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Living Room / Re: Windows Install Date Thingie: I made it!
« on: January 05, 2008, 06:57 AM »
Just ran across this and thought I'd give it a try.  The horror!  It's been running the same installation ever since it was purchased.  I don't have any disk imaging strategies or of the many projects that have been put aside while I try to finish my PhD.

Incidentally, all you multiple-install folks, do any of you have any experience with re-activating MS Office?  I am using a technically borrowed computer (belongs to my Dad) which has Office 2003 Pro, acquired through his company for a discount.  I'm not certain if the license is part of their group license, or if it is Dad's own personal one.  Dad doesn't know, either.  Is there any way to find out from the computer itself?  And if I try to reformat and reinstall, can I re-activate Office using a burned copy of the Office CD (Dad has the original on the other side of the Atlantic) and the key information as reported by Belarc advisor, or is there another piece of info that I need?

That's the one thing that has been stopping me from trying any reformat or repair operations.  It's running fine, albeit slowly, and I am afraid to try anything lest I screw up Office.  I'm also familiar with the alternatives (OOo, etc.) and I'm actually using LaTeX to produce the final output, but I have yet to find anything that rivals Word's outline view. 

Unless anyone has a suggestion for the latter....?   ;)

Apologies if this is in the wrong place!

I might be being really dense, but it seems that none of the find and replace utilities that I have looked at do quite what I want.

I would like to be able to define a list of standard replacements to make and then store it somewhere, so that when I have a file that I need to do multiple replacements on I can just run it, rather than doing find-replace over and over. 

The particular application:  I have a very long BibTeX file (3500+ entries), some of which are written using the LaTeX codes for characters, and some of which have characters that I put in using ASCII codes, or whatever the places I imported them from used.  Some of them are causing problems when I try to compile the document, and I would like to go through and replace them all with the codes.  I anticipate having to do this more than once, so it would be nice to have a ready-defined list to run.  It only needs to be one file at a time.

The list would be something like:
find  replace
á      \'{a}
Á     \'{A}
é      \'{e}

And so on.  Lots of programs seem like they will do this, but I can't figure out how to avoid typing in the list over and over again.

Sorry if it is a dumb question...

Living Room / Re: these new cheap core 2 due laptops - any good?
« on: October 25, 2007, 10:38 AM »
Huh.  Does it work for other kinds of batteries, too?  Like old ordinary rechargeables (and my aging pocket PC)?  I might have to experiment.

Speaking of FileHamster, does anyone here actually use it for day-to-day work?  I have downloaded it and started using it (in conjunction with SyncBack, just in case) as a means of keeping track of my PhD thesis stuff.  It seems okay, but I just wondered what others' experiences were like.

I sometimes use online apps for portability (like going to visit my in-laws and not wanting to drag the laptop with me) but for the most part I am a bit leery of them.  I imagine that it depends on what you do--if you do a lot of intensive writing (like for a novel or a PhD thesis) I would think you want to keep your words locally; if you mostly write web content or the occasional letter it is probably less important to have it available offline.  Sometimes I unplug the network cable or take my computer someplace with no internet access to stop myself from faffing, so online things really wouldn't work.  On the other hand, I've started using Google Reader to keep track of RSS feeds and I am thinking of setting up a separate email account strictly for newsletters and stuff which I only occasionally look at, instead of downloading them to Thunderbird.  I keep some backup copies on and a selection of my important photos on flickr, but that's more for convenience when working outside the house.

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