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Fingertips is a program like FARR or Launchy, but what sets it apart is that it allows you to enter in tasks, contacts, appointments into Outlook with little or no interaction with Outlook.  This makes it extremely easy to enter in tasks without being bothered by switching applications or loading up the Outlook task form.

Pardon my ignorance, but is it possible to set FARR to do this as well?

It seems like it's definitely a mixed bag of results.  My husband built his own a few years ago, and the only problem he's had is that the graphics card doesn't play as nicely as it could, but it all works.   

I've always wanted to see what I could build from scavenged parts, and/or see what I could get for some small fixed sum.  Kind of like those silly home-improvement-and-decor-on-a-budget shows.  Now, I know pretty much diddly-squat about how to do any of this, so it's a pipe dream at the moment.  But I long to be able to do things like build a computer in a whiskey bottle, or make my own tiny custom portable device.

However, I was just thinking of looking for advice on how to start researching this very thing, so this was a well-timed post!

The main thrust of MS these days seems to be to make money and to placate the music and video industries (ie. make it harder to actually use products you have purchased). The rest of Windows development seems more aimed at eyecandy and anti piracy - non of which really helps or encourage the legitimate user.

Which is why I'm sticking with XP until I am in a position to move to Linux.  It's not perfect either, I'm sure, but from a sort of "consumer politics" point of view I'd like to encourage the open source underdogs.  I don't appreciate being treated like a criminal when I am a legitimate paying customer, and as far as I can tell Windows "eye candy" is often annoying and just makes everything run slowly on run-of-the-mill PCs.

At the link you provided there's no checkmark for the Vista search (which is what my laptop has). Would it still be compatible?
-Laughing Man (July 30, 2007, 08:04 PM)

That I don't know, I'm afraid.  I haven't switched to Vista so I tend to ignore anything Vista-related. 

I thought that Vista was supposed to include the same functionality as WDS on XP?  Does it not index Tbird and what have you?  How lame...

I have a question (for anyone that's used Beagle in Linux). Is there a "Beagle" for Windows? By that I mean something like Beagle. I like how I can search and it shows the results in its window split up by pictures, music, documents, etc..

I use Google Desktop Search and Windows Desktop Search right now. WDS is pretty close to what I want. But I can't remember why I don't use it (indexing TB emails maybe?). I remember there was a reason why I installed GDS on there..
-Laughing Man (July 30, 2007, 04:35 PM)

Me too!  Beagle looks so much more useful with everything split up like that.

I was using WDS for a while, in the vain hope of getting MS Research's Phlat tagging tool to work.  However, I have recently gone back to Copernic because WDS seems to slow the whole system down to a crawl, even when it claims it's not doing anything.  One thing I did like about WDS, though, was the search syntax and the way that you can limit it with various options, which you don't seem to be able to do in Copernic.  You can download plug-ins for WDS that will index Thunderbird and a bunch of other stuff at

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