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Don't know why you're not seeing this, nontroppo.  Sounds like justice is though.

Here's what it looks like:

I've been using MailBag Assistant by Fookes Software for years.  Probably the most versatile email archiver I've seen.  Here's a list of features from the web site:

    * Easy to use thanks to helpful wizards.
    * Handles the most popular message files.
    * No need to import e-mails to use them in Mailbag Assistant.
    * Handles native message files even if you no longer have the original e-mail program on your computer.
    * Enables you to easily share your correspondence with other Mailbag Assistant users.
    * Favorites menu to quickly reopen frequently used e-mail folders.
    * Message text is colored based on quote level.
    * Match tool selects all messages matching your criteria.
    * Filter tool shows only messages matching your criteria.
    * Search tools support Boolean operators, approximate matches, and Soundex matches.
    * Groups messages together meaningfully.
    * Sorts grid data when column header is clicked.
    * Saves e-mails into compressed message archives.
    * Stores and extracts e-mail attachments and HTML messages.
    * Exports e-mails as plain text, EML files, Web pages, and other formats based on customizable templates.
    * Extracts information like e-mail addresses and traffic statistics.
    * Provides built-in scripting language to automate tasks.
    * Integrated editor for scripts and templates, with syntax highlighting.

I will say that it is fast and offers searching in just about any way you could want.  You can tell it to find messages that match a certain set of parameters, extract all email addresses from those messages and then view them, print the list, store it in a file.  It carries the attachments with the messages - in the archive file.  I have been archiving my email messages with it in their compressed file format and also exporting all messages to EML files and zipping them up, then writing them to CD's - and now to DVD's.  (Mailbag Assistant doesn't burn anything to optical drives - I use Nero for that).  I need to make sure I have all email messages saved - can't afford to have a new version of my email program lose any past files, and restoring some email message stores from a regular compressed backup doesn't always work.

This is not a free program, though.  $39.95, so you really have to need it, IMO.

Fookes also sells Aid4Mail, a utility that will take all your email from most any email client and convert it to almost any other format.  When I decided to stop using Pocomail and switch back to Outlook the whole process took about 15 minutes for > 15,000 messages.  No preparatory work is needed.  Then I switched to Thunderbird 2 from Outlook and moved them all again.  Best part is it will maintain the same folder structure for you, which was a lifesaver for me.  This application has four versions: Standard, Professional, Forensic, and Enterprise.  If you will be converting to or from Outlook, though, you need the Professional version. Apparently there are not many other programs - if any - that will convert to and from Outlook because the PST file structure is so different from other mail apps.


The single most used application on my PC - with the possible exception of Firefox or Thunderbird - is The Journal 4, which is - no surprise here: a journaling/writing application.  I do keep a regular journal with it, but I also do all blog writing in it - it can send articles to any blog you are using. Also, I keep numerous other specialized journals in it. E.g., every time I make any kind of configuration change on my PC, I log it into a PC Maintenance journal. I have about 7 years of data in that journal alone. Whenever I start experiencing a new problem I start performing searches and find anything I changed that could have had an impact and caused the problem.

I also write reviews and compose them in The Journal. It's basically my one, all-around writing/logging tool.   :)


Living Room / Re: How often do you reboot your primary workstation?
« on: December 14, 2007, 03:17 AM »
I reboot this monster daily, and even with that I have had more BSOD's in the year and a half I've owned it than I did even with Windows for Workgroups 3.1 or Windows 95.  I am really growing to hate this machine.

I purchased this PC from Falcon Northwest last June - a Mach V, top of their line.  I did not want to go with a Dell or HP POS again - I wanted something with full, top line, retail components instead of the self-specked junk that the big manufacturers usually throw in their PC's. I would have built another myself, but I became disabled and have lost a lot of the use of my left arm - didn't want to try building my own because I didn't know if I could finish it. The Mach V gets rave reviews all over, for the most part. But this one started crashing about a week after I received it and has never gotten any better. Hard drives failed, memory failed, and now I am waiting on a new nVidia card because my GeForce 7900 GTX is throwing nv4_disp.dll crashes almost every day.  (A lot of users are suddenly seeing this - not sure why, but nVidia has no solutions for it other than replace the card).

Every time I get it all fixed up something else fails.  Can't win sometimes - no matter how good you buy.  And my old HP Pavilion Media Center PC and a Dell Dimension - one four years old and the other... gulp... 9 years old, are running perfectly!


DcUpdater / Re: How Many DCUpdaters Do I Have Here!?
« on: December 14, 2007, 02:07 AM »
Yeah, sorry - I misunderstood you.  But you're right - I did do a thorough search to see if that had happened, and I can find no trace of it.



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