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Or maybe not  :D

The alternative logo this guy created before the reveal isn't particularly great, but I love his reaction to the final design:

Is it playful? Bevels.

Is it simple? Bevels.

Is it original? Bevels.

Is it iconic? Bevels.

Is it meaningful? Bevels.

Is it timeless? Bevels.

Is it irreverent? Bevels.

Of irreverence and elegance

Heh, I'm a lettering and logo designer and I wholeheartedly agree with the backslash: both the logo and the post-justification for it are terrible.

Specially bullshit is the "our logo doesn't have straight lines because there aren't straight lines in nature" reasoning. The curves are so subtle, and in the web the logo will be generally applied in such small sizes, that it doesn't make any difference. The screen will render and the eye will see straight lines in 90% of the cases.

Also: bevels???  :tellme: The old Yahoo logo was less 1990 than that. The 29 in-joke logos have all the advantage of being straight, one color, no gradient, no shadow, no fake 3-D.

And let me stop at that  8)

Living Room / Re: Google Reader gone
« on: March 20, 2013, 05:08 PM »

Obviously we shouldn't trust the official reasons Google offered for killing Reader. The demise of Reader is a massive statement on how Google believes the internet should not be read: [1] as a private, unmediated experience (as opposed to a "social" reading experience, say facebook, twitter or Plus) and [2] with an open standard (RSS) serving as a direct link between reader and content producer.

I use Reader A LOT - more than any other Google product, but I'm kind of grateful for the wake up call. It reminds me that Google won't hesitate before cancelling any other service, even one that feels as "natural" as, say, blogger. Blogging is declining in usage as much as Reader, I guess.

Sorry guys, but I've got to agree with Dave Winer on this one. By Google killing its own RSS, suddenly there's new competition for that software space again, and one less space that Google won't control or censor.

This guy I mentioned before is even more on the spot, I'd say:

Google, destroyer of ecosystems

Living Room / Re: Google Reader gone
« on: March 16, 2013, 05:16 AM »
Two more:

Google, destroyer of ecosystems

The truth is this: Google destroyed the RSS feed reader ecosystem with a subsidized product, stifling its competitors and killing innovation. It then neglected Google Reader itself for years, after it had effectively become the only player. Today it does further damage by buggering up the already beleaguered links between publishers and readers. It would have been better for the Internet if Reader had never been at all.

How the Shutdown of Google Reader Threatens the Internet

As one example, many people now rely on social media as a primary news source.  In many cases–especially with “bi-directional” services like Facebook ($FB) or LinkedIn ($LKND) where people only connect with “friends”–social media only surfaces content from people who are likely to share common viewpoints.  Plus, those posts are culled by mysterious algorithms (such as the algorithm controlling Facebook’s newsfeed) that further reduce exposure to diverse viewpoints.

How long before feedburner goes down the drain? Or even blogger and blogspot?

Blogger may survive a few more years, but at the very least it will stop serving RSS.

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