breath, I tried Thunderbird for the fourth time and, since 2.0 was released, I can definitely live with it.  Very good set of features.  Also, to alleviate any potential issue with an overly large mail database, I use MailBag Assistant by Fookes Software to archive past messages and I keep my Thunderbird mailboxes at a size that works well.  MailBag Assistant has search capabilities that are faster and more comprehensive than any I have found within an email client. For example I can quickly search through 15,000 messages to match several criteria, and then have it automatically extract all the addresses into a separate database, and other similar tasks.

Thanks for listening!


Lately I have been using WMP11 -- they finally have it almost right.  However I was using MediaMonkey, the free version, which is about the best I've found for organization of music tracks.  I still use MediaMonkey a lot for the MP3 tagging, plus it has a lot of user scripts available for things like scanning all tracks and moving the "The" to the end of groups' names, etc.

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