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What is necessary is entirely dependent on the people that will use the system. 

I agree as long as you mean it is dependent on the browsing behavior of the person using the system, as opposed to what that person thinks he or she needs!  Case in point:  My dear little brother, who was without any shadow of a doubt "fully protected" by the demo of Norton that came with his three year old PC, and hits every stinking warez site he can find. Then calls me when his PC starts "acting weird or something".   :o :mad:

Lately, I find that the Microsoft OneCare product is nice.  Reasonably priced, reasonably effective, and here is the good part, doesn't molest the hell out of a user's PC like anything with Symantec or McAfee in the name.

I found early versions of OneCare to be lacking user-configurability, similar to what Lashiec mentioned about Defender in his post above this one.  Though admittedly it may have changed for the better since then.


I used to be almost religious about PC online security. Probably to the point of being very annoying, such a proselytizer I was.  I always had what I researched to be the best AV, AS, and FW available installed and setup carefully.  Built a regular cocoon around my PC, I thought!  But my stance on this has definitely weakened considerably over the past year, year and a half.  And I'm still not certain if I am OK with this, or if I am just being overly sloppy about it.

Currently I am using NOD32 V2.7, though I might upgrade to 3 shortly. (V 3 was released to much woe over at Wilders Security forums; seems it was fairly buggy and also quite a bit more restrictive than 2.7 - which I find to be too restrictive myself at times. I cannot keep most Nirsoft applications on my machine because, even with them listed under "Exclusions", NOD32 eats them up. Three years I have been imploring them to stop quarantining Nir's programs to no avail.   :(  )

My most recent Anti-Spyware and Firewall respectively were Sunbelt's Counterspy 2 and their update of the Kerio Personal Firewall. Counterspy, while receiving rave reviews, can act up annoyingly much too often. I corresponded with Eric Howe many times about this, and he even agreed with some of my points, but alas it remains that way!  It often goes "red" in my systray, meaning that it is no longer actively scanning in the background. Not supposed to do that, of course, and it was an early issue with C-Spy 2, but they claim to have that fixed - for the most part!  Still does it with me. I had three paid licenses for it, and I let all lapse. Other bugs that drove me crazy - and it eats programs without me setting it up to so so.  This is my main problem with many security apps today: Even if not configured to be overly aggressive, they have code in them which seems to be designed to secure my PC against all potential items the developers deem to be dangerous - even against my own wishes. It is "hurting me for my own good"!!  Or at least that is how the developers seem to see it. If I cannot configure annoying behavior - protection I feel is too extreme - to not occur, then I do not want it on my machine. Simple as that!

The Sunbelt Personal Firewall - which still carried the "Kerio" name at first; I purchased three licenses for that, also - was a real mess when they first acquired it and performed their first "upgrade". It completely hosed my Hosts file, would change settings affecting my home network on its own, and would occasionally seem to not be there at all, and then suddenly wake up and start grabbing files all over my PC, labeling them potentially dangerous.  Me? I just want a firewall to prevent port traffic and alert me so I can make a decision as to whether or not I wish to allow the program or process to have access to that port. I do not want it to start grabbing files and playing keep-away with them!!

When that first upgrade was admitted (by Sunbelt Support) to be thoroughly borked, they allowed me to place my licenses in "suspension" until they released their much-ballyhooed V. 2 of the firewall.  This was going to happen "soon", and would be a true Sunbelt design, rather than a worked-over "amateurish program" that they inherited from Kerio. (Their words, not mine!).  Turned out to be eight months!! When released I said I would give it a good ride and see how I liked it. My licenses were finally activated again. Lo and behold, this version was buggier than any PC security product I had ever tried! Caused full BSOD crashes regularly - and I had never seen a firewall do that!!  After quite a bit of testing and corresponding - with log files mostly - with Sunbelt engineers, I gave up.  After a good old, Howard Dean-ish primal scream, I told Sunbelt that a year and four months was too much time for me to agonize over a firewall. I removed all from my PC's. And I have not replaced it - nor C-Spy 2 - yet.

I do have SpywareBlaster setup on my PCs, and I run good old Spybot S&D, but not actively scanning. I just run scans weekly with it. no firewall at all; I am running behind a Linksys router, though, with SPI, so I am using a firewall of sorts. And I am running NOD32, which updates definitions hourly, believe it or not.

As for how I have fared, security/malware-wise, I had what I suspect was an infection - regular virus - in 1998 or 1999.  I was (blush) running AOL for a very short time - I was really low on funds and I used one of the 800 bazillion free disks that gave me - I think - two or three months of free AOL! And I had a sudden slowdown that eventually was reported to all AOL users - it was actually introduced to users, accidentally, by AOL themselves. Norton did find it and after much angst, removed it.  (Remember way back then when NAV was actually a highly respected AV product?!) And last year Counterspy insisted I was infected with the Grozodon trojan. After three days of pure hell trying to catch and remove it, it was finally announced as a big "Oops" by Sunbelt - false positive which they denied vehemently at first. Other than that one AOL job and a Couterspy false positive, I have never been infected with any malware. Part caution, part luck I'm sure.

But until I see a more pressing need, I will stay as I am and not install anymore AS or FW products.  (BTW, I DO run a rootkit detector every two weeks as a precaution, because they can infect like no other malware - and come from a seemingly reputable company - and not give any indication of infection till waaay after the fact!).


Clipboard Help+Spell / Re: Opening CH+S From Systray? Hotkeys?
« on: January 28, 2008, 03:54 PM »
kind of embarassing that there isn't a hotkey in chs to just show main form isnt it.. :(
ok i'll add.

Not embarrassing!  Actually I figured there was probably an easy way to do this staring atme and waiting to jump up and bite me!!  Guess not.  Whew!



Clipboard Help+Spell / Re: Opening CH+S From Systray? Hotkeys?
« on: January 28, 2008, 02:51 AM »
what I do to call the main window : 1st call the quickpaste menu, and just press w -->  there you have your window!

That sounds good!

You could also write a little AHK script to bring up the main window.

Something like :
send, ^!q
Sleep 400
send, w

I haven't used AHK - never could get the hang of writing scripts!

this is basically : win+S to invoque CH+spell main window if ctrl+alt+q was your shortcut for the quick paste menu.
The sleep command is not the best way though... But I didn't give it much thought... The best would be to use something like "WinWait," but I 'm not sure...  :)

But of course other built in CH+S hotkey would be better...  ;)

Yikes!  I once tried Phrase Express and had fits with it. It took over the Win + S key and made it the Sleep key. But I use MS OneNote 2007, which uses the Win + S key for screen grabs - and Phrase Express does not allow their hotkeys to be disabled or modified. The developer's response to my query about this was to tell me to close all other programs that used Hotkeys whenever I used Phrase Express!!

I never used Phrase Express again!



Clipboard Help+Spell / Opening CH+S From Systray? Hotkeys?
« on: January 27, 2008, 10:41 PM »
A couple of hopefully easy questions:

  • How can I quickly open or show the CH+S full window from the systray icon?  I can always right-click on the icon and then click on "Show...", but that isn't quick at all! Double-clicking the left mouse button does open CH+S but it also two separate but identical popup menus appearing, which I don't need.  Is there a way to quickly and cleanly cause CH+S to show the full window? Lie maybe a hotkey, which brings me to...

  •   ...Hotkeys in CH+S. In "Options" on the Hotkey tab, there are five hotkeys shown.  Or actually two are shown and the rest have no keys assigned. "Capture/View/Spell" and "Quick Paste Menu" have hotkeys assigned, while "Quick Note Add", "Count Characters", and "Spell Windows Object" have none.  I understand that Spell Windows Object is not yet operative and so would naturally have no hotkey assigned to it.  But are the other two also not yet working?  I cannot edit/overwrite the "None" in the hotkey box.  For that matter I cannot change the hotkeys that are assigned for the first two shortcuts; the box is not editable - I can't highlight or type over the pre-assigned hotkey shortcuts there.

Any help is very much appreciated!


N.A.N.Y. 2008 / Re: DonationCoder Search Deskbar v1.0.11
« on: January 27, 2008, 04:15 PM »
try rebooting

OK.  I thought of that but wasn't ready to reboot just now!

Thanks App.


webmail to webmail.

In that case, all that I can come up with is forwarding, or as Tinjaw advised, set it up as IMAP at first. Then after all are on the server see if you can convert to POP.  The folks at Fusemail may also be able to assist you with this.  I use Fastmail and I can ask the dev's for this kind of help - sometimes thay can, sometimes not.  I have heard that Fusemail has relatively "friendly" developers. Can't hurt to write them and see if they can help.

Does he have a lot of saved messages?  Forwarding them as attachments would be the best way, but that could be done more easily if you can download them first, maybe into Outlook Express.



Are you talking about webmail UI to webmail UI?  Or does he use an email client on a desktop PC (Or Mac or whatever machine)?


General Software Discussion / Re: Attention Mod
« on: January 27, 2008, 01:26 PM »
Personally I see this as much ado about a non-issue.  Just keep things as they are and use the methods of notification that are available now. In this case, a PM would suffice.  I tend to agree with app103 that this could get to be overwhelming for certain members.  I also agree that a non-response, same as a No - might be taken wrong by some requesting members.  Particularly if they feel the need to inform a thread's participants about why a member they announced they were inviting hasn't shown up.

The convenience added is minuscule, IMO.  Yet the potential for hurt feelings is added at the same time.  BTW, I would certainly NOT be one of the members who would tend to be invited for my expertise!!  So this is not a self-serving post!



N.A.N.Y. 2008 / Re: DonationCoder Search Deskbar v1.0.11
« on: January 27, 2008, 01:16 PM »
Hmm.  I can't use it on my taskbar - oops - actually I can't use it anywhere; as soon as I click on it, I get an error dialog:

Screenshot - 1_27_2008 , 2_12_41 PM.jpg

Any idea as to what is wrong here?



General Software Discussion / Re: photo duplicate scanner
« on: January 26, 2008, 10:38 PM »
...You mentioned DOpus above, so I'll assume you have it.

The easy way:

1) Select files/movies/etc.
2) Hit the Rename button.
3) Hit the Advanced button - assuming it's in Simple mode.
4) Tick 'Enable file information fields' - you'll now notice a selection button on the right side
    of the 'New name' input field.
5) Hit that selection button, (a down arrow), and select 'General->Date (Created)'.
6) The new filenames will be displayed in the preview area - hit the OK button.
7) Job Done.

The 'Enable file information fields' also gives you access to a lot more renaming info, including EXIF data.

Wow!  I knew there was a rename command within DOpus but never really looked into it.  I already had both Renamer and Bulk Rename Utility when I purchased DOpus and so had not looked into the DOpus rename facility.  I haven't had need for renaming a large number of files lately, but I have been looking at Bulk Rename Utility, even for small numbers of file renames, just to try to get used to the interface. It has quite a daunting interface - so much so that I would normally have discarded it by now, figuring if the developer hadn't seen fit to make a program easily usable, then I wouldn't bother.  But the author does actually apologize for this on his site. Apparently he developed it for himself originally and never thought to make it user-friendly for others. But he has made it available to all for free, and has a good tutorial for it. So I was using it lightly to learn, since so many DC members give it high praise. Also, most of my renaming is digital photos and I use ACDSee's renamer for them, as it is pretty good itself and I am usually already in ACDSee when I decide to rename them.

But now that I read your post and just tried the DOpus renamer, I will definitely give it a workout.  Looks to be a lot more comprehensive than I had realized!



J-Mac, you should consider running some tests to see if there is a hardware issue. Personally I can only really vouch for having run Memtest86+ myself but you'll find that and a number of other tests on the Ultimate Boot CD. If they identify an issue then you'll have something concrete to go back Falcon about.

If it shows no issues then your troubles may be all software. A fresh install and the latest drivers might have everything running beautifully.

Like memtest86+?  And the Hitachi Drive test? Of course I have run them, and more. That's how I new the hard drives had failed. Graphics card tests fine except for low performance scores, yet the PC keeps experiencing video driver crashes. (Yes, the latest drivers are installed).


Well, as I mentioned in the first post, this is a custom machine and it set me back a bunch of $$.  I was tired of Dell and HP and I wanted to build one myself.  I built a few in the past, but when I had very limited funds and I built those for others with mostly cannibalized parts from abandoned PCs.  But by the time I wanted to build this one I was disabled - have very limited use of my left arm and hand, among other problems.  I can only sit at my desk for about a half hour before I have to move around or do something else.  I had no confidence that I could get through building a good PC from scratch.  Soooo, I started checking and found that Falcon Northwest has a great reputation for custom PCs.  Figured since I am pretty much housebound, I might as well spend some savings on a really good PC; not much else I can do.

However they build gaming boxes mostly, and I don't play PC games.  Mostly digital image and video editing.  I spec'd out what I wanted and asked what they could do.  This box has all high-quality stuff in it; they didn't skimp on that.  But it has been trouble since day one.  And their support was good at first, but I think they just want to forget that they built this one.  It's still warranted, but they don't want me to ship it to them.  They just say what they think the problem might be and send me the parts.  Now they take about two weeks or more to even get back to me.

Starting to look like I'm going to have to end up with something else before long.  Probably have to go back to Dell or HP again.  Ouch!  But I can't take much more of this with this PC.  It's down as much as up.  And ripping it apart each time so they can try and troubleshoot it over the phone sucks.  Ain't easy for me to rip apart and put back cleanly anymore!

I'll probably give up soon and start looking for something else, but it'll have to be a lot cheaper this time.  Maybe I'll bronze this one and put it on a shelf!

Thanks all.


your PC seems to be cursed.. ;) don't worry, i had a similar situation where in the end the PC just died on me.. could be anything, signs of impending motherboard failure, incompatible graphics card drivers, inadequate power supply output, outdated BIOS but anyway do go ahead with your current plan.. :up:
Pretty popular Asus motherboard, but I have seen a number of others posting all over about problems with it. Oh well.

Power supply was what I suspected at first, but I calced all devices, as if they were all working at full power at the same time - which they never do, but it is more than covered - a Silverstone 600W Modular unit.  I could almost be running two setups like this from it.

Bios is one before latest, but a lot of other users are having trouble with the latest, and Asus recommended that unless I was having a specific problem with using my network adapter to leave my current setup alone. Apparently the latest BIOS driver and firmware update was only to correct a network adapter issue. And that is one of the few areas where I don't have any problems!


you didn't mentioned what type of problems you were having.. in any case, try to get the latest drivers for the BIOS as well, before starting any re-installing..

Ahh, I've mumbled and whined about them for months here!!  Startup problems, shutdown problems, graphic card driver crashes - a GeForce 7900 GTX super-cooled card and I can't even run the security camera system I installed - crashes every time it starts now. Failed hard drives - replaced two of the Seagates already, failed multimedia card reader - replaced once and that one already doesn't work either!  USB issues, TV tuner card issues, and so on ad infinitum.

I do admit to having installed and removed a LOT of software - it's my nature.  But this box was crashing before I received it.  Several crashes when first setup, and I checked and found 11 crashes in the event viewer and by seeing the mini-dumps and mem-dumps; and all were dated the day before they shipped it to me.

Currently, though, it is just a mess of conflicts and crashes, along with multiple shutdown issues. I just need to start over again and hope for the best. If it still is cursed, then a sledgehammer will do.


Living Room / Re: Losing it all
« on: January 24, 2008, 11:39 PM »
The first item speaks more to proper security than backups!  And the second, if the email messages were waiting on the server and not yet downloaded then users would never have had the chance to back any of them up!

Both are certainly odd occurrences but I don't know that they warn about individual user backups.


I didn't lose my messages, nor was Thunderbird exhibiting any of the symptoms you posted about.  For one, it was crashing several times per hour. It just silently closes and the bug reporting dialog appears.  Also, an encryption called Freenigma - which was once installed as a Firefox extension over a year ago and was removed shortly thereafter, but never on Thunderbird - has corrupted several dozen messages.  The entire message is replaced by an invitation to sign up for a Freenigma account.  Freenigma says they know nothing, that it is probably just a Thunderbird problem - which they claim is very susceptible to corruption.

Finally got on my nerves to the point where I just abandoned it.


Thanks.  Besides an image of each drive, I am actually synchronizing the contents of all the drives, so I shouldn't lose any data at all.  There are three of them: C: (80 GB Western Digital) has the OS and Program Files, D: (500 GB Seagate) has all data and media files, and E: (another 500 GB Seagate) has nothing but BackUp4All Pro backups, SFFS synced files/folders, Acronis images, and other various backups.

I just finished complete syncs of the C: drive and E: drive, and the D: drive sync is running right now.  The data on all three fit fine on a 500 GB Western Digital external USB drive.

Then I guess I will start formatting the internal drives. From what I understand, if I just insert the recovery CD it will just go ahead and clear the drive or drives, and then reinstall the setup as it was when I received the PC.  As I mentioned in my first post, there isn't any pre-installed junk software to worry about.  But I have upgraded drivers a few times so I'll have to go through all that again, as well as the program installations and configurations.


...1. Problems with HTML in Pocomail/Barca on forwards or replies are not intentional, ie. it's not to "increase security", it's due to a limited viewer/editor control used. Btw. AFAIK it is getting replaced.

Not according to Slaven, their programmer from the beginning.  He & I have discussed this countless times - he says it is for security alone.  (And I disagree with him, of course!)

2. I have seen antivirus programs fail recognizing security threats in html. No protection is 100%.

I cannot say that's not true for you, but no one has ever been able to show me a real live example of it in the past five years.

Not sure, my guess is that it's way more complex to implement, and way less people use it than the POP protocol.

I don't know how true that is today, since Gmail now offers IMAP.  Still, is that a valid reason? Majority rules?

Whether it's a valid or non-valid concern, depends on point of view. It certainly increases the security.

I don't really believe that. No one has offered an explanation.

Of course you can say that people shall patch their OS, always use latest up-to-date firewalls and antiviruses and antispywares and whatever, and you know what I do it, you do it, and few other people too, particularly those on this board and similar geek types. But try to see a majority user of those apps.

So IMHO it increases security (how much is another question, maybe it's just a very small increase in overall security, I don't know), but cutting down on functionality. Whether that's valid, depends on the user. You and I might hate it as we can secure our computers without having to sacrifice on functionality, but there might be others who sleep better thanks to it. (I have found several MAPI viruses discovered in 2004 and 2005 after some short search, though frankly I'm not an expert on that so I have no clue whether those threats would apply on what we are discussing.)

I don't really care if others are lax in patching their OS. Are you saying that it is the email client developers' job to protect the users who do not practice any security at the expense of other users?  Oh, please! Those fools aren't using Pocomail or The Bat! anyway, right?

We are also speaking about future security. If IMAP has long history of past threats, would you now jump on it as a developer knowing that it was ok for last year or two, but not for the years before?

Anyway, I'd like to stress that I'm not supporting the "no IMAP" stance. I'm the "give me full powers, I decide" advocate.

I think you are mixing up IMAP and MAPI, true?


Oh, the feature set is great; no argument from me there.  However the way it is presented - along with the extremely poor scheduling tools - really hurts the application in the long run.  Another thread on SFFS has posts from DC users here who refuse to use it because of the way it is implemented and presented.  And that's really a shame.  Shouldn't be that difficult!


This nice, pretty, high-powered Falcon-Northwest Mach V PC sure does look good. Shame it is such a rotten PC otherwise!!

I have had problems since the first week I had it - it's 18 months old now.  Whatever its problems, I have no doubt that I need to start over again.

What I don't know is whether I should just wipe it and perform a clean install of XP Pro, or run a Windows Repair.  Searching for tech help on repairs, it looks like if I go that way I would probably do well to use Autostreamer and stream all MS update patches along with XP Pro.  I haven't done this before so this will be a learning experience.  I can't remember whether or not this PC came with SP2 already installed or not, so I'm not sure whether or not I need to autostream that also.

Then again, there is another option - I have a restore CD that came with the PC from Falcon Northwest.  I'll have to read up on exactly what they included with that.  There wasn't any "junk software" pre-installed on this PC - I made sure to specify that when I had it built.  Actually there were a few performance benchmark demos and a cheap version of Nero that they used to test the PC before shipping it, but no other junk that I can remember.

I also have my Acronis images that I could restore, but wouldn't they contain a lot of whatever crap/corrupted stuff that I am trying to clean out now?  I didn't have Acronis at the beginning, so there is no image of a fresh installation.  Personally I think that is the best way to use Acronis - an image immediately after a fresh install and then keep up with regular images from there.  Starting six or eight months into PC usage may restore some of the junk I am hoping to lose.

Prior to doing any of this I am going to use SFFS to sync ALL folders that might have any user data.  I already use SFFS to sync all my important data and media files, but I don't necessarily have synced versions of the C:\Program Files folders that might have important data, nor all of the folders in the various Application Data folders.  So I am taking a Seagate 500 GB external USB drive that is hardly used, formatting it, and I'm going to sync ALL possible locations of any user data scattered around my PC.  That way if - after I am finished with whatever recovery that I end up choosing - whenever I manage to get back up and running if I notice I am missing something important that I cannot find in any of the My Documents data folders, hopefully I can search through that external drive and find it in one of the other folders.  I am also scouring the PC to find any purchased applications that were downloaded and burn them - along with their registration keys, etc. - to CDs.

Any suggestions about which method I should use to clean up this PC and start over again?  Or any other tips and hints before I get started?  Not having done this before I am sure that some have discovered some things that I would rather not find out the hard way, if possible!!  All advice is appreciated!!  Thanks!


That's not the problem, but I don't want to get into all that in this thread - way OT!


General Software Discussion / Re: What's your preferred File Manager
« on: January 24, 2008, 01:13 PM »
Surely he is also permitted to mention his problem here also, isn't he?  Seems like you're treating him roughly for even mentioning his issues.  After all, this IS a thread about file managers, and a lot of other users have posted about their problems with such here.   :)


Sure he is, and I never once said he shouldn't/couldn't. I do think he should file a bug report in addition to compaining about it here though, because how is a product supposed to be improved if nobody mentions the problems they are having to the developer(s)?

In any case, what rubbed me the wrong way was that he came into the thread claiming that no other file manager mentioned here other than Windows Explorer and xplorer² does unicode properly, something which just isn't correct.

OK - I just couldn't figure out why you were....  chastising him?  (At least it seemed like it!)

Not my business!!  8)


I am also looking for a new email client - I have actually been using webmail interfaces for a couple of weeks - Yuck, blah! - because Thunderbird, which I have been using since V.2 was released and I love it, became somehow corrupted and new profiles are not the answer apparently.  I could just do a complete cleanout and reinstall it fresh but I am a little ticked there is no better way to repair it.  I have more than 15,000 messages in it and approximately 500 total folders/mailboxes.  I don't wish to re-create them, and importing them from the corrupted installation, well, that just wouldn't be wise, would it?!

I used Pocomail for three years previously (and Barca for a while when they first released it), and I recently looked at "The Bat!", but I simply don't wish to live with what I consider the "crippled" HTML rendering along with the extremely limited support of IMAP mail accounts.  Personally, with common security protections on my PC (and other PCs I use) I have not seen any security threat from an HTML message that wouldn't easily be handled by an Antivirus and/or Anti-Spyware program.  And I have no idea why these apps do not willingly support IMAP.  Anyone know why IMAP is a problem with either Pocomail or The Bat!?

Another issue I kept banging up against with Pocomail was the refusal to support MAPI. I could not have other applications which are capable of sending emails directly from their own UI use Pocomail because Pocomail won't accept such commands.  Their reasoning is - once again - security.  All those apps are subject to allowing malware to use that path to spam people - I don't believe that's a valid concern.  (Someone should point me to the last time that issue was recorded in the last five years. I cannot find any!)

I know that there is a niche market for such "security measures" in an email client. But I believe the mainstream want and need proper HTML rendering in their email.  I do!  And not for personal reasons only; I receive a lot of business-related email newsletters that can be read - kind of - in Pocomail, but cannot be resent or forwarded because the HTML is stripped out, rendering a newsletter unreadable.


Hopefully you all know that the V. 3X local scheduler must be open and running for it to work.  (If SFFS isn't open the schedule does not work at all - it isn't using the Windows Task Scheduler).

And the ExtremeSync service is supposed to run similar to Windows Task Scheduler, but it won't on my PC unless I have SFFS open and manually start the service each time.  (That may be a problem on my PC though).


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