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Living Room / Re: Excellent Editorial on IT Security Philosophy
« on: November 29, 2007, 10:43 AM »
So long as folks are clear on the distinction between White Hat Hackers and the Black Hats, I don't see a problem.  Educating the public has been iffy, but I *think* most informed adults recognize that hacking is often a positive, beneficial experience. 

If nothing else, hackers have replaced the stereotype of the crazy basement inventor in popular media.

Thus his rant on hackers and hacking is misplaced, IMHO.

Remember, though - the article was written a couple of years ago.


Living Room / Excellent Editorial on IT Security Philosophy
« on: November 28, 2007, 02:34 AM »
I just happened to find this article by Marcus Ranum, purely by accident as I was searching for another:

Not really earth-shattering or revolutionary -- just, well, the kind of common sense that we often forget we were born with.  (Or were we?!?!)

I thought I would share it here. If by some chance it happens to already be here somewhere and I just wasn't able to find it, sorry!


You can be deceptive without outright lying. Yes. That is what I meant. If they are affiliated with these products or have an affiliates program with them, then fine, let them advertise their products. No one forces you to install them. Deceptive ads? Yes. Do they lie? no. Is this a reason to lose trust in a company? Not in my eyes. If this were the case, I wouldnt trust ANY download site due to the many affiliations they make.

To deceive IS to tell a lie...  Can't get much clearer than that.  Now, are there varying degrees of lies/deceptions?  Certainly, and you can make them as subjective as you wish.  Of course you can insist that there IS a Santa Claus too, if you wish.  But the verbs "to deceive" and "to lie" are considered to be synonymous, at least in US English. Look at any dictionary or thesaurus.

Have a beer on me while you're at it, Ralf!


That's a new one!  I've been seeing the GoodSync crap for a few months now, after each update to RoboForm.  Optimize is a product - and not a very good one at that - that has been pushed by PC Pitstop for a few years now.  I believe it is actually their product, or perhaps they are just the best known affiliate seller if it.  The Optimize product page at PC Pitstop is here:  I am a PC Pitstop forum member- I used to frequent it a bit more back when it was a little more helpful, but traffic has dried up there in the last year or two.

Take a quick look at the forum for Optimize:   It is full of complaints. I know that many support forums often receive posts only from users who are having problems, but Optimize's forum literally never has any complimentary posts.  It is (IMO) one of those scam applications that offers a free download for you to scan your PC and locate all the so-called problem areas that can cause it to run slow.  It will scan, but then it inevitably finds a lot of "problems" that it will solve ONLY if you purchase a full license. That's not even a trial version in my book; that's just an out-and-out scam!  Optimize also installs a program named Reminder.exe that is ostensibly for scheduling regular scans by Optimize. But many users post about difficulties uninstalling Reminder.exe in particular, and also Optimize itself is apparently difficult for many to remove.

These programs act like some sort of malware - or at the very least, like the rogue anti-spyware apps that always insist that they are finding all kinds of garbage that all other A-S apps are missing. Many times they actually install the malware themselves. I'm not saying that Optimize does that, for I have no evidence of such. But it certainly does act like those apps that do.

What makes this extremely frustrating is the fact that PC Pitstop has always been a stalwart in the battle against malware.  They have a full series of PC diagnostic/performance tests at their site that are actually pretty decent. And they still host a Hijack This (HJT) forum with dedicated moderators who do nothing other than help folks with infected PCs get them cleaned up.  It is truly sad to see a site that historically has been very helpful in the fight against malware stoop to selling this garbage!!


General Software Discussion / Re: what does uninstall really mean?
« on: November 25, 2007, 02:16 AM »
Wow - this is really an informative post. The kind I always seem to find here at DC.  I learn more here just by reading the forum posts!

Glad you got it all sorted, nite_monkey.

Thanks to all!


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