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I learn the most useless things sometimes, attributable completely to stubbornness and thickheadedness.  (Guess my mother was right after all those years!)


General Software Discussion / Re: Share Usb Devices
« on: October 27, 2007, 01:52 AM »
Maybe my thinking is too simplistic, but...

...if they truly "sit next to each other" as you mentioned here, the least expensive solution might be to get them a little USB Flash drive to pass back and forth.  You can get a 2 GB drive for £6.39 here.

whomever has the scanner connected could scan the negative, place it on the flash drive, and then unplug it and hand it to the other. Worth a thought or two.


Found my answer the hard way. Whew, they try to make it tough!

Instead of calling the default browser, they are calling the default HTML Handler from the registry - which may be the default browser, or then again it may not.  It's a one parameter call, which is rarely used today. Should always at least use a two parameter call.

Basically they look at the following Regkey:  HKLM\SOFTWARE\Classes\HTML Handler, which in my case is not the default browser - meaning I have an HTML Editor. BTW, that has nothing to do with what program opens HTML files for viewing - mine all open in Firefox for viewing. It is what you use to edit HTML and/or XML files.

If they are going to call a RegKey they would have more consistency calling HKLM\SOFTWARE\Clients\StartMenuInternet  or  HKLM\SOFTWARE\Classes\http\shell\open\command.  They will respond with the true default browser almost every time.  The reason it hit me this time around and never before is that I installed Microsoft's XML Editor, I think.

Anyway, now I know; therefore I am happy again!!   8)

Thanks again.


Edpro, Mike:

Thanks for checking.  If you can, please let me know what your setting is in Roboform options on the "Login Browser" tab:  Roboform2Go New Browser window is: Next are three selections - Default Browser, Internet Explorer, or Other with a place to show the path of another browser.  Also, if possible, look at Internet Explorer Options on the "Programs tab and tell me what is shown for HTML Editor. It will help me to determine just what is happening on my system.

I believe that Roboform is NOT using the default browser at all - at least it isn't on my machine.  I believe that it is for some reason looking only at Internet Explorer's configured HTML editor.

As a proof to myself, I changed the HTML editor setting to "Notepad". It is normally set to use Word.  Now Roboform is set to use "Other", and I show the path to firefox.exe in Program Files.  Guess what?  Clicking New Version Check opened Notepad this time.


Yes, I can just install the newer version - I already downloaded it.  But I am curious as to what is causing this on my PC.  It is apparent that it is NOT calling the default browser. At least not this time on my machine.  And I like to know why whenever something out of the ordinary occurs.  Just for kicks I clicked on "Check for new version" on 30 other programs during the course of the day (Most all use the same basic script - version-check.html).  All 30 either checked online silently without actually opening a browser page (8 did this) or opened a page in Firefox (19 did this).  The other three opened a dialog that said there was a newer version and showed a link to go to their download page - and then opened Firefox when I clicked on the link in that dialog.

I think that the problem with Roboform is that they are not calling the default browser but instead are looking at Internet Explorer to see if it accepts the call or defers to another browser that is designated as the system default. That it how applications USED to call the browser five or six years ago; it is rare for any to do this nowadays.

I believe that this may be the case with Roboform.  And since I have Microsoft's XML Editor installed and XML files associated with that program for editing only, and I also have Office 2003, which introduced the add-on msohtmed.exe, that causes Internet Explorer to automatically set Word as the default HTML Editor - which also makes Word the default XML editor. (However Word uses the XML Editor add-on I installed).  So Roboform is actually calling the Default HTML Editor in Internet Explorer.  If you don't have Microsoft's dedicated HTML Editor installed Internet Explorer normally would look to the default browser setting.  I cannot find another program that works this way, though.

Anyway, simply installing the new version of Roboform will not change this problem if Roboform engineers have not changed that method.  But I'd like to see what others are seeing before I do that - I'm curious!!

Thanks all!


Can you not just update to the latest version and see if that cures the problem?

I know this post isn't really a "General Software Discussion" topic, but I wasn't sure where else to post it.  (Jesse -Please move this thread if it belongs in a different forum - Thanks).

I've been using Roboform for my password storage/forms filler since it was initially released.  I used to know all the support techs there and could usually get things resolved quickly and easily.  But as they have grown as with most growing developers, their support has degenerated somewhat, and trying to get a real issue resolved can engender true Tier 1-type responses from newer support techs.

I currently use Roboform2Go, which is simply Roboform and its database on a USB flash drive.  It usually generates a pop-up when new a version is available but it hadn't done so in a while, so I performed a manual version check.  Or at least I tried.  When I clicked Help>New Version Check their download page opened in Microsoft Word!  I looked at all the files on the flash drive but none show the command for checking for new versions.  I wrote to Roboform Support and received a reply to check my default browser - it's Firefox.  I wrote back and said that wasn't the problem.  Next reply said that the data automatically submitted with the support form shows my default browser is set incorrectly and to contact Firefox if I don't know how to reset it. That didn't make me too happy.

I looked through the support data that goes with all support requests and saw that it shows my default browser is "msohtmed.exe".  Yet Firefox insists that it is set as the default browser!  I did a little research and that file, msohtmed.exe, is a part of Microsoft Office 2003, wihch has been installed on my PC for a few years now - since it was released.  But it is not set as a default browser anywhere that I can find.  I tried clicking on links to the Internet in every program I could for a good half-hour and all opened Firefox.  I set IE as default browser and tried again - Roboform still calls up Word.  I switched it back to Firefox - it still opens Word.

The only place I can find a possible clue is that Word is set in Internet Explorer as the HTML Editor.  (I have changed that on more than one occasion and IE always switched it back to Word the nest tome I open it).  I went all through my registry and find no reference at all to msohtmed.exe.  I cannot find any other application that looks for new versions in anything other than Firefox.  I checked all keys in the registry that can affect the default browser and none are pointing to anything else except Firefox.  Finally, in Roboform's Options, I changed the "Login Browser" setting to "Other" and then browsed to C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe, and set that as the default browser.  Roboform still opens the download page in Word!

So I have come to the conclusion that this version of Roboform is NOT calling the default browser, but is instead calling Internet Explorer's HTML editor.  Mostly because I cannot think of any other possible reason fir Roboform to exhibit this behavior.  And to be the ONLY application on my PC that does so.

I wrote back to Roboform support and relayed all the above info to them.  After a half day they responded by saying that if I cannot figure out how to set a browser as my default browser, then I should reinstall Windows.  Yeah, right.  I can download the stinking latest release manually - that's not the problem now.  I want to know how and why the New Version Checker in Roboform is trying to open Word!  I would love to know how I can find within Roboform exactly where the code is that is supposed to call the default browser.  Mainly, at this point, just to show that I am setup correctly and that Roboform is the problem here.  Can anyone help by pointing me in the right direction?



General Software Discussion / Re: The great defrag shootout
« on: October 23, 2007, 02:35 AM »
I used Diskkeeper 7, 8, and 9, and then grew really weary of their sales schemes.  First Pro version was required for a desktop PC and Light version for notebooks (Where oh where was the logic in that?)  Then they changed that in 8, and then again in 9.  I still wasn't sure what the heck I had when they started the hard sell on Version 10; writing me and insisting that I had to upgrade to 10 and stop using 9!

I went with Perfect disk about 2 years ago and never looked back. Granted I am not as knowledgeable in defragging as the reviewer obviously is, but I feel a lot more comfortable with PD than I did with DK.


General Software Discussion / New Webroot Firewall - Free Download
« on: October 23, 2007, 02:22 AM »
I don't know if anyone else has posted this -- I didn't see it here yet:


Free Webroot Firewall.  One caveat - they do require registration, including name, home address, and email address.  (Not sure why they ask for a postal address; they claim the registration info is needed to send you the download link - which is via email, not postal mail!)  Of course who's the wiser if you list any postal address you wish?  And a throwaway email address -- you only need it for about 10 minutes till the download link is mailed to you.


What exactly does "reset your PC" mean? Reboot?

Means doing a 'cold reboot'... done with pressing the reset button on your PC case or pressing the power button for five seconds.

Also see http://en.wikipedia....d_Reboot#Hard_reboot

Thank you.  Though I did know what a cold reboot was.  What I could not be certain about was what the site owner meant by the words "...reset your PC.".  When people use non-specific terms like that they might mean something different but not know how to express it clearly, particularly if English is not their first language. 

Better safe than sorry!

Thanks justice.

BTW, I had closed AppGet fully - the process was no longer running. However a process called agrun.exe had apparently not closed.  That stayed even after uninstalling AppGet. Weird.



I just updated to AppGet 0.6.9 and it wasn't easy!  Kept telling me I had to update for it to work - I updated four times but the old version kept starting. I checked Program Files and the agrun.exe and apget.ini are not updated with the rest of the program. Even uninstalling AppGet does not remove those - and they run in the background. I had to delete them manually for the update to 0.6.9 to take.

Next, I now have 152 applications that need updating. Not really, but that's what this version of AppGet is reporting. It's claiming some really weird version numbers are available when there are no such versions. Also - in some cases - it is pulling version numbers for SDK versions instead of regular versions, and some I can't figure out where it got the "new" version numbers but they don't exist in a lot of cases. Many of the programs that the previous version of AppGet said were updated now say they are not and cite non-existent version numbers as available.

Something is definitely not working in the latest version.




On the LFDomain web site - developer of LF Connection Keeper - it indicates that the application automatically logs you out when you shut it down, and some users have problems when starting Windows again - mainly because Windows is often slower to connect to the Internet than LFCK is trying to logon, thus disallowing access to the Internet. Also, some users report getting 503 errors and the developer blames that on the ISP logon server not being accessible at the time.  This sounds like the users wherever this is developed must logon to their ISP's servers in order to get Internet access, and logoff when they finish. I'm in the USA and I have a broadband connection that is never logged out from the Web.

Can this default behavior by LFCK be reconfigured? I'd really hate to lose my connection due to LFCK trying to do something it can't and then spend the next couple days troubleshooting it! (LFCK apparently sets up as a service and takes over a few Windows DLLs, including mfc42.dll). Also, it looks like LFCK requires users to use it as a proxy to access the Internet. If this is the case, I don't think this would work for me.

Any comments?




LF Connection Keeper looks interesting - are you using it? Any comments about it?



2738 , ?

Thank you. I tried these for a while, but not for network monitoring.  I used them to try to capture recordings on my VoIP line. (That IS doable, but it takes a lot of work to get it - more than it was worth!)

Can they be used for network monitoring?  That is, without having a computer science advanced degree?  :huh:


General Software Discussion / Yes, Another Network Moniotr Thread...
« on: October 15, 2007, 01:11 PM »
Hi folks.  Sorry to start yet another thread about network monitoring.  I've searched and read all I could find here on DC, but I have different questions -- plus those threads were mostly pretty old and I am hoping that there is better info available now.

I have recently tried - or am currently trying - several monitoring applications, including:
  • Micorosoft's Network Monitor
    Nice capture program but it only captures when you set it to do so and saves the data in a log file. Nice for analysis.

  • Show Traffic
    Simple, but limited to one adapter at a time, and again, appears to be mostly for analysis later.

  • The Dude
    Looks cool but I cannot get it to do much - most likely due to my own limitations more so than the program's.  Instructions look like a rough translation to English and are brief; not verbose at all. I need "simple"!

  • NetMeter
    Very nice for monitoring bandwidth. Shows real-time amount of data uploaded and downloaded plus has reports that show daily, weekly, monthly, and to-date totals. But not really a network traffic monitor per se.

What I cannot seem to find is one with a feature similar to something that TrendMicro's PCcillin used to have when I was running that:  A monitor that tracks exactly what is connected to my PC and send me alerts if/when another computer connects to my home network.  I would enter the device names and MAC addresses of my own PCs/devices that could connect and if any other MAC address - or one with a cloned MAC address but not the same device name - connected it would alert me and prompt me for an action.

All others I have tried show any and all connections, similar to a firewall, but non appear to have the ability to alert me if any connections not meeting certain parameters connect to my network. Great for analysis - which I also need. But none are suitable for keeping a small graph/chart visible.

Any recommendations?



General Software Discussion / Re: Replace Windows XP's Icons
« on: October 09, 2007, 11:35 PM »
I've been using Stardock's Icon Packager for a few years now. It is very simple and yet works very well.

Darwin, even if your subscription expires you can continue to use IconPackager, but just the last version you installed. You can no longer get updates/upgrades without either purchasing the program outright ($14.95) or re-subscribing. But you can continue to use the version that was current at the time your Object Desktop expired. Hopefully you archived them via Stardock Central. However if you did not, just contact Stardock directly and they will provide you with an archive package of all the applications to which you were entitled at the time of the subscription expiration.

My subscription expired just this month after about 5 or 6 years. I just had too many issues, mostly with WindowBlinds v.5 either significantly slowing down my PC or having conflicts with other applications. (Stardock claimed it was not WindowBlinds causing conflict issues but every time I removed it all problems disappeared). I tested it throughout its beta period and as far as I am concerned they never did get all the kinks out of it. And once they started preparing for Microsoft Vista they seemed to abandon all other issues that needed work. (I've noticed that many developers did the same!)

Plus there was no special offer to resubscribe this time. $34.95 was what they offered, which I felt was a bit high for a fairly longtime user. So I dumped it. But I still use IconPackager and a few others.


Although I haven't tested mLock, I'd be extremely surprised if "reset" meant having to wipe the computer and not just "reboot". Don't blame me though ;)

I don't know about you, but I always hate finding out such things the hard way!!   :o


Looks interesting, but some of the information on each application is a bit sparse.  For example, I have a question for anyone who is currently running mLock (if any):

The info page for mLock states the following:  "Caution! Don't forget the password you set because your only solution is to reset your PC!"  What exactly does "reset your PC" mean? Reboot?  Or -- and this would definitely make me stay away from this program -- wipe it and reinstall all?




No, it's the File Type I want, not extensions.

In DOpus 9, I go to Settings>File Types...

dopus 001.jpg

...and then in the dialog that appears I expand the System File Types and edit them there directly.

BTW, the images are in the wrong order - not sure how to control that here. This forum doesn't seem to giver you any control over that, or doesn't say how.

there is somewhere out there is a little plugin (I presume) that will
allow you to have a column with just the file extension .exe/whatever in Windows Explorer
(an extra column)

I even downloaded it at the time but using dopus never bothered with it & cant find it now
did a google search too - no luck, but maybe someone else knows about it?


How do you handle this in DOpus?  I'm using that now also.



Hmmm.... if you like that column you should keep it of course, but I do need to stress that I did not suggest to "Show hidden files", but to NOT "Hide known file types"

Sorry - I misunderstood.

Either way I always have it configured to NOT "Hide known file types" and also to "Show hidden files".  To me, those are like one setting, as I always show all.


Do you need to see the file types column at all? You could go to Tools > Folder settings > Show, and remove the mark from "Hide known file types", and then remove the types column. I did that.

I already have all files showing -- (hate hidden files!!)

I solved it the hard way; I edited each file type individually.  :mad:  However for all image file types and HTML file types I had to go into the registry and edit them there - neither changing them in Directory Opus's File Type Editor nor Windows Explorer Folder Tools>File Types would do it for those.

Curt, I like to see that column.  Makes it a little easier for me with very similar but different file types, like XLS and XLT, etc., where they use virtually the same icon. I would have thought that with all the various XP tweaking tools around that there would have been a global way to do this.  Actually there probably is but I wanted to get it done last night.  Someone with programming or scripting knowledge probably could write a batch file or use a series of Command line switches and commands.  I'm not quite knowledgeable enough to do that, though.



I am SO tired of having to have a ridiculously large column width set for the File Type column in my Windows file explorer.  I can remember when a JPEG was called just that - JPEG. Now, on my machine anyway, all file types are named after the default application that a file type opens with.

Instead of seeing JPEG, CSV, Excel, or Word, I now see ACDSee Pro JPEG Image, Microsoft Office Comma Separated Values File, Microsoft Excel Worksheet, and Microsoft Word Document. At the default column width it can be difficult at times to see what file types I am looking at unless I widen that column a lot.

Is there a way to set the file type to the old, short version?



Official Announcements / Re: September Drawing Winners
« on: September 22, 2007, 07:18 PM »
Thank you!!

(If I can get this monster machine working again, I'll get started with it...)


DcUpdater / Re: Installed programs not recognized
« on: September 21, 2007, 09:22 PM »
I have DCUpdate installed on my desktop PC and all works fine there - installed several weeks ago.

Just installed it on my notebook PC and it does not work at all - same as the others here. I have tried everything mentioned but ---No go!

Any more ideas? Something changed since I installed it on my desktop PC.


General Review Discussion / Re: Free PDF tools review?
« on: September 20, 2007, 03:33 PM »
Wow, those are very specific comments jzippo. Are you sure pdf is the best format rather than tracking changes and comments in, say, Word?

Or alternatively - how valuable are the annotations? What's the risk/cost if they've not displayed correctly in another reader? High enough to justify paying the extra for Acrobloat?
If you use annotations extensively, I imagine this is a critical feature. However if, like me you never or hardly ever use them, then it is not so important.  :)


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