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Downloadsquad (the popular tech blog with an emphasis on software) is closing down, as a consequence of the AOL/Huffington Post merge. Will anyone miss it or I am alone here?

Thank you, Lanux!

Indeed. I've recently bought a Dell UltraSharp U2311H with a 16.9 aspect ratio and oh boy -- do I miss those pixels in height!

Egads, found one! Autoit executable, free:

Hidecaption 0.9

Ath, both Photoshop and Chrome have the same elegant solution for most of the problems you mention. I wish they were universally implemented!

To uniquely identify several instances of the same application, or find different applications holding nearly the same content (Wordprocessor and a pdf output of that same document? Which one to start editing...)

Quite specialized tasks, I would say; Taskbar icons could be probably used to the same effect without the redundancy.

And it still doesn't explain why it's so hard to hide the damn thing 8) .

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