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For quality ripping:

You will have to perform a raw rip first but I've found the "DVD Decrypter --> AutoGK" method to be the only simple way that gives top notch quality output.

If the above method doesn't suit you, take a look at which is getting immensely popular - even if you don't want it for the DVD ripping purpose it's worth checking out coz it converts pretty much any video format out there, including those found on portable gaming devices & cell phones.

UrlSnooper / Re: Does the software contain virus PECompact?
« on: March 16, 2007, 03:23 PM »
Maybe it can't unscramble the compressed code thoroughly to see if it's infected or not so it gives you a heads-up to play safe.

I am now certain that all the fuzz only was about the need for .NET 3.0

Its most strange that Microsoft can't figure out to just tell it - if you wanna drive Visual Studio you'll need to upgrade .NET Framework to version 3.0 - thats not hard to tell, is it? Maybe its because Visual Studio (and the quoted article) is older than .NET 3.0, so it would alter version 2.0 and make it unsuitable for upgrading to 3.0 - that must be it.

f0dder; will you check if your .NET is version 3.0 please ?

VS2005 is centered around .NET 2 - though their SP1 showed up around the same time as .NET 3 so I guess the two could be related. I've applied the service pack and haven't upped to .NET 3 and it's running just fine.

Reg the OP: You could try uninstalling your native language .Net 2, installing VS and reinstalling your native language .Net 2 _after_ it is upgraded. It seems highly unlikely that a newer version of .Net would bung up VS. But it's MS, so anything's possible! :)

There are programs that will let you make your folders completely invisible but somebody could hack their way in if the program is disabled at startup.

For actual encryption (which takes more time, but nobody can access the data without actually knowing the password) take a look at cryptext (author: Nick Payne, now discontinued... you'll have to Google it) for a very fast barebones encryption program or Axcrypt (one of the most comprehensive, yet easy to use encryption utilities & under active developement)

Both these can encrypt folders recursively and both of them are free. If you have a lot of data to encrypt/decrypt everytime cryptext should be the obvious choice. If you're looking for a well-rounded, comprehensive encryption program Axcrypt wins hands down. I use both. :)

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