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Netvibes Or google Addon - Coggy


myCooqy is a free eBay Web 2.0 search widget.
Surf eBay faster, especially if you use a dial-up modem. Cooqy's filtering technology sends up to 50x less data than eBay, for faster surfing.
Search for eBay items using Shipping and Handling criteria, or by Total Price. Find items with free shipping, and avoid cheap items with high shipping fees!
Custom bargain-hunting search engines let you find misspelled items (hint: many items on eBay are misspelled and overlooked), no-reserve auctions about to end with zero bids, and newly listed Buy-It-Now item bargains.
Save and group your favorite searches.
Plot item locations on an integrated Yahoo! Map.
Inspect item photos with built-in magnifiers...great for coin and stamp collectors!
Registered users can chat with each other and share feedback about items and sellers without fear of feedback retaliation.

myCooqy is free and supports eBay USA, Australia, UK, Canada, and India.

I use on netvibes -

Ive never tried the Edithook one,  Only ever used opentarget and Dtools one

There is loads of shells Here:
maybe you can find what your looking for there.

Find and Run Robot
ClipTray - Middle mouse button Brings up Clipboard menu with all my clips with savable clips
Xfire - Chat client
Logitech G15 keyboard Apps - Notepad, Stats, Etc
Fraps - Record game vids
AuctionSieve - Ebay Search tool
Open Target Shell extension -
Daemon tools Right Click shell ext - Same link as above
SongBird - Mp3 player
Transfz - Like Clipboard tool, but More extras, Used to change text into Lower or Higher cased.
Netvibes - Not a Util just a Portal style RSS and Email start page for Inet -
Netlimiter - used for stats to see how much i download per day or month, to work out if im gonna hit cap or get arrested :P
KompoZer - Webpage Editor
DigiGuide - TV Guide
TreeSize Professional
CDisplay - Comic Book reader
Ultramon - 2 screen tool
RocketDock - Applemac style Menu
Advanced File Organizer - Used to sort cd's and harddrive places, But looking for a freeware version.
Stickies - Post it notes on desktop Stickies 6.0b
Logmein - remote desktop support

I use alot of tools, on diff machines, but list above are my faves

Edit forgot to add - GMAILDRIVE - very handy for transfer of data

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