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All of it.
Sawted owt intu applicable folders of course.

Yahell bin dumb 'nuff tu tell me that Eye-R gots unlimited storage - So i'm trying tu fill it. I reguarly upload software, musix, films ect too...

Besides, archives have they place. Either as evidence tu be used in the future or, as a previous post suggested, for the nostalgia factor.

Post New Requests Here / IDEA: Netlocker
« on: January 19, 2007, 11:03 PM »

  Just wunderin, is there not a lil proggie none o y'all knows 'bout, that upon a 'three-key-sequence'(ie: [ctrl] + [shift] + [end]) that'll disconnect all netwurk adapters, and disable them?

  an if not, would one o u kind chaps mind makey me one?

  It'd b quite nice if the sequnce whuz usr programmable, and also covered user specified programs in its envolope. but not essential.

  I'm lurnin c++, badly. else i'd 'ave a crack @ doing it meself... but i'm nowhere near that level yut...

  Ty in advance.

It is better tu remain silent, and be thought a phewl, than it is tu open yur mouth, and remove all doubt.

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