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Living Room / Re: Google Reader gone
« on: March 16, 2013, 04:48 AM »
That's my take too. Another related article:

It’s Not Just Reader – Google Kills Its RSS Subscription Browser Extension, Too

But now the extension is gone, and the message is clear: Google is getting out of the RSS business. It’s more than Google just shutting down a product that never gained mainstream traction and moving resources elsewhere – it’s about distancing itself from the RSS community as a whole.

It’s interesting that the extension has been removed ahead of the end date for Google Reader, since up until that time, Reader’s core audience will likely still be subscribing to new feeds. And it’s worth noting that the extension also supported other blog-reading services besides Google’s.

Aha, found the answer here:
http://forums.majorg...wthread.php?t=197158  8)

I saved the code below as a .bat file, which must then be run as administrator. The number after "skip" is the number of files you want to keep. Older files in the folder that exceed that number will be deleted.

@echo off &setlocal
set folder=C:\desired-folder-name

pushd "%folder%"
for /f "skip=3 tokens=*" %%i in ('dir /a:-d-s /b /o:-d') do del "%%i"

Needless to say, use with the utmost caution. Somewhere, somehow, something's gonna be deleted.

Hi friends, help needed!

Here's the setup: I use Macrium Reflect to make daily images of my system drive, which I save in a backup folder in two different backup locations. My problem is that the folder where I save these images gets huge really fast, and I want to limit the number of saved images to, say, 4 or 7. I currently use Belvedere to delete files *older than* – but that can be a problem if, for instance, I travel and spend one month without using the PC (and so without creating new automatic backup images). When I come back and turn on the PC all images will be deleted because *older than*, and I will be left without any backup image.

What I'm looking for is an app or code that may limit the number of files in my backup folder. Something like "if there is more than 'n' files in this folder, delete the oldest file and keep the 'n' newest ones". I'm sure there's more than an easy way to do this, but I can't code and my searches led me to nothing.

Thank you for any hints! Windows 7 Home Premium.


General Software Discussion / Re: 2013 Version: Browser Wars
« on: January 28, 2013, 11:31 AM »
Long story short?

IE > Netscape Navigator > Opera > Firefox > Firefox > Firefox (that's many faithful, star-eyed years of Firefox) > Chrome > Firefox

I was lured by how blazing fast Chrome used to be, and was converted when it got many of the extensions I used on Firefox. But then Chrome started to *feel* slower and slower, and Firefox started to *feel* leaner and leaner wherever I tried them (desktop PC, notebook, netbook).

Firefox, my darling, Chrome didn't mean nothing to me. At all. Please take me back.  :-*

Living Room / Re: NASA OOPS!
« on: January 28, 2013, 03:02 AM »
I would still love to take a look at a hi-res scan of the original film. :-\ 

Guess I'll have to accept that NASA offer to work for them after all. :P

Living Room / Re: NASA OOPS!
« on: January 26, 2013, 02:51 PM »
By the way, the official description is

Piece of thermal insulation tile floats near the Shuttle Columbia

A small piece of thermal insulation tile floats in space near the Shuttle Columbia. The cloudy surface of the earth is used as a background.

But since when NASA can be trusted  :P

Living Room / Re: NASA OOPS!
« on: January 26, 2013, 08:21 AM »
Heh, ignore me, there's another photo. The truth is out there.



I'm pretty sure it's swamp gas, though. Or Venus.  :D

Living Room / Re: NASA OOPS!
« on: January 26, 2013, 08:02 AM »
Judging from the film strip info below it doesn't look as this was put together from several images. But then the left and bottom sides of the triangle seem too perfectly aligned, don't they?



General Software Discussion / XYplorer free today, January 15, 2013
« on: January 15, 2013, 07:10 AM »
By the way, version 11.90 free today on Giveaway of the Day.

Java 7 update 11 with security fixes available since yesterday evening:

"Oracle said on its security blog on Sunday that its update fixed two vulnerabilities in the version of Java 7 for Web browsers...

"HD Moore, chief security officer with Rapid7... said it could take two years for Oracle to fix all the security bugs that have currently been identified in the version of Java that is used for surfing the Web.

“The safest thing to do at this point is just assume that Java is always going to be vulnerable. Folks don’t really need Java on their desktop,” Moore said."

Anyone feeling brave  :-[

What, no Ethervane Echo?  :)

Thanks to tranglos, as far as I'm concerned the search is over!  :-*

General Software Discussion / Re: Video rant against Windows 8
« on: December 21, 2012, 04:50 PM »
"I don't like Windows 8" is a perfectly acceptable position. "Windows 8 can't do something Windows 7 can" absolutely FALSE every time.

I think the point is not what Windows 8 can't do; it's been proven it can do what Windows 7 does and lots more. The points are [1] for the desktop user it's clearly not so easy/natural to reach the usability one took for granted in Windows 7 and [2] since the desktop user can't readily profit from the Modern/Touch new material (the "lots more" part), why does the OS make it so hard for the said user to circumvent the UI he's [quite possibly] not interested in?

Making it hard for the user to go past what he's not interested in should be considered bad design EVERY time. Even Clippy one could get rid of, for crissakes.

General Software Discussion / Re: Password Managers
« on: December 21, 2012, 09:58 AM »
If you already use Lastpass you should check LastPass Pocket, their little-known standalone/offline desktop client.

"LastPass Pocket
Provides backup capability and offline access for your LastPass vault."

Chose "Windows" (I presume) instead of "Recommended" and then scroll to the very bottom:

Thread superclosed?  :D

Living Room / Re: Renegade: A Hero In Our Midst
« on: December 18, 2012, 12:58 PM »
Renegade, I feel humbled.

Sometimes it takes a Cynic (in the best, and maybe only, sense of the word) to take action and show true, tangible compassion while people with rosy, tender values stand there doing nothing.

Be glad that it re-started your computer without first asking; otherwise you would be without any change to restore your system! And they inform about this on their page, just about an inch below the normal download link, and in the FAQ.

*is exceedingly glad*

They did ask in their own way, didn't they? :P

I tried it... no popups for me and it seemed to be working as advertised, but I got nervous when the system restarted without warning right after installation. I can't trust a program that does that, can I?

Uninstalled promptly and had to manually re-enable System Restore.

Installed TimeFreeze (free, different beast though) instead.

I use Teracopy myself (on XP, Vista and 7), and for the reasons given.

What I find interesting, though, is that we all tend to treat what are in theory copy acceleration utilities as real-life copy management utilities. And if Samer is right (and I believe he probably is) copy management has a speed cost in Windows.

My original question remains: is a *real* copy acceleration utility for Windows theoretically possible? How come none of the available utilities seem to achieve the acceleration it promises?

Hey guys, long time no talk, but lurking daily.

I'd love to hear your take on this: Samer from freewaregenius concludes that copy acceleration utilities on Windows make things actually worse:



What now? Do copy acceleration software works? From a technical standpoint, can it work?


I've been using Cloudberry Desktop Backup for some time now (two years. maybe?). You buy the standalone app once (30 dollars, you are allowed to use it in a couple of pcs) and it uses Amazon S3 for storage, which is notoriouly cheap. I have recursive local backups but I use the program with the same scenario you described in mind (fire, robbery. etc). It's light, automated and transparent.


As far I can see Cloudberry Backup features everything you are looking for, and some more, if you're interested... things like (optional) file versioning and (optional) real-time backup.

Cheers from Brazil


N.A.N.Y. 2012 / Re: NANY 2012 Pledge & Early Beta: Ethervane Echo
« on: November 17, 2011, 10:20 AM »

This is just to say thank you. This is so elegant indeed; such a handsome UI and a perfectly flowing experience. Instant favorite, using it everywhere.


Living Room / Re: Microsoft buying skype for US $8.5 Billion
« on: May 13, 2011, 07:45 AM »
I swear I read       Microsoft burying skype for US $8.5 Billion

I have two published books, I wish that made me a writer. I'm currently using the beta version of Scrivener and absolutely love it. You should at least give it a try.

Another interesting program I use is Notebox Disorganizer (free), "a spreadsheet for text".

For smaller texts and a distraction-free setup, Writemonkey is the way to go. I used Q10 before, but [1] WM is being actively developed and [2] has typewriter scrolling. Can't beat that in my book.

Keep writing!

Living Room / Re: Anyone here using a standing desk?
« on: May 07, 2011, 07:55 AM »
Yeah, looks really cool  :Thmbsup:. Don't know why, but it reminds me of the Bremer Stadtmusikanten. The TFT would be the rooster ;)

Lol. A friend who saw the photo told me that to complete the setup I should make a low chair and put my old chair on top of it.

General Software Discussion / Re: Google Docs Sync
« on: May 06, 2011, 04:49 PM »
Haven't tried it, but this seems to be what you're looking for:

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