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Yeah, I'm having that issue now too. I changed a number of the "My" folders and when an application balks I just change the settings for that app. But some won't keep the change. E.g., MindManager Pro 6 creates a "My Maps" folder. I changed that to just "Maps" and of course MM Pro 6 balked and recreated the My Maps folder, though it didn't move any files back into it. I changed that within MindManager and all was well. Till I rebooted and started MindManager again - same squeals from it.

Who would program like that? And why?


...It also helps to have a dialog extender tool as well to help you quickly navigate between your favorite folders.

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I presently use Enhanced Dialog from Stardock.  When I was actively subscribed to their Object Desktop this was one of the apps I kept using even when I had dropped a lot of their other "eye candy" stuff that looked great but started causing me problems in a lot of other areas.  I still use it today.

I notice that you didn't cover that in your mega-review of Filebox Extenders.  Any reason? Or just that you already had enough and never got to this one?

My biggest complaint is that there are always a number of dialogs where Enhanced Dialog never kicks in, but I believe that is because of the specific applications configuration and not Enhanced Dialog.  Do the ones you reviewed also have this issue?



I would think long and hard before changing the names of these directories..

As you say, you can rename them and windows will adjust to the new folder names..

But you may have older programs that are not coded well that get confused, OR you may have programs that remember when the directory was called one thing, and now that it's changed they will still be looking in the old place.

All true, mouser, and also all considered.  I've gone ahead and changed them and I am expecting some applications to balk at the change.  Some already have and I was able to change their settings to accommodate the new names.  I have also edited preferences, settings, etc. of some of my other frequently-used programs and changed those also.  I am trying to keep a log of exactly what I have changed and when.  If it turns out that this simply will not work because too many programs I use can't accommodate the new file names I'll then revert back to the dumb old "My" format.  (I understand that even Microsoft changed these names and removed "My" from them in early versions of Longhorn, and that is their goal - saw that on an MSDN blog).

But I have found a few sites/forums where folks have switched like this and are getting by OK. So I'll give it a good try and report back whenever I encounter any rough spots - or not.  Hopefully I will let DC users here know wither that it is OK to go ahead and try this, or warn them away from these name changes if it doesn't work out.

nosh said exactly how i feel as well:
I just ignore the 'My' series and save all my personal data at another location. Lots of apps feel free to create their own subfolder within these anyway and I wouldn't want my personal data getting mixed with all that junk.

In other words, the default "My Documents" and other such folders are useful as places where some programs autocreate subfolders and files.  I prefer to make an *additional* directory for my personal files and leave the "My Documents" folder completely alone -- i never go in there and never save files in there.

It also helps to have a dialog extender tool as well to help you quickly navigate between your favorite folders.

See also this thread:
And this one:

Thanks for the heads up, mouser.


Turns out you CAN rename most of the "My" folders just like any others.  Can't delete them without them auto-regenerating unless you make a few reg changes, though.


General Software Discussion / Re: SQLNotes...what is it exactly?
« on: December 16, 2007, 09:37 PM »
Pierre, you're amazing and generous.

J-Mac, I am just like you when it comes to databases, and that's the primary reason why I even started playing with SQLNotes.  Only after that did I realize all the other things I could do with it (such as using it as a notetaker).

Hey superboyac.

Yeah? Then you must know too well what it's like to have databases as our "kryptonite" and then read through this long thread and see others drop in and you can see that they're picking up how to use SQL Notes just like that!  (Have to imagine me snapping my fingers with that last sentence!   :Thmbsup: :up: :down: :) )

I'm reading through some more of the wiki and trying to make some sense of it. I started this before and then had to work frantically with my spreadsheet and paper files to respond to yet another PITA "surprise attack" insurance company inquiry.  I began to think I really didn't have time to learn this thing AND work with the document list I have at the same time.  I'll give it another shot and hopefully I can get something going in parallel to what else I am doing.

(I'm also in the process of trying to work out my graphics card issues - darn nVidia! Even though Falcon will probably be sending me out a replacement GeForce 7900 GTX or higher, I am looking into trying to bite the bullet and purchase an ATI card and see if I can get it working on an ASUS SLI-compatible mobo. AND - reorganize my data and media files and folder structure - get rid of all the lousy "My ....." folders and name them more appropriately to what I am using!  AND.... make my home office a paperless one to the extent I can! I have this great Canon PIXMA MP830 All-in-One with a duplex, auto-feeder scanner - might as well use it to the max!)

Take care.


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