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Living Room / Re: which hierarchical note program?
« on: January 14, 2008, 12:26 AM »
marek - I had no idea that you were the author of Keynotes!!  All I can say is than you very much for that program!!  I'd have thanked you long ago if I had known.

(I recently noticed that the project is still being carried on SourceForge as if it were still active.)


BTW, let me make sure we're all clear:

I know that the Windows\Temp file can usually be cleared without a problem.  I'm talking about the one in Local Settings under my username.  It's a lot bigger and picks up a lot more traffic.


just curious, what's the benefit of clearing out the temp folder? other than the obvious hard-disk space..

Exactly that - I've been ignoring it for a year and a half, saying the same thing.  But now it's up to almost 5 GB.  And that's a lot of hard disk!


I have just read at least a dozen articles on respected websites saying that it is perfectly OK to delete all files from the ..\Local Settings\Temp\ folder in my user folder.  However I also read three or four which warned against it.

In the past, when that folder just gets too darned big, I make a copy of the file to a different drive and then delete away!  However something always gets broken that way and I end up moving the copied folder back and then carefully scrutinizing each file before deleting.  But that always takes me hours and hours - and I still only end up removing only a fraction of them.

Does anyone here clean all of these out regularly?  If I delete all what is the worst that can happen as a direct result?  (Be nice!)  I could test the programs and those that break just reinstall them.  Though it is a pain that developers would ever place files there permanently that are needed to run the program -- it's not the place for that!



General Software Discussion / Re: Logitech's Setpoint
« on: January 11, 2008, 12:27 PM »
No, not gaming mice. I have a Logitech TrackMan (no special buttons) and a Logitech MX 1000 Cordless Laser. The MX 1000 is too erratic with the cursor sometimes not responding or jumping across the screen suddenly so I use it on my computer I don't use very much. I also don't use any of the special buttons on it. All I need/want are right and left clicks with a scroll wheel.
That's why the default XP drivers are OK by you.  If you wre using the above, you would need to Setpoint software.


General Software Discussion / Re: Logitech's Setpoint
« on: January 11, 2008, 03:05 AM »
I just stopped installing Logitech mouse drivers. Default XP drivers work fine for me.

Gaming mice?  With added acceleration features, ability to have different buttons perform different actions depending on what application is focused?


General Software Discussion / Re: FeedDemon going free
« on: January 11, 2008, 01:13 AM »
Only one complaint here - but it is a frustrating one:  They just hit my account for the annual renewal fee about 5 weeks ago, the creeps!  They are giving credits to anyone they charged as of December 9, 2007.  Got me.


BTW, I took another look at Google Reader the other day.  What is with this "sharing" crap?!  All your feeds are now available for all your contacts to see? This stinks even more than Newsgator charging me for FeedDemon!  Especially since Gmail automatically adds anyone to whom you send an email message to your contacts.  And there is no way to stop your feeds from being shared unless you remove the contacts from Gmail.  Blah!


Mini-Reviews by Members / Re: Einstein Puzzle 2.0 by Flowix Games
« on: January 10, 2008, 12:05 PM »
This looked like fun, but the first time I tried to run it after installing it had problems.  When I started it my display blacked out - I figured it was trying to use full screen mode - but it just quit and exited quickly.  Error message I found in its log said that it encountered a "DDraw" error because it is too large for my display.

That's really odd since I have a 21.3" LCD monitor running at 1600 X 1200 resolution.  Virtually anything can fit on this monitor.  So I guess it is configured for older monitors or graphics cards?


Living Room / Re: Beware Domain Searching at Network Solutions!
« on: January 10, 2008, 12:06 AM »
You can always use my Ultra Fast Whois:

A quick and easy way to see the status on a domain.

Nice tool, veign! I usually just use the "About This Site" Firefox extension for Whois searches and most of the other web site info tools.  It's pretty cool: Alexa, Netcraft, Open Directory, Wayback Machine, and a host of others available via the context menu.


Living Room / Re: Beware Domain Searching at Network Solutions!
« on: January 10, 2008, 12:01 AM »
Just back at my PC.  A lot of cute ideas here!  (Hehehe!)

For my first web sites I used and they were OK for awhile.  But they ticked me off so I dumped them.  Moved everything to Dotster and they've been pretty decent.... so far!

I also refused to use Network Solutions since my first site - seemed like they always had the most complaints all over the web.  Of course they were the first and largest and I had to take that into account.  But when I saw so many posts/articles/etc. blasting them I figured smoke might equal fire in their case.  Looks like they got caught with both hands stuck in that cookie jar!


Living Room / Beware Domain Searching at Network Solutions!
« on: January 09, 2008, 03:55 PM »
If you search for a domain at Network Solutions and don't register it immediately, Network Solutions reserves it and will sell it to you at their inflated price.  Just like we always thought....

PC Mag Security Watch Story broke the story here.

Network Solution's first response - they're "protecting" you from other's grabbing the domain you might want!

Nice, huh?  Creeps.


Living Room / Re: is someone stealing my bandwidth?
« on: January 09, 2008, 03:24 AM »
Is it 802.11g or 802.11b?  Are you broadcasting your SSID?  If you use g but someone else is using b, everyone will have to suffer at b speeds.

Also try to change the channel of the broadcast.

Actually if anyone is stealing the bandwidth they won't see a noticeable difference in internet connection, except maybe for streaming video.  The speed increase (est at 5X) is for data transfer within the network.  Plus, G has a shorter range so at more than about 100 feet the signal degrades to about the same as B.


Plus the fact that you can also delete any past images with the imaging programs. You cannot do that with System Restore without losing all.

I'm thinking it is due to System Restore. I asked him to turn that off and see if it frees up the space. I will report back.
I don't know about Vista, but XP system restore is MS best invention (to compensate for buggy software). So many times, my system became corrupted in some ways, did a system restore to an earlier point, and everything was fixed, magically. My 4 year-old PC is still in it's original installation (no re-install), and it is solely due to system restore.

Yes, but you can do the same and more with a good imaging application, like Acronis or DriveImageXML.

For example, with System Restore you can't restore only certain settings or files.  Acronis TI 11 allows that.   :)


I wear only cotton clothing as with any synthetic clothing rubbing against another synthetic material it makes me into a "Electro-man"

Same here - 100% cotton.  Though that has always been because poly's were always so hot in the past.  nylon, polyester, etc. - anyone remember when those first came out?  Mostly for the "wrinkle-free" properties?  You'd sweat just looking at them!


J-mac, were you ever struck by lightening anytime in your life? hanging out with you must be an electricfying experience :P

No!   ;D  Though there have been harrowing times, no lightning.   8)


General Software Discussion / Re: Logitech's Setpoint
« on: January 08, 2008, 05:43 PM »
I have SetPoint on my Vista machine with my Logitech G11 gaming keyboard and G7 wireless gaming mouse, and I have no issues. I use the options frequently to fine tune things and it goes off without a hitch. :Thmbsup: Not sure why you guys are seeing problems :huh:

After reading J-Mac's post, though, I will not be buying a $100 webcam from Logitech if it means it may screw over my $150 SoundBlaster card. :o


Mine are all on XP Pro - maybe the new drivers they had to develop for Vista work better.

You have never had any lags with your G7?  Their forum is overflowing with users who are seeing this.

General Software Discussion / Re: Logitech's Setpoint
« on: January 08, 2008, 05:41 PM »
Tranglos - After having no luck with the G5 and G7 mice - lags and delays - the MX Revolution totally rocks!  I'd say the best overall wireless mouse I have used.  I have WebSite Watcher watching the Amazon and Newegg pages for the MX Revolution so I can maybe buy one or two more if they go on a big enough sale.  This mouse works so well I just know Logitech will discontinue it!!

MX Revolution is indeed sweet. The only thing I don't like about it is that it runs no more than 3-4 days without charging - compared to months for mice with replaceable batteries, but those were too heavy for me. But MX Revolution looks like a damn spaceship sitting on my desk, all is forgiven! :)

True, but if you have tried their other wireless mice, some only get 8 to 12 hours!  I have a G7 and three extra batteries to keep swapping them out!  So four days is a lifetime compared to that.  BTW, the G5 doesn't have any spare batteries available and they have a short charge life also.


I'm thinking it is due to System Restore. I asked him to turn that off and see if it frees up the space. I will report back.

Oh, it definitely is - that is how Vista does its System Restore.  Like Carol recommended, using Acronis or DriveImageXML instead of SR can eliminate the shadow copies, but I think that only helps future ones.  I din't know of a way to delete those that are already created.


I keep thinking that with technology exploding as it is, there will be something discovered to take care of this.  But it never seems to happen.   :o


Ditto what app said. You should also look at what you wear on your feet while walking around the house. If you can wear something with pure rubber soles.

Rubber soles on carpet are deadly.  Lots of static generated with rubber soles.

As Carol recommended, I go barefoot inside sometimes, but it doesn't seem to help.  I have so many small to medium size ant-static pads in my house that it's kind of comical at times.


I have lots of static problems with my car (and have with all the different cars I have owned in the past) - the discharge strips you can dangle off the car don't seem to do anything for me so I presume it is me discharging rather than the car!

I also wear a lot of outdoor sports type clothing and find I get zapped nightly as I get ready for bed ... (not in a pleasant way I might add  :-[).

My cats also get shocks from me (which doesn't go down well but they forgive me pretty quickly for my quirky behaviour).

Don't know what the solution is - short of spending your life with bare feet on a floor that conducts to earth!

Sounds like you have a bit of this, Carol. Mine has always been extreme, though.  I can deal with it, but not the occasional frying of components!


Sounds like you need a humidifier of some sort in your house. I prefer the evaporative type.

Outside of your house, there isn't that much you can do.

Got it via a central air conditioning unit that also controls humidity. Any more and we'll all be dripping!



As soon as winter arrives and the heat goes on, I turn into "Electro-man"!

My family avoids me like the plague.  I don't even have to touch anyone;  if I just get too close the blue sparks fly, loud snaps are heard, and people are screaming at me!  "Snnaapp!! Oowww!  Get away from me!"  I look like a complete nut (in reality I am nowhere near complete, but I am trying hard) when trying to put my key in the door lock.  I try to turn on a light switch and it takes me forever, because I am putting my finger close and then pulling it away, until finally I flip it and get a giant blue spark jump out and try to take my finger off.

I purchased a little device that can go on a keyring, but I just carry it around my little finger like a ring.  If I touch that to something first it gets the shock, though occasionally it jumps right out the back and gets me too.  I have a "wireless anti-shock wristband" that doesn't help at all.  In every room I have a small electrostatic release pad attached to a receptacle's ground plug, so I can touch that before anything else in the room.  Whenever I wash my hands I get a blue spark jump out of the water stream when I get close to it.  All that anyone in the house hears from me during the winter months is, "SNAP!!  OUCH, @%^$$!!@&^!*^@*!&@^*!!!!!!".  Over and over again.

But I can still be destructive.  So far this year, even with me taking great care, I ruined a relatively small floor fan, the kind that oscillates and has a small remote control?  It was locked in a stationary position and someone had apparently bumped it so it was facing the wrong way.  It has a cage coated with vinyl or something, so I did not expect what happened next.  I reached out to reposition the fan by turning it a little and as my fingers got to within about two or three inches and a blue flash jumped out and met my fingertips.  Yeeooww!  Except the fan immediately turned of and has not started again.  I have no doubt that it is fried and will never work again.  It is still much better than past years, though, when I have fried a digital cable box, a Panasonic AM/FM receiver, CD/DVD multiplayer -- actually part of my home theater set up -- and a 40 GB Seagate pocket drive.  Sometimes something that I thought I fried will work again after a day's rest, but too many are ruined for good.

Has anyone else ever had such a problem?  I actually mentioned this to my physician once and he simply laughed.  One of these days I will reach out and touch his nose - see if he laughs then!   ;D

It sounds funny, I know.  But it truly is maddening!



Living Room / Re: is someone stealing my bandwidth?
« on: January 08, 2008, 04:14 PM »
A quick note:  I have read of folks who had their router wide open and others "overused" the bandwidth, causing the actual ISP customer to cancel their accounts because they were over-limit in bandwidth.  Look at the DSLReports forum and you'll see users moaning about Comcast (my ISP) cancelling them without even a warning. Of course they were the over users in those cases.  But if a neighbor gets on your connection and starts downloading and uploading 24-7, even via torrents - your account is what will get canceled.  so make sure you are buttoned up!


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