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Howdy, Mr. Darwin. Long time no see.

Thank you for the very concise yet very comprehensive review of your search programs.  :-)

It sounds like you have a monster machine there, and for X1 to be able to slow it down is really saying something!



Thanks jity2. Lots of good info in your post!


I agree completely with most of your comments above. There are a couple there that I haven't tried yet. Never heard of Ultrafinder; not sure if it is new or has just been way under the radar.

Your comments on X1 and Copernic are right on. X1 is definitely a strange company IMO; e.g., for a long time - until very recently - you had to use Internet Explorer in order to use their forum! And it seemed like Copernic banished all decent program development when they dropped their free search program. Once you had to start paying the bugs and poor UI appeared.

I did use Agent Ransack for a while, but kept forgetting that I had it installed and so rarely used it.

Presently I use mostly Everything and Windows Search on my computer. They get the job done... Kinda. But I still yearn for a good standalone desktop search program. (Think that's the first time I have ever actually typed the word "yearned"!) 

I'll have to take another look at File Locator Pro.

I'm surprised that you didn't mention Archivarius in your post. That seemed to be a popular choice not too long ago, but I don't see it mentioned much lately.

I am very interested in what you said about Listary Pro in your post. I have been using that for a while but mostly using it for fast access to file locations when saving or opening files. I really need to bone up on the rest of its features!

My file manager of choice has been Directory Opus for the last four or five years. However since about a week before Thanksgiving Dopus has not worked for me. It apparently starts but is not accessible. My system has had a lot of BSODs lately and I just found out that it has a memory problem, too. So it might be my system that's preventing Dopus from running correctly, or it could be an issue with Dopus 11. (I've seen a few other users post about this problem on their forum). So I'll probably be addressing desktop search after getting my machine fixed and most likely reinstalling Windows on it.

Please pardon any typos or formatting issues in this post; I'm typing it on my phone since my computer is just about unusable now.  :)



General Software Discussion / Re: Directory Opus 11 Released!
« on: December 24, 2014, 12:34 AM »
Dopus 11 stopped working on my computer altogether!! Cannot figure out what is wrong. Spent some time on their forum but no one else has any ideas either.

My computer does have a bad memory stick - I believe - and I'm testing all sticks in all slots to find the mem problem now. Don’t know if that caused my Dopus issue, but presently, though Dopus 11 is installed and licensed, it will not run at all. Frustrating as hell!!


N.A.N.Y. 2014 / Re: NANY 2014 Release - epCheck
« on: December 13, 2014, 10:38 PM »
There was a problem unzipping the series data. You might have to run epCheck as an administrator.

I am running as an administrator, so is this a serious issue?

Same issue here. First I get an error message saying the program cannot run and to try running as administrator. Then it says it cannot open the zipped archive, and the same "run as administrator" comment again.

I am running it as administrator in the first place. Epcheck does eventually open however it takes a very long time opening each series, and the program becomes unresponsive a lot of the time. This was all since I installed the latest beta version. I finally uninstalled it and reinstalled the previous version. (Properties dialog says the File Version is and the Program Version is



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