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There are certain educational video clips i want to organize and put together in a website (wordpress).  Youtube is difficult because their contentid is so aggressive and most anything gets taken down.  Is there another host with a less aggressive system?

Also, how come locally hosted videos have such poor performance compared to the youtubes and such?  can it be fixed?  that is, is it possible for a locally hosted video to playback on a browser or mobile without too much headache?  every time i try, there are always won't start, you have to press play like 5 times, buffering is super slow or nonexistent.

General Software Discussion / Micro-review: Scapple
« on: April 03, 2014, 04:55 PM »

I LOVE this program.  For me, it is the perfect brainstorming tool I've always been looking for.

It's easy to change the look of each element.  It's easy to put background shapes around a selection of elements.  It can export easily as images, pdf, whatever.  You don't need a "center" like most mindmaps.  It's easy to link things together with lines or arrows.  It's easy to do simple alignments of elements.

I've been looking for something like this for years.  I tried a whole bunch.  Things like Personal Brain are too fancy and complicated.  Mindmaps never worked for me at all.  Visio is too much and too hard to do simple things.  I settled on Edge Diagrammer (thanks mouser!) for a while because it was the easiest of those flowchart tools to use.  Regular notetakers and outliners are not freeform enough for brainstorming.

 :up: :up:

Living Room / Best Investigative Journalism magazines or webistes?
« on: April 01, 2014, 11:54 AM »
I'm looking for some that are as honest and no-BS as possible.  Any recommendations?

I came across this one for Germans:

I've found out that my email client on my desktop computer is doing something like breaking up the mail message headers prior to downloading.  This is causing a problem with my spam detection, and since the antispam plugin is seeing blank headers, all my emails are going to the junk box.  I can't seem to find where the issue is.

Here's my setup:
The Bat! client
Antispam Sniper
Bitdefender Free Antivirus

Now, all this started happening 2/17.  At first I thought it was Bitdefender, because previous to that I was using MSE.  But I installed Bitdefender on 2/19, so that's not it.
Other than that, I can't tell what else I could have possibly done on that date.
Antispam Sniper is flagging everything as spam because it triggers the blank From.  But it's not ASS's fault, it is doing the right thing.  Something else is causing the headers to break up before it even gets to ASS.

I haven't changed any windows firewall settings.

Any suggestions?

Living Room / My pop/imap Android experience
« on: February 25, 2014, 09:08 AM »
Ever since I got my Android, I've been messing with my gmail settings to get them just the way I wanted.  It's been weird, so I'm going to tell the whole story.

Android, Nexus 5, custom ROM
email app: K9 Mail

I've never used IMAP before since I just download everything on my client at home (desktop).  But I figured I'd play around with it since it is supposed make things easier once you start using multiple devices.

Ever since enabling IMAP, I have had lots of difficulty finding messages through the K9 app.  SOmetimes a new mail will come on my gmail, I'll read it, but then it's gone on the phone!  And it seems to mess with the pop download too on my client at home.  If i read it really quickly before the pop downloads it...well it still seems to download, but my junkmail program flags it as spam or something and it sometimes ends up in the junk folder.  weird.

So now I'm turning imap off.  I don't need the folder syncing anyway.  This is like my 4th time trying imap, it never stuck with me.  I'm not crazy with my folders and organization...only on my home desktop client do i organize things because it gets archived there locally.

There you go.  back to work.

I know most people don't care and are satisfied with their addressbooks and have much more important things to worry about in their lives....BUT, not me.  So after months of research, this is the best I've been able to come up with.

[coming soon]

Post New Requests Here / IDEA: vCard organizer with batch operations
« on: January 20, 2014, 08:25 PM »
I will pay a significant amount of money for this.

First, the following software does most of what I need:

The goal here is that I'm trying to get control over my contacts without the help of google, etc.  It's not just about privacy, but more about being able to organize my contacts MY WAY.  Also, the other issue is moving contacts between phones, programs, etc.  I did A LOT of research and there are many options, but vcards seem to offer the simplest universal format, mainly because it can store pictures.

The other thing to keep in mind is I have a complicated, klunky syncing procedure because of all sorts of reasons.

Features I need:
BATCH assign categories to multiple contacts at once.
BATCH modify any field(s).
BATCH find/replace for specific fields.  Like be able to change all 213 area codes to (213).

And here's another one I'm having a hard time with:
My sync file is a single vcf file with multiple contacts stored in it.  But I have to split them out into individual files to be able to manage them in the program above (vcardorganizer).  Then, after I modify stuff, I have to re-merge everything to a single file, and use that on my phone to update the contacts.  I'm looking for a more seamless way to do that.  One way to do this is like so:
--the single file gets updated
--the program compares the fields in the new single file to the individual existing vcf files on the pc.
--if the new single file is different, it asks whether it should replace the existing information (or add entirely new contacts, just like a copy/replace dialog in good file managers)


actually, now that I think about it, it would just be better if the program can do all this things to a single vcf file that contains multiple contacts.  All the operations:
add new contact
remove contact
modify contact
batch operations

all these things would be easier if it could do it in a single vcf file.  that way, i can sync it with my phone which can parse a single file, and there are no manual steps.  a true syncing solution.

General Software Discussion / best forum software for tapatalk?
« on: December 11, 2013, 02:11 PM »
I want to create a private forum to do research with friends and stuff (no more than 5 people or so).  I want to quickly set it up on my site, a la softaculous or something like that.  I also want to use tapatalk or something similar for mobile use.

What is a receommended software?  My favorite forum software is this one here, just for my personal preference.

Tapatalk compatible forums:
Q: Which forum system does it currently support?
phpBB3, vBulletin, xenForo, IPBoard, Simple Machine, MyBB, bbPress, Kunena and Vanilla are supported. Other forum system might also support Tapatalk with plugins developed by third party developers using Tapatalk API.

I'm searching for a MicroEd-like (for Bat users) text editor where I can position the cursor in any blank space regardless if there is a space or tab there.  I'm sure the ASCII art creators have something like this, but I can't find one.

Ever since getting an Android phone, I've become obsessed with properly syncing all my contacts.  All the comapnies are fighting each other for properietary control of your life, so they just aren't playing nice with each other.  I've been trying all sorts of apps, hacks, imports/exports, desktop software, plugins.  I'm like 70% of the way there, but still a long way to go.

The goal:
Have a central place where all your contacts are managed.  This place sends (syncs) the information to wherever...Android phone, google contacts, outlook contacts.  All information...meaning profile photos from facebook, business numbers from linkedin, normal contacts from google, etc.

Here's the issue:
Facebook has the best profile photos.
Linkedin has business info other places don't.
Google contacts needs to get the final version of all the info because that's the most reliable way to get it on your phone.
Outlook is a good place to manage things centrally since it's on the desktop and has a rich featureset.
Problem with Outlook is that the scoial connectors to facebook and linkedin aren't really working.
So maybe you can get a third party tool that works with all of them, set it up, sync it to outlook, and outlook syncs it to google.

There's a good google-to-outlook sync.  So if I can get everything in Outlook, that would be great.  This is where I'm currently stuck.

Another more difficult option is using an app on the phone that will sync things, and then getting that information back on the computer, fixing little details there, and sending it back to the phone.  The problem with this is that the apps that do this, do it in a weird way.  They don't necessarily sync the's more like they allow you to see them on the same screen.  In other words, the google contacts still shows just the google contacts info, but on the phone it looks like you have more info because it's reading things from the facebook app.  It's just a trick.

Anyway, ugh.

I'm not having any luck finding this:
I have an Android phone, and when I'm at home, I want to answer calls and make calls from my desktop pc (Windows).  Is there some kind of hardware/software combination that will allow me to do this?  There are a lot of apps for remote access to the phone, so they can dial the phone...but you still have to put the physical phone to your ear (or use it's speakerphone) for the actual calls.  I want to use the mic on my desktop as the phone (with the speakers or headphones).

So I've been using the lumia 920 for the past year.  I have my posts on it here in the forums.  Overall, it has a couple of nice features but very underwhelming.

So the nexus 5 came out and i got it.  If anyone is interested in comparisons, let me know.  Here's what I've noticed so far:

Of all the interfaces, I like the Windows one the best with the tiles because they have a lot of interactivity to them.  However, hardly any apps take advantage of them in any kind of helpful way.  The best is probably facebook with the grid of pictures it shows.  But it would be nice to get more useful stuff there.  Windows also has the best integration of contacts of all the other phones (ios, android).

But Android as you all know is the one that lets you do the most with the phone, and just they way you want it.  Android has widgets which is what tiles do in windows.  The widgets are not as smooth as tiles, but there are so many kinds that you'll find something satisfactory.  I can also use all sorts of apps, transfer files, root, customize...way more than other phones.

The Nexus phone is fast and light and awesome.  The biggest headache so far was spending hours getting all my contacts organized properly with all the services.  After that, this thing is a joy.  Windows is far too locked down to have fun with it.  Iphone is the same, but still much more open than windows.

Anyway, that's the update so far.  It's a nice phone, I don't miss the lumia at all.  in fact, it's quite liberating.  MS needs to get it's ass in gear, cmon.  Android is providing the windows experience that we are all used to, and MS has gone completely the other direction in making the most restrictive, over simplified phone operating system on the planet.  Geez.

General Software Discussion / I hate the word "anathema"
« on: November 07, 2013, 05:36 PM »
I just can't stand that word.  From the first time I heard it and all the years since.  Whenever it is used, it always sounds like something wrong just happened in grammer.  It sounds like you are saying "an athema".  And no matter what context you use it in, as soon as it is said, the listeners can only think about this awkward word and it's a complete distraction.  I may remove it from my vocabulary forever.

I find this very interesting from a business analysis perspective.
Windows Phone 8 has been out for nearly a year.  One major complaint has been there are no apps.  yes, the app store has thousands of apps.  but 99.9% of them either don't work, are buggy, are for WP 7, etc.  So really, there are no apps.  What's worse is that a lot of major apps, like Instagram, never came.  But now it is here, or will be in a few days.  I find it a remarkable coincidence that this happens the exact same time Instagram will implement ads for the first time.

So what's going on behind the scenes here?  let me know.  What is the real reason why the major apps have not implemented anything for WP8?  It for sure can't be because they don't have the resources. 

Living Room / Capture Card: my experience and unanswered questions
« on: October 18, 2013, 08:15 PM »
So I finally got a capture card, the Avermedia Live Gamer HD.  Most people use these to record their screens while they play games.  I'm trying to use it with my panasonic camcorder to record musical performances at my place.  More importantly, I want to live stream to websites.

Here's the problem I just realized...this card doesn't really work without it's proprietary software (RECentral) that comes with it.  I was expecting to install the card and drivers, and be able to use it with any third-party software.  But none of the third party softwares I've tried can detect or access the camera.  It's very buying a sound card that can only play music from it's own software.

The other thing is that if I do want to stream, the REcentral software has an area where i have to choose the streaming service, and there are only three options (twitchtv, xsplit, something else).  What if I want to use another service??  I mean, this is too restricted for me.  I just wanted a general capture device.  I mean, my logitech webcam works with everything...although in 1080 mode it only works with the logitech software.  this must be a resource issue.

So I don't know what to do.  I got this card because it can handle 1080p with 60fps, which my camera can do.  But if it is restricted like this, it's very annoying.

Looking into it some more, other more professional cards recommend being able to write at 500 MB/s, which probably requires a computer set up with RAID hard drives or SSDs (which I don't have).  So maybe I'm in over my head with my previous expectations.  But now I'm trying to understand if it is possible with my current setup.

Do I just need to record at lower resolutions/framerates?
DO I need a different card with general drivers and not proprietary software?
Do I need to setup a RAID system?

DC Website Help and Extras / I want a badge.
« on: October 18, 2013, 04:39 PM »
I want one, i don't want to have to do anything.  Possible?

I'm looking for really nice, convenient ways (for the end-user) to embed a live chat inside a webpage.  Let's say the page has two parts, like frame is showing a live video stream, and the other frame is a live chat.  What's a good way to do that?

Ideally, people would be able to participate in the chat with their desktop/laptop, but also mobile devices (apple, android).  Minimal/none of the annoyances of registration, logins, etc.

Lately, roughly about the last year or so, flash is crashing all the time.  firefox, chrome, doesn't matter.  At least multiple times a day for me.  All different, home, laptop, etc. every day I think.

General Software Discussion / Windows Networking, help me understand.
« on: October 14, 2013, 02:23 PM »
I've been messing around with Windows networking for the past two weeks.  So many things I don't understand, and seemingly so many inconsistencies in the way things work that look exactly the same from the setup point of view.

Workgroup vs. Homegroup:
I initially was using Homegroups (Windows 7 and Windows 8 machines).  Then, it told me it can't share the root of a drive.  So I disabled homegroups and now use normal file sharing.

Some folders share, some don't:
Some folders from the same computer get shared properly, I can see it from the other and access it no problem.  Others don't.  Same permissions, same everything.  The one that doesn't work is a root drive, but I don't understand why that doesn't work.

Full control?
On some folders, I have full control for all users (everyone, administrators, guest).  Yet when I connect it is read only.  So whether someone has full control or read really only works in read only.  I don't understand this.

I've come back around to toying with this idea.  I need help thinking through the technical details.  The first thread I did on this last year is here:

I know that the online hosts like ustream are very good, very easy to use, sign up and forget it. usual, I want to know how to setup an independent solution.

Any bandwidth experts?  Please describe the bandwidth requirements needed.  I'm almost certain that a typical residential ISP can't provide the bandwidth.  Even the best residential services like FIOS only offer about 5 Mbps (~600 kilo-BYTES per sec) which is not enough for high quality video streaming.  So I'm assuming, bare minimum, I need a company to host the server for me.  But I want to know how to judge whether a host can provide the bandwidth I want.  For example, let's say I have a video podcast that 30 people are tuning in to.  Which companies can provide that best bang for the buck?  I already use a company for websites, and the easiest thing would be to upgrade the service to make up for the necessary bandwidth.  Then, I would compare that price to the price of actual hosted podcast sites.  My guess is that the ustream pro services (which are crazy $200-400/month) are still more expensive.

Once I've figure that part out, then I will have to search for the best portable setup for this.  OS, software, etc.

Living Room / National debt/defecit: what does it REALLY mean??
« on: September 18, 2013, 11:26 PM »
I have been wondering about this for a while, and I guess I was too embarrassed to ask.  What do these enormous negative numbers really mean for people individually and/or a nation?

Some stupid questions:
When do we have to pay it back?
Do we have to pay it back?
When is it too much?  If $1.6 trillion dollars equals life as it is today...what is life like with $10 trillion debt?
Who is it owed to?
Can they ask for it back?
If they can't, why not?
Is it because the US has bigger guns?  If so, when are bigger guns not enough?
If there's such a huge debt, why do the rich get richer?
If the poor who are getting poorer are the ones paying the debt, is it going to the people it's owed to, or the rich, or both?

Am I missing something here?  It feels like I'm missing something really quite fundamental because none of this really makes any sense to me.  And I'm not that bad with math, economics, numbers, logic, etc.

Living Room / Intel Rapid Storage Technology, hard drive problem.
« on: August 23, 2013, 02:41 PM »
One of my computers has a pre-2011 motherboard on it.  That has certain implications regarding drives larger than 3TB, and maybe other hard drive issues.  I am now having a problem (which has occurred a few times before) which is this:
If I disconnect any drives in the system, then it stops booting up.  This has been explained as some kind of effect of the MBR being distributed amongst the several drives, and if one is missing, the system can't boot.  It is supposed to be repairable using the windows boot disk, repair option, repair startup option.

The problem I'm having is that I've disconnected all the extra drives, and now the OS won't boot.  Furthermore, the BIOS doesn't even see my OS drive.  I can't do anything.  I can't repair it with the OS disk because it doesn't see the drive.  I've tried messing with AHCI settings, RAID settings, no luck.

What is the deal with the Intel Rapid Storage Technology?  I had to install it at one point because I added 4TB drives to my system, and until I installed RST, WIndows 7 couldn't see the drives with their capacity.  But now I realize that RST is more for RAID situations, so I don't get what is going on.  I don't like it.  Ever time I've had to add or subtract a disk, I've had this problem.  But now, I can't fix it anymore.

How can I make the disk bootable again?  I can connect it to another computer and do stuff there if necessary.  And if anyone can help me understand RST and why I need it, that would be helpful too.  Last time, this problem was solved by rearranging my boot priority settings in the BIOS.  But now, the bios can't see the drive so that setting is empty.  And the drive is not broken or dead, either.

I was using CHS in the following way:
I have the favorites set in show in root in the quickpaste popup.
I have multiple favorites, but only one shows in the quickpaste.

How can I have multiple favorites in the popup?

As the local techy guy in the crowds I run in, I often am pulled into this debate of "recordings these days just don't sound as good as analog".  And it's true in a lot of ways, but also difficult to really understand the details of why that is.  First, there's way too much BS in the recording industry with their gold plated plugs and stuff, so that doesn't help, it turns any kind of inquiry into a needle in the haystack thing.  But there is something to it.  Check out this article:

And I've read several like that.  If anyone can post informative articles that can shed light on this debate, I'd really appreciate it.  The goal for me is, how close can a home studio get for mimicking this analog sound that is often preferred by the people in the know?  Part of it (but which part?) is not even the equipment or analog vs digital, but just people want it to sound bassier or louder, that's something that can be fixed.  but if there is truly some quality that can't be replicated going on in a tape vs. digital, then i'd like to figure out those specific points.

i have a book by bob katz or something dealing with mastering, but i'm not sure if it talks about this particular issue.

my assumption is that i should be able to get pretty close to the "right" analog sound with digital equipment, at least close enough where people wouldn't complain too much.  but i could be way off.

Things are about to get faster. The USB Promoter Group announced that it has completed the USB 3.1 specification, which will enable SuperSpeed USB performance of 10Gbps. This, of course, rivals Intel and Appleā€™s blazing fast 10Gbps Thunderbolt interface, and the new USB connection will make use of more efficient data encoding, and it will be compatible with earlier USB specifications (USB 3.0 and 2.0).

OK, I'm annoyed yet again.  I'm always on top of all these fast transfer speed technology.  Do you know how hard of a time I have had in the past decade finding ANY devices that even make use of these technologies?  USB 3.0?  hardly anything.  esata?  barely took off.  thunderbolt/light peak?  nothing.  And now there's USB 3.1?  We don't even have anything with USB 3.0 yet, and it's been a while!  I don't understand any of this.

Just last month, I probably spent hours trying to figure out what pci addon card i need to get to make use of the usb 3.0 ports on my tower and also add some spare ports for an external drive or hub.  The only ones available are the largely unreliable ones made in china.  And they have issues, I don't use any of my large 3.5" drives externally on them because they experience corruption issues because of the driver or something.  I only use the SSD external drive with it for transfers i don't really care that much about.

I even bought a couple of thumbdrives with usb 3.0 just to test them out (they all suck except for the big fatty fat ones).  But most of the manufacturers are still selling USB 2.0 stuff, like a 90-10% ratio.  And I heard (perhaps here?) that the reason is because they are just trying to get rid of their old stock.  It's all very annoying.  First thing that needs to happen is can some companies (american or another reliable sort) make a f*&^ing  PCI card that can add 4+ ports of anything fast?  Where is thunderbolt?  All that talk and two years later there is nothing!  two years!

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