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Now that was a seriously interesting read. Their experiment turned out a bit Lord of the Flies, didn't it?

Thanks for pointing it out to us, mouser  :Thmbsup: (note the thumbsup?!).

You get two thumbs down for "sucking up" Mike...   :P


General Software Discussion / Re: Share Usb Devices
« on: November 04, 2007, 11:23 PM »
whomever has the scanner connected could scan the negative, place it on the flash drive, and then unplug it and hand it to the other. Worth a thought or two.

good point,
if you're the person who keeps getting asked to scan stuff ....
says me with a sheaf of papers sitting on my scanner :)

Scanning antique negatives/slides? You think either really has much of a stack in their lap?   8)


General Software Discussion / Re: SQLNotes...what is it exactly?
« on: November 04, 2007, 01:53 PM »

I'm looking at SQLNotes now for the document tracking database, as we discussed in another thread. I must say, though, the proposed pricing is more than I had expected. That's not to say it is out of line with what it should be -- I guess I just didn't know the price range for this type of application. I might have to take another hard look at Access for my database since I already own that!



Jim wrote
but the MSSQL database was installed as a service and is running all the time. This occasionally causes some burps in that PC's system.
You know how to prevent SQLServer from starting automatically at startup don't you? Admin>Services, ...

Oh sure.  But then when I start it manually in order to read data from the proprietary SmartCard reader, the reader is no longer recognized. I always have to uninstall/reinstall it.  And then re-associate the viewer application with both the card reader and SQL database again. And if that is not performed in a given order then I have to disable it and start again.  (And of course this ancient brain can never remember the correct order.  You'd think I would write it down, but I always seem to think I don't need to do that... Ha!)  Corresponding with the developer is not possible because this program is not meant to be purchased, installed, nor used by individual users, but instead only hospitals with certified sleep disorder centers who have purchased it via a sales representative. So I am "supportless" in that respect.  Also, while I know that they have released updates/upgrades for this software, I can no longer get any of them. Well, I could probably use some smooth "social engineering" and work some magic that way, but I haven't.  ;)  The supplier that sold the stuff to me originally cannot sell this product anymore - it all has to go through a registered Respironics sales agent.


They sure don't make it easy!


I don't have to install am SQL database app or server?  Are you sure it isn't included in the setup for SQL Notes?
SQL in the name refers to the powerful search/filter that is built-in SQLNotes. The back-end database could be anything. Currrently use JET because it is installed on every PC and it does the job. Plus Office apps can readily link to SQLNotes data without installing a separate ODBC link. (Each grid in SN is visible to any ODBC enabled app -- Word for mail-merge, e-mail-merge, Excel, Access, etc) It is therefore easy to share SN data with users that don't have it.

BTW the name will change... any suggestions?

Thanks PPLandry.  As I mentioned somewhere recently (probably up in this thread a bit), I installed another app a few years ago on my other PC called Encore Pro by Respironics - it's a database utility specific to certain medical equipment - CPAP machines to be precise - and it uses an MSSQL database for storing data. Now the program was designed for hospital/clinic use originally, so maybe what they are doing is not standard on personal PCs, but the MSSQL database was installed as a service and is running all the time. This occasionally causes some burps in that PC's system.  Like other programs or maybe drivers or DLs that cause conflicts with MSSQL. Also, I think I remember some issues involving my changing the behavior of another service to suit some program or another and here the MSSQL server was configured to use that particular service as a dependency. Of course this was all unknown at that time and since Windows is notorious for dropping little cryptic event IDs in the Event Viewer - the kind that are completely rendered in Hex or Binary or whatever the heck it is that Windows does so often.  You wouldn't believe the kind of frustrating troubleshooting I have had to perform - and I'm not exactly conversant in those languages.

Glad to hear that SQLNotes does NOT do anything like that. I think it's just the name of the application - with those scary SQL letters - that had me a little overly cautious.

Needless to say I am wary of programs that install such services that seem to be designed purely for the amusement of the developers, who have a good laugh whenever they think of what I am doing at any given moment... (Hey...D'ya think he has any hair left by now... Hahahahah)!

Which is, by the way, an excellent reason to change the name!!  I notice that most suggestions are leaning toward the "Notes" features.  Since you posted in the other thread about its great database/document tracking or managing capabilities, you may want to name it in a way that encompasses the notes AND data management functions.  Of course that depends on what aspect(s) of the application you prefer to market it as.








(OK, OK....someone stop me before it's too late!!)

Thanks again, all!


Just curious - any progress on finding a good tagging solution for home PC files?  Sounds like Tag2Find is still not quite ready for general usage.

well... It depends what you're expecting. I personally found that it worked quite well. The main reason why I didn't use it is because it didn't integrate with my other desktop search applications (X1, Archivarius, Locate32, farr)

Grrr.. I'm re-evaluating my desktop search application also - I think we discussed it in another thread. Copernic just isn't finding it all. Actually it is missing a lot. I used X1 for years but about a year and a half ago it started failing like clockwork every few months and required uninstall/reinstall each time, and cleanout of associated registry keys, etc. A desktop search engine shouldn't need so much care and maintenance - or maybe it does and I was getting spoiled! Looking at Archivarius, but the 10,000 file limit on the trial is stopping me from making the purchase - I want to see it work and that limit won't let me. I wish the developer would take that into consideration and free up the trial - just put a hard expiration in it.

But only if it is consistent and doesn't change too much of the existing file structure.

What do you mean?

I used Taglocity for a while with my Outlook email (I was using Outlook at the time) and it was still "growing up" at that time - but it left permanent changes in my PST even when I uninstalled it - oh the problems that befall those who spend their lives installing and uninstalling software! I wasn't sure whether or not Tag2Find made any hard-to-undo changes to the file structure like that.

BTW, I still cannot find any such feature in DOpus.  I had hoped that DOpus would have something to make tracking/grouping files easier, but it seems that I just have Windows Explorer with some added bells on it. Not quite as big a deal as I had first thought.

DO aficionados would probably want to torture you for saying that.  ;D
IMO DO is much much more than explorer with some added bells... Maybe it just doesn't have what you're looking for.

Of course I may not be using it to its fullest extent, but so far I have not gotten any good answers for doing a lot of the things I had thought DOpus would help with.

You could always use what they call "file collections"  (basically virtual folders). Although when I trialed DO, I didn't find them reliable for my own everyday usage : my filenames change all the time, and the file collections didn't seem to deal well with frequent name changes. There are other solutions in Total Commander and Speed Commander. Didn't test them though.

You know, even while typing that I kinda realized that comment would probably rub many the wrong way, but, hey - I was really tired and didn't take the time to sanitize the post. (Sorry to all DOpus diehard fans!)  In reality, DOpus DOES offer much more than that. But as I mentioned, some of the customizations - actually a lot of them - are not easily accomplished, unless one is a true technophile - and I'm only part technophile! Some changes required a little more registry tweaking and other code changes that I wasn't quite ready to attack myself.

Armando - any luck so far finding a good, solid tagging application for Windows?

Nope. I think tag2find is what comes closest to what I'm looking for. But I'm waiting for the 2nd generation and a number of modification before committing any data to it. In the mean time, I'm using my own system and I've become used to it... I almost like it now How do you tag (or even organize) your files?. But takes some discipline.

Well, seeing as I am not faring too well with my own desktop search applications here, it might be worth a look.

Thanks Armando!  I appreciate the time and effort taken to reply to me.


General Software Discussion / Re: New Webroot Firewall - Free Download
« on: November 01, 2007, 11:10 PM »
I have posted about this. As well as online armor free

Thank you? 

Just curious - any progress on finding a good tagging solution for home PC files?  Sounds like Tag2Find is still not quite ready for general usage.

Tagging would seem to be a great contributor to file and folder structure.  But only if it is consistent and doesn't change too much of the existing file structure.  BTW, I still cannot find any such feature in DOpus.  I had hoped that DOpus would have something to make tracking/grouping files easier, but it seems that I just have Windows Explorer with some added bells on it. Not quite as big a deal as I had first thought.  Of course I may not be using it to its fullest extent, but so far I have not gotten any good answers for doing a lot of the things I had thought DOpus would help with. Some of its advanced features appear to require scripting knowledge beyond what I am comfortable/familiar with!

Armando - any luck so far finding a good, solid tagging application for Windows?



General Software Discussion / Re: MouseImp Pro Live!- useful mousetool
« on: November 01, 2007, 03:06 PM »
Sorry folks - didn't see the request by lanux128 till now.  Looks like CGA posted the link, but here's a screenshot from that site:


I don't have to install am SQL database app or server?  Are you sure it isn't included in the setup for SQL Notes?

Thanks - going to sleep now - hopefully!!


General Software Discussion / Re: MouseImp Pro Live!- useful mousetool
« on: November 01, 2007, 01:07 AM »
Looks pretty cool!  But I'm using a Logitech MX Revolution wireless mouse with quite a few buttons and wheels, and running UberSetPoint - a user-developed Modification of Logitech's SetPoint mouse software That offers almost unlimited functions with this mouse.  I don't think - from a quick look - that MouseImp could possibly accommodate all these buttons and scrollers on this mouse.

I'd love to try some of its features, but I'm pretty sure I would lose a lot of other functionality using this mouse.   :(

The AutoShrink feature looks like the Window Shade feature offered in some applications, where it appears that the window "rolls up" into the titlebar like a shade when the mouse isn't over it.


...So... yes, just linking is fine with me. Others might have other opinions on database and storing files in them (J-Mac ?). I'd be glad to hear them!  :)....

**"you just have one file to backup", etc. . But I don't care, personally: I have a good backup program.

P.S. : I just tried the new beta : it's looking real good. But I'll either post about it in the SQLNotes Forum or in the other thread focusing on SQLNotes.

Armando, I agree that it is preferable to keep the files outside of the database.  Of course since these files will all mostly be scanned PDF's of hard copies received via postal mail, and as they are all related, I would be creating a separate set of folders specifically for this project, and not just have them scattered about waiting for a desktop search program to pull them together virtually for me.  As I mentioned before - I need the formal structure or I always feel I am missing a file or twenty!!  So whether the database program keeps the files all together in one place for me or I do that part on my own doesn't matter that much.  What IS critical to me is that the database - whichever type it may be - keep track of the files, know if or when they have changed (without overt action required by me), and can track any moves I make with the files. Because if storing the files is left to me independent of the database or document management program, you can be sure that I will occasionally rework the folder structure I build for them as the volume grows and I determine the need for improvements.



Jim wrote
@tomos:  Yes, I had looked at SQLNotes already and I don't think that will do it for me.  Thanks!
I'm the author of SQLNotes and before being a PIM (which is it is not quite yet), it IS a flexible, simple to use database. From what you described, it should be a prefect match. Perhaps I can help in setting it up.
I'm also planning to soon add a folder monitoring system. Just tell it which folders to monitor and it will automatically create a item for each file (saves you from drag-droping files). You can then add your own attributes, sort, filter, launch, generate statistics, etc)

I'm more than willing to work with you on this. I've in the past, coached users through a real telephone conversation (no charge of course) getting going on SQLNotes. All users are welcomed to this free service.

Looks like I missed a lot of posts here today!

Yes, your proposition DOES sound very inviting, PPLandry.  Interesting!  When I read the thread about SQLNotes the program name of "Notes" had me thinking just that - Notes; not database management. Though I do realize that SQL is indeed a database program, I wasn't primed to think that way--Notes, notes, notes.  Hey, if you name your program as Notes, I'm going to view it as such!  (I think very simply at times. Well, MOST of the time!!)

I imagine I'll need to install an SQL database application -- or actually as a service -- on my PC for that.  MSSQL? Or another?  I have MSSQL running on another PC; installed with another program I use very occasionally, but it stores all its data in a MSSQL database.  My only problem with it is pretty minor. It is running as a service all the time even though I only run that program monthly at the most. Sometimes every two or three months. And once in a while another application or service - can't remember which - will have a conflict with MSSQL and I have to basically relearn all to troubleshoot the issue. I have at times disabled the service until I need to use that program, and then I have to activate it again.

When I read about SQL Notes I didn't give it much attention because I have a few notes programs and I couldn't imagine why I would want to install an SQL database app just for another Notes app. But it sounds like you intend to use the database functions a lot more than for Notes.

We can certainly talk about it.



I'll follow that thread with interest. I started several thread related to organization, databases, etc.
like : Working with (display+format+restructure) big amount of data (text+graphics)?

I've decided to follow a path similar to what Ralf suggested (using a mix of X1, Archivarius, AHK personal tagging system, farr...). See : How do you tag (or even organize) your files?

Hi Armando.  Currently I just try to keep a file structure as strictly as I can.  Though admittedly it does sometimes fall into disrepair to an extent!  I haven't found a tagging application that works very well for file management on my PC.  However I did start using DOpus a couple of months ago but haven't yet worked out a scheme of "favorites" that works for me.  I presently have Copernic as my desktop search engine but it's missing a lot.  I was using X1 for a couple years but after a while it seemed to keep getting corrupted somehow to the point that I would have to reinstall, reconfigure, and re-index it all too often.  I was recently reading the thread about Archivarius but I haven't tried it yet.  Basically I guess I have to decide right off the bat if I want to pay for it, since I understand that it limits users to only 10,000 files during the trial period, and that is, IMO, inadequate to properly test the application.

Currently I don't know that I have enough faith in any of the desktop search programs to trust them to help keep me straight with regard to project folder and files.  If I know something is there on my PC but Copernic cannot find it - and that happens a little too often - then I am reduced to scrolling through every darned file on my D: drive (I use D: for all data/media files - 500 GB).  And I really hate that!!

Bottom line:  I need a structured program to feel comfortable storing a large project's documentation.

I've tried many applications before. Maybe one of these might interest you (some of them you already know for sure)... but might not fufill your "simplicity" requirement:

- AskSam
- General knowledge base
- Ultra Recall
- myBase
- Surfulater

and maybe :

- ACDsee
- Tag2find

I'll look into them.  I do have ACDSee Pro Photo Manager.  Like the program... Hate the lackadaisical attitude of the company regarding support. Also, I am really liking another photo app I read about in a thread here - Exifpro.

Thanks Armando!


Oh well... It was a nice thought.

Except it doesn't seem to be working! I try to add files to it from my PC - it opens a regular Windows Open dialog, but when I select a file and click OK, it is not being added.  Nothing.  I've tried several different combinations but I cannot add any files to it.

I wrote support but have not heard anything, though it's only been about 12 hours.  Anyway it sure does look nice.


Has anyone tried DocsVault?  It looks to be a Passport clone, but at a much more amenable price.  (Free!!)

Only drawback I see is that it does not place the actual document in the selected vault folder, but instead places a copy of the original document.  This could lead to one editing a file but having the copy in DocsVault stay as it was when you stored it originally. Anytime you have two sets of identical files you stand a chance of having them become no longer identical.

Other than that - if I can deal successfully with that - it appears to be pretty much what I need.  It appears to create a three tiered hierarchical folder structure consisting of Cabinets, Drawers, and Folders.  Break them out as you see fit, and then you can place documents in them directly from Microsoft Office (it integrates with Office programs), or convert any other documents - scanned or simply sitting in other folders - into PDF or TIFF files and stores copies of them also.

I'm setting up a test database with DocsVault and I'll write it up later.



Zoho Creator does look tempting, but I will pass on it. I really prefer not to put private and personal information into any online application that has "social sharing" as its goal.  You have to remember to always check and make sure that whatever you enter there is defaulting to "Private" and if not you must remember to change it from Public to Private.

IMO, apps like this are fine to use for anything that you wouldn't mind the world seeing.  But if it is sensitive data at all, then this type of app is no good - too easy for it to be made a public document. And once it does, you'll never get it back to fully private - if anyone else has managed to download it before you catch it.

Thanks anyway!


Thanks yacht_boy. I do have a membership at Zoho and have used their writer and spreadsheet apps, but I didn't know their database was worth trying - after a whilethey start to all look like Access!  But actually the VB part of Access is what trips me up every time.  I'm almost certain that Zoho wouldn't be using that.

I'll give it a good look!


i think there are documented cases of conflicts between nView & Ultramon and also i found nView quite lacking so haven't tried it yet.. but your account of full-screen video is quite frightening, i'm might try to see what happens on my pc, what media player are you using?
Several - WMP11, Nero, Applian's FLV Player, or even if I have my security camera views up on my monitor. That's a good example:

My security cams have a screen that has four shots at once, or you can view one cam in a larger window with the other three in smaller blocks, or one at a time. It is also showing full-screen on my other display - and that monitor apparently can't handle this video as it keeps flashing and blinking rapidly. First time I had that open I minimized the camera viewer application on my main monitor and all of a sudden the full-screen disappeared on the second monitor and appeared on the main monitor - and I couldn't get rid of it! Can't restore to a smaller window, can't minimize it again, can't Alt-Tab out of it -- nothing gets it off the screen till I reset the PC.

I haven't been able to make any progress with this. Frustrating!!


I used Ultramon for a while here, but it had some conflicts with Nvidia's NView - even when I disabled NView.  Not sure if they were battling over DLLs, or some other registry conflict, but it could get pretty hairy when they did collide.  Since I don't know how to completely get rid of NView, like Justice I didn't want to spend the money for Ultramon and find I couldn't resolve the conflicts.

I'm presently battling "Full Screen Video on Secondary Display" problems here also.  Driving me crazier than I already am!  (All video properly plays full-screen on the second monitor as desired, but if I minimize the app playing the video it switches to full-screen on the main monitor -- and I can't get back to anything else on the main monitor - requires a push of the "Reset" button, crashing all that was open. I am wondering if it all worthwhile!)



I found a free application at LifeHacker - DocsVault.  I downloaded it and am checking it now.  A bit like Paperport, I understand.  Can't hurt to give it a try at that price!!



@rjbull:  Don't want to use a PIM for this - though iI'll check out the two links.  Thanks!

@Ralf:  I need more structure than that. Personal flaw, I suppose, but there it is!  Thanks!

@tomos:  Yes, I had looked at SQLNotes already and I don't think that will do it for me.  Thanks!


I have a number of documents relating to a single subject that I need to be able to catalog, search, etc.  I have MS Office 2003 which includes Access, and I have atarted to build a database for this a few times and then gave up -- I am just not interested in having to learn another computer language in order to be able to use a canned database program!

However I have looked high and low for a simpler database program - something where I don't need to actually set up the table and field configurations and then tweak it and watch it crash - or watch it NOT give me the output I need when I need it. I have not been able to find anything, though. I currently have most of the documents listed in an Excel spreadsheet but that quickly stopped being very useful.  I did find a number of "document tracking" applications but all were geared toward the "enterprise" (I don't remember them using something like that on Star Trek!!).  Meaning their prices were also geared toward the enterprise.

I'm in the process now of moving the data into a program called Web Idea Tree - a website design program that is actually derived from a program to track/organize books and publications.  It's better than a spreadsheet, but not quite what I had hoped it would be.

The documents are mostly correspondence and submitted forms involved in insurance claims - all mine - and the volume has grown to a few hundred.  I am continually asked to reiterate or confirm information that was already submitted on previous forms and other correspondence, and trying to find the appropriate documents to look up that information (and maintain as perfect consistency as possible) has become a nightmare without a good cross-reference system.

Does anyone know of a good program to track documents and their contents like this? 



But Jim, this is one of those things that somebody will Google for at some point in the future and you will save them tonnes of aggravation.

That's true - I really hadn't thought about that.  Actually, that's exactly how I have found my way out of many issues in the past; seeing other posts on Google and finding others had encountered and solved the issue.



Thanks Carol!  I usually realize there's a new version there about three months after the fact. This was a pleasant tip.


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