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Thanks tomos. I do use PDF-XChange Viewer now, actually - the free viewer, too. It starts to do forms but then as you said, it gets a little weird now and then! And I can't save forms and re-use them without encountering a lot of uh-oh's.

I also have Scansoft PDF Converter Pro 3 and it can do all that I want - WHEN it will start and run without crashing!! It is the single most buggy application I have ever used - and I try a LOT of applications! That plus no help at all from Scansoft (now Nuance) is making me really want to switch. PDF Converter Pro 3 also sets itself up as the default PDF viewer for IE6. And I can't change it! If I do disable the IE plug-in and set up another reader, then IE crashes and will not start again.

So it is time for a new PDF Form Filling program for me. I use that feature a lot. NovaPDF refers to that feature in their knowledge Base a couple of times, but the features list does not mention it at all - and I would think that they would definitely want to blow their horn about it if it could fill forms.

And like I said, they haven't responded to my inquiry yet. Only two days so far but it's a real simple yes/no question that I thought would be an easy one for them. Oh well - off to search for more!

Thanks tomos!


Hopefully we have some users of NovaPDF here at DC, since we do have the discount available.

I have been all over their web site and cannot determine whether or not it has the ability to fill forms on an existing PDF document.  I submitted a pre-sales request to them on a web form at their site but have not heard back from them. (Maybe not a good thing? I hope they are a little more responsive with support requests!)

Anyway, can any NovaPDF users here tell me if the program allows filling forms on existing PDF files? Like when you have a loooong form - insurance application, mail-in prescription form, etc. - and prefer not to print it and write it all out by hand each time. Instead fill in all fields by typing in them and then be able to save it for future use?



.... but I've been running this setup without any hardware changes since early 2004, and experienced no previous problems.

Unfortunately I have found that Microsoft Updates/patches often can make changes in your system that cause drivers that have been working fine to suddenly have major conflicts with the system changes.  I've been burned by this on more than one occasion!!


Yeah, I'm having that issue now too. I changed a number of the "My" folders and when an application balks I just change the settings for that app. But some won't keep the change. E.g., MindManager Pro 6 creates a "My Maps" folder. I changed that to just "Maps" and of course MM Pro 6 balked and recreated the My Maps folder, though it didn't move any files back into it. I changed that within MindManager and all was well. Till I rebooted and started MindManager again - same squeals from it.

J-Mac: this is just a work-around but after deleting "My Maps" folder, create a file by the same name and make it hidden then program won't be able to create the folder..

But the application insists on it. What will it so if it can't? Might explode!   ;D ;D



My biggest complaint is that there are always a number of dialogs where Enhanced Dialog never kicks in, but I believe that is because of the specific applications configuration and not Enhanced Dialog.  Do the ones you reviewed also have this issue?

with Filebox Extender, yes, that's a problem too

Oh well. Enhanced Dialog is working pretty well otherwise. A few weird things but they may be caused by Windows XP Pro. I'm not sure. Like even though I have all dialogs set to show in Detailed mode, many still open in the List mode, and some in Thumbnails mode. Also, About every other time I open a dialog it shows the files in reverse alpha order. Arrgggh! Is that likely to be Enhanced Dialog? Or does WinXP do that? Like, all are in alpha-ascending order when downloading something. Then the next time I download they are listed in alpha-descending!

Just trying to make me crazier, methinks!


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