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Oh, that's sad - must be heartbreaking for you.. :(

It is, indeed - I'm afraid he won't survive this summer :-( Had 4 surgerys already, PLEASE watch him on Youtube & maybe leave some comments...

My cat, Saffron: (see attachment in previous post)

Hey Mouser, My Cat & Your Cat could be brothers  :D

My Best Friend!


Unfortunately he's got Cancer, PLEASE Donate if you can afford it  :(

See Details on Youtube...

I use Quintessential Player for Y E A R S now, must say for me it is the best by far! I also tried Winamp, Foobar & co. but QCD beats them all  :)

Hope this helps...

I also have my own Radio-Site, I hope you'll check it out & let me know how do you like it, OK?

I found this to be very useful!  8)

Screenshot Captor / Re: How to capture drop-down menus?
« on: December 23, 2008, 09:42 AM »
You do NOT need an extra software for this! I just tried it on my PC a minute ago so I know this works!
Simply open the dropdown menue & then press the "Print" button on your Keyboard - that's it  :Thmbsup:

Now you can insert the captured Image in any application by "ctrl+v" (I did it with Pain)

Hope you get the same success


What would be good is a website whose only purpose was to register at other websites, using a UNIQUE email address given ONLY to that website, and then monitored and reported if that email was ever used in any email(spam) from someone OTHER than the original website.

Does such a web service already exist?

Hi Mouser,

I know this Problem for a long time and that's why i ALWAYS use so called disposable email-addresses 2 sign up with any sites! Mostly I use addresses from NOW, I don't know if a website like you write about does exit but I can definitelly report 2 Sites that are selling members email-adresses (or mey be just do not protect them well enough):


Hope this helps ...

Living Room / Re: Forum Signature Spam: Let's discuss how to handle..
« on: September 27, 2007, 05:02 AM »

Hi mouser, 1 question reg. signatures: how come that in some people's sign. images can be seen and not in mine? Doesn't matter what code I use, the image simply won't show. Example:
<img src="" border="0">

General Software Discussion / Re: Libra - organizer software
« on: September 27, 2007, 04:42 AM »
Never seen a more useless software before!  :wallbash:

Hey justice this is a very Coooooooool find, thanx for posting!  :Thmbsup:

Since a couple of weeks I was on the search for something like this! A found some very good services,
but as far as I can say (for the very moment), your find seems to be one of the best!!!

If anyone is interested in what I found, here's a brief descriprion:

1) At Kaneva you can make your fully personalised Webpage incl. Photo album
    (with Slideshow), Blog, Video- & Music Player(!). You may also upload you own Music and create several Playlists! Kaneva is a kind of
    a virtual online community very similar to Second Life, but I'm not interested in that, I only joined because of the possibility to create
    Music playlist. Check it out folks, I like it very much. :D

2) Deezer is a brand new Site (today down for maintenance!) that also allows you to uplod your own songs.

3) There's another VERY VERY good site called projectplaylist-I recommend it !!! :up:
    Here you can create as well several playlists, you can even embed the player into ANY Website (your MySpace-Site or Blog for example)...
    It's very easy to use and (most) of the Music is very high quality !!! You can search for Artist or song title and once you've found what you like you
    can add it with 2-3 clicks to your playlist. Or browse the playlists of other users and add any song you like to your list. Coool Stuff!

4) By far the BEST I found 3 day ago is Dizzler!
    With Dizzler you can choose among of a variety of Skins for your Player; they're just awesome! There's even one that's called the
    BusinessSkin, where you can embed your own Picture and/ or Company Logo! The Logo is clickable and redirects to whatever URL
    you define!
    But the best part is just to come: in the player interface you can create a playlist of Music, Videos, Online Radio Stations
    & Games! And the sound Quality is simply Mindblowing! PLUS: you can embed the PLayer into any website! Please have a look at my player here

So thanx again to justice for pointing me to Anywhere.FM; I really do like it a lot :Thmbsup:
I hope my post is of interest to the rest of the community here :-[
PS: SORRY 4 the bad English

Announce Your Software/Service/Product / Re: Income 4 Dummies
« on: July 22, 2007, 02:21 PM »
I am always very suspicious of these kinds of things.  Clearly the point is to build a mailing list for future for-profit mailinings.  I don't know if he will be selling the email mailing list, and/or using it to sell other stuff, but seems clear this is not a site where someone is sharing information out of the goodness of their heart.  However I guess that doesn't necesarily mean it's a bad ebook..

Anyway, I'm moving this to the advertise your stuff section since it fits in better there than in the living room.


Hi Mouser, as I wrote in my post I WAS NOT SURE if this is OK, so if it is NOT, as it seem 2 b for some 'experts' here, delete my thread; i DO NOT WANT to hurt anyones feelings. I just thaught it might be of interrest 4  some folks. OK, it's obviously not...

Announce Your Software/Service/Product / Re: Income 4 Dummies
« on: July 22, 2007, 02:19 PM »
The link does include a referral. (http://www.income4du...m/index.php?uid=1414).
Also, it's a scam. And an advertisement.

IMO, this thread should be deleted.

WOW! Another expert among us? Since when is advertisement=SCAM? You're just proving to the Wolrd that Einstein WAS(!) right.  :D

Announce Your Software/Service/Product / Re: Income 4 Dummies
« on: July 22, 2007, 02:17 PM »
Yes, this should be deleted. Mousey?

Yeah right, listen to the EXPERT!  ;)

Announce Your Software/Service/Product / Re: Income 4 Dummies
« on: July 22, 2007, 02:16 PM »
I would like to see the OP post the full URL as opposed to a shortened URL. If you are trying to get us to click a referral link, SAY SO, because many of the posts you have made include links which use a referral type link as well.

You obviously seem to HAVE a problem with Referrals/ Referral programms  :-[ If you had a bad experience with such Progs, that doesn' necesserally mean that all of them are crap, does it?

Announce Your Software/Service/Product / Income 4 Dummies
« on: July 22, 2007, 09:41 AM »
Well this is not exactly about a software but what I found the other day on the Net simlply blew me away!  :o

I'm posting it here because it is a FREE eBook I found out there. If it doesn't match DC criteria, please feel free to delete my post (Admin)!

This guy - Jon Davies - wrote A Simple "Idiot Proof" System on how to make money on the Internet, without ever

- having a website
- joining any "Programs"
- having a product
- becoming an affiliate

Since I've read the FREE eBook (YESSS! -he is giving it away 4 FREE!!!)
I'd like to recommend it to the rest of the WORLD!


I hope this kind of post does not interfere with the rules here, since it would be a pitty
if others wouldn't have the chance to get this brilliant FREE eBook.

EDIT by Josh:

Changed all links to a fully visible link which takes you to without the referral link.

In the future, if you post a referral link, dont post it behind a shorturl or url redirection service and please let others know that you are getting credit from this link so you aren't hiding anything and others dont become suspicious.

German government just passed a law today that makes OWNING any such "hacker tool" which aim is to "commit a crime" illegal.
I just can't take it anymore.

Read up here to get a feeling how "being German" is getting worse and worse by the minute:

If you own any hacker tool which "aim is to commit a crime"...

    * nmap
    * metasploit
    * any penetration testing tool in general
    * port scanners
    * network analyzers? (hopefully not those too)

... you're signing up for one year in jail or a hefty fine.
That reads OWNING, not using, it's just OWNING.

Long version here:

Please speard the word and DIGG IT
It's no fun anymore. We're getting screwed big time.

Does this new Law affect Austria, too?  :o

THANX guys 4 the quick response!

Hey Mouser, they seem to have deleted that File; all I get is this message:
"The requested address:
does not correspond to any file that is currently available on Please double-check the URL or try the search box below.

Best Music Service / Re: Just started -
« on: May 15, 2007, 09:55 AM »
What I meant whas my weird descrition "Online-Music-listening-website:P

Best Music Service / Just started -
« on: May 15, 2007, 09:14 AM »
Hi folks,

I just found a great new Online-Music-listening-website. What a weird name, but you have to excuse me, english isn't my native language  8)

Anyways, this site seems 2 b cool...

" is a completely free community oriented website whose goal is to make sharing music simple. You can start listening to music
right away by searching for an artist or a song and clicking on one of the result.
If you register to, you can save the playlist you create, share them, and even allow anyone to listen in realtime to what you are
currently listening. You can also add your own music to make your creations publicly available using the easy-to-use SpoolPack.

You can share the music you're listening to right now with freinds. For example <a href="">listen here</a> to what I'm listening to in this very moment  :Thmbsup:

Greets IQL

<img SRC="">
<a HREF=""><b>Download Skype</b></a>

Living Room / Re: Six Free Online Storage Services
« on: March 10, 2007, 05:53 PM »
I have to modify my former post (about <a href="">SendSpace</a>)!

As for now, I MUST say that <a href="">Divshare</a> is the best by far, they are adding new features on nearly a daily basis!
The most important feature: your files stay online FOREVER!!! There's NO need to regularly download them every x- days!  :D
You can even create <a href="">Groups</a>, embed all you files in other websites and stuff like that!
It is still (and will remain forever) free, but now there's an option to upgrade to a paid membership, too.

I left <a href="">SendSpace</a> behind & changed 100% to <a href="">Divshare</a>!
Check it out folks, it's worth!

Hi cpilot,

I downloaded the free ShaPlus Bandwidth Meter, but I don`t think that it is very useful since I couldn`t find an option to RESET the measured values!!!


Hi Mouser,

you won`t beleive it, but now I got the Programm (Amipic)  :Thmbsup:
but unfortunately I deleted the Email that contained the Serial Code  :(

So can you send it to me again???

I know it is my fault but I had to reset Windoof and I forgot to make a copy of that email.

So can you please help me?  :-[

Thanx Arturo

    • bobdec
    • CilyPudi
    • IQLover
    • mariank
    • pmowbray

    If you've forgotten what the program you won does, you can find links to all the program pages here:


    Hi Mouser,

    I`m writing you because I won the Program "AmiPic" (see above: IQLover) and I also received the confirmation Email & the Email with the License Code/Serial,  BUT I can NOT find that Program anymore  :(
    Of course I`ve checked the URL posted by you (https://www.donation...Discounts/index.html) but AmiPic is NOT listed there.

    So where can I download it from?

    Thanx IQL[/list]

    UrlSnooper / Re: EAccessViolation
    « on: October 29, 2005, 07:52 PM »
    Hi Mouser,

    I installed US today and get the same error like the other guy.  >:(

    I only get the "URL Snooper EAccesViolation" message - not both!

    (I copied that picture from the forum & wasn`t able to split it  :-[ )

    The difference is: I run a Win2K machine with 2 accounts
    1) Administrator
    2) User <---- I use this one for my everyday work. Means I never go online as Admin (except Win Update & stuff like that)

    When I launch US under my Admin account, everything is just fine, everything work perfectly  :Thmbsup:

    Though when I log in as User after double klicking the US - shortcut on my desktop that error message (see picture) comes up.
    To provide you a complete information, here`s what I did EXACTLY:

    I installed US under "User" and Wincap under "Admin". Then (still under Admin) I gave full acces rights for "User" to these folders: D:\Programs\UrlSnooper   and C:\Programs\Wincap

    So why the heck is it Crashing? :tellme:

    OK, I hope I`ll get a quick response...

    Regards 2 all


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