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AFAIK/CT from the forum,

"CT" ?? I have come to learn that AFAIK means As Far As I Know, but what is the translation of CT ??

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AFAICT= As Far As I Can Tell

FreeCommander - Don't recall if it has it, been a while since I tested it (hated the interface, so it was a short test at that).

FreeCommander does not have it.

This may be something you could use:

You may want to / should read the forum at first b4 installing this software.

My main needs are: to extract /cut pages from multipage pdfs/ amend text in same or similar fonts

pdftk (free) can extract pages from multi-page PDFs, but can't amend text as far as I know.

PDF Text Reader (free for home user)

Convert PDF files to text.
100% FREE
No spyware
No adware
Easy to use
Uses same conversion process as PDFconverter
Preserves PDF layout in text
Reads and displays info tags from PDF files
Built in text viewer
Works independent of Acrobat and all Adobe products
Complete and comprehensive help files
Distributed only by CTdeveloping
No limitations or time expiration, this software is free as long as you have it installed

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