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Thank you fellas!

How about a new small Cody for the smiley collection?

Hey, Cody is sweet! Who is the original designer?

Illustrator (mostly digital) from Brazil here, coding-illiterate but properly software addicted. This web is a big place, but in my book donationcoder is one of the coolest destinations conceivable. Impossible to count the many treasures I found (and keep finding) through you guys.

Illustrations here, some photos here.

Long life to Windows 2000 SP4!  :Thmbsup:

You may also want to check USB Disk Ejector. Command line added for coolness.

"A program that allows you to quickly remove USB devices in Windows. It was originally designed to remove only USB pen drives but will now eject any USB device. It can be run as a non-visual command line program or a normal gui program. Its very useful if you have a USB flash/pen drive, especially if you use a menu such as PStart or the Portable Apps launcher."

So neat, thank you for the heads up.

I confirm: no context menu replacing. What you see in the screenshot is Direct Folders' own favorites/recent menu, which appears when you *double-click* on a blank area of an open/save dialog box. It makes for a smooth navigation experience.

General Software Discussion / Re: Ultra Explorer; I am impressed!
« on: September 25, 2007, 08:08 AM »
I find UE both pretty and stable but what - no file search? Now that is a deal breaker.

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