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I might be being really dense, but it seems that none of the find and replace utilities that I have looked at do quite what I want.

I would like to be able to define a list of standard replacements to make and then store it somewhere, so that when I have a file that I need to do multiple replacements on I can just run it, rather than doing find-replace over and over. 

The particular application:  I have a very long BibTeX file (3500+ entries), some of which are written using the LaTeX codes for characters, and some of which have characters that I put in using ASCII codes, or whatever the places I imported them from used.  Some of them are causing problems when I try to compile the document, and I would like to go through and replace them all with the codes.  I anticipate having to do this more than once, so it would be nice to have a ready-defined list to run.  It only needs to be one file at a time.

The list would be something like:
find  replace
á      \'{a}
Á     \'{A}
é      \'{e}

And so on.  Lots of programs seem like they will do this, but I can't figure out how to avoid typing in the list over and over again.

Sorry if it is a dumb question...

My husband's computer runs Fedora Core 6, with the Gnome desktop (Nautilus file browser).  I am in love with the emblem feature--it lets you add little icons to files, folders, whatever so that they appear in the file browser with these little markers.  It does other nifty eye-candy things as well, like letting you add backgrounds to folders and so on.  The emblem feature would be highly useful for me, but I'm not yet in a position to switch to Linux myself (trust me, the day is coming very soon...).

Anyway, has anyone ever seen such a thing for Windows?  Or anything like it?

Apologies if this is misplaced and/or obvious.

Is it possible to combine all the AHK scripts and programs in such a way that there is only one taskbar button, and right-clicking on it would allow you to navigate to the program you want and then access the menu for that program?  Sort of like a miniature program launcher or start menu, only in the tray.

General Software Discussion / Old school Pocket PC software?
« on: June 06, 2007, 02:46 AM »
I've got an ancient old Pocket PC (Cassiopeia, EM500) that I'm reluctant to replace because hey, it still works just fine.  Plus, it's turquoise.

Specs are:

Operating System: Windows CE ver 3.0
Processor: MIPS VR4122 processor operating at 150 MHz
Memory: 16MB RAM

But I'm having a hard time finding any new or improved software that will run on the thing (it's pre-ARM, or whatever it's called).  In particular, I would love to figure out how to run something like LyX or a similar LaTeX editor, and something that will let me change the orientation of the screen. 

Does anybody else use an antique thing like this and have any suggestions?

DesktopCoral / Er...what am I missing here?
« on: May 31, 2007, 06:07 AM »
DesktopCoral sounds like it could be useful for me sometimes, but I don't understand how to put things into the dock area.  Dragging shortcuts from the desktop doesn't work, and there don't seem to be any instructions.

What am I missing?

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