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I think the problem was in the RichEdit control the author used.  The latest beta of MemPad 3.2 offers a work-around by making nodes lockable, so you can't change the text by accident:

Thank you, rjbull, for the heads up. Updated already.

Strange to know that the program uses the RichEdit control when it works with plain text only. You crazy programmers, always trying to lure us end-user from our ignorant bliss.

Thank you nonetheless :Thmbsup:

Cheers from Brazil

Paulo Brabo

Living Room / Re: 14 Surefire Ways to Annoy Users
« on: April 17, 2007, 03:26 PM »
  • Make changes to our file associations in the registry that don't revert when we un-install.

Note to Corel's WordPerfect Lightning: this means you.

My constant "problem" with it (if I remember correctly) was using Ctrl-F Find, then tabbing between note pane and tree pane when I should have Ctrl-tabbed.  In that case, it replaces "found" text with a tab character, losing data.  That happened so often that I abandoned it.

Oh yes, I could replicate that - ahem - feature. I will write the author about html exporting, thank you for the heads up.


Damn, sad news indeed.

I hate to continue to rely upon it because eventually it will have an issue with the OS or another program.  Sad day... :(

My words.

Getting minimalistic here!

My note-taking needs are very focused: I only need to gather small text bits, and I need to be able to find them fast and easy.

I was using NotePad and scattered .txt files myself, but then I found this little gem of minimalism: it's called Mempad.

(1) The entire (standalone) application is only 97kb;
(2) it uses a text-based file with a customizable extension name
(3) fast global search
(4) exports single notes or whole trees to txt
(5) TINY memory footprint (312 k in my system)
(6) Customizable fonts and backgrounds
(7) it's FREE!

(1) Imports txt files only as far as I can see (not counting its own file format)
(2) Minimizes on ESC as an option, but no true invoking shortcut. I use PowerPro to fix that.
(3) No rich-text formatting (which is a plus in my book).

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