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Eep! :-[  I actually checked the page once more before posting to make sure I wasn't missing anything. Thanks for pointing this out.  :up:

And there are often many different listings for exactly the same product.

And sometimes there's one listing for similar products. I bought a Lodge cast iron skillet today. They've clubbed nine different sizes into one listing, there are over 8000 reviews and over 500 answered questions.

Q: "What's the actual size of the base?"
Ans: 8"
Ans: 9"
Ans: 3" ... WTF!

The reviews are similarly mixed for all eight sizes. Here the items are basically similar but if you were interested in buying a really large skillet wouldn't you want to read the reviews for just that size? Too bad, there's no way to filter it down. Sometimes there are different materials used for similar items, the other reviews are completely meaningless then.

IMO, for verified purchases, there shouldn't even be an option given to specify the exact product purchased and the seller. These fields should appear automatically for the review and the user should be able to rate and review both, product and seller on a comprehensive review page. I'm guessing Amazon has given these processes a lot more consideration than we're giving them credit for and the resulting system is one that hurts their sales the least.

It would also help to highlight the few sellers who are actually selling authentic products if users could link them to positive reviews.

I imagine that people check this for anything that's not Prime (I know I do).

I can't imagine most shoppers doing this. In any case, it's something I've learned the hard way to do in the future.

Isn't that the point?

It could help, yes. But a better approach would be to let us flag the seller in the product review too. There should be a straightforward way to identify the rotten apple, why should you have to source the info out by contacting other users? It just takes more time and effort and leaves things to chance.

In this case I was assured by Amazon that the seller would be banned but he was up and working in a few weeks time. I've left the product review on because though it's a known seller now, the product (Otterbox Defender) is facing rampant counterfeiting. It's so bad that there are complaints even for the "ships and sold by Amazon" listings.

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