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DcUpdater / Re: How Many DCUpdaters Do I Have Here!?
« on: December 14, 2007, 12:14 AM »
Maybe it's an old version? Remember there was a change from DCUpdater to DCUppdater. I'm not sure if that would make a difference, but I suppose it's a possibility.

Nope - latest version.  (If you look at my first post it says "dcuppdater", with the two p's).


DcUpdater / Re: How Many DCUpdaters Do I Have Here!?
« on: December 13, 2007, 10:35 PM »
if it doesnt then its a clue that however its being invoked on startup is confusing it.

But supposedly Chameleon, other than monitoring for programs trying to add themselves to the Startup folder, just places approved programs IN the Startup folder and that should make the start the same as when I use the Start menu, right?

Not sure I understand the mechanics of this issue!


From the IE7 Toolbar there are two check boxes to turn off debugging.
Goto Tools-->Internet Options-->Advanced.
In the second group, "Browsing"

I think some of the MS tools, when installed, toggle them off.

In IE6 it can be done for the browser itself via IE Options>Advanced.  But when other programs use Internet Explorer within the application itself, I don't see anyway to disable it.

i never get any confirmation box after disabled them somewhere in the options, tried to install FileHamster but it needs .net craps.

is there any way to get debug box beside using FileHamster?

Yes, but this is definitely FileHamster. Confirmed. Just wish I could find a way to shut it down in there, or it might have to go.

Hey Mike,

Until I started really looking at it yesterday, I had no idea that it had all of the features that it does have.  It is, like many of the programs created by coders here at DC, and mouser in particular, so muted in its appearance that you would never know how powerful it is until you took a closer look at it.  In my opinion - and this is probably a very premature opinion as I haven't even begun to use it that much yet - SSCaptor appears to at least match SnagIt in its feature set, and possibly surpasses it in a number of ways.  Again though, the "home-grown" applications here at DC are so muted, so lacking in the usual overstated, four-color, screaming text effect advertising that is all too common with commercial software packages, that it is almost too easy to overlook just how great some of them really are.

(You can pay me later, mouser!!  8) )

I'm going to stick only with SSCaptor for a good long while and get some real use out of it.


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