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Find And Run Robot / paste command great, lacking special whitespace
« on: December 16, 2007, 12:16 AM »

i have been playing with the beta with the paste command for a while, it is great, unfortunately there are some bugs with using special whitespace (tab, newline, etc) I can only assume this may effect some special characters as well, but perhaps not.

I have tried every variation of \t \n \r\n etc, none of these work... I then tried to copy and paste directly into faar's config window a tab, it was read as a space. another possible fix would be to use (or optionally allow) "s or {}s around the text being pasted. to avoid confusion with pasting "s, it may be best just to use the special char escape sequences... your call

Find And Run Robot / bug with some characters such as [ and ]
« on: November 10, 2007, 10:26 PM »
hello, I have a number of directories which begin and end with [ ] brackets which seem to show up in results when they match, regaurdless of whether they are set in pattern scoring as -9998. I also tried with ? instead of the [ ] chars as well as with \[ \] none of these characters have been accepted, i believe that farr is trying to execute the code cause its wrapped in []s

incase it matters, i'm using farr2 with pattern scoring using modifier keywords and modifier keywords in the search folders section as well

unfortunately... no :)

from testing, it APPEARS at first glance to do an "eject" this is not exactly what the original application does, however it may be one step it does.
your application (minimum on vista, would have to test on xp later to confirm) takes the filesystem offline, but the drive letter remains enabled on pc
while this may be a good option for cd drives, (i noticed you list those too... so might wanna leave it as a right click option) and while it probobly would WORK for usb drives (though, not quite as clean) it does not work whatsoever on fixed disks (hotswappable sata drives) which require you to "uninstall" the drive from device manager, program may require a admin account after its fixed

thanks for trying, hope you can fix it... i was so excited till i noticed the problem :)

btw, the link on the name goes to idlerun, the download link goes to removable ;-) might wanna double check your copy/paste :)

i only quickly skimmed the page, but it said something about being able to be run from usb drives, through temporary directories, similar to u3 i would imagine... but as i said i skimmed, might have misunderstood

The Removedrive tool listed on that site, appears to do what i want it to (although i have not yet tested it, will do soon) except only half way.

the options it accepts to select the drive are the "friendly name", "drive letter" and "mount point"

the first is far too broad, i purchase nearly identical hardware every upgrade... so most of my drives i use for hotswap, may at one point be identical to an existing non-swap drive

the second would ALMOST work... but i would not trust it to run without verifying drive letters are correct, however perhaps the snack could simply be a script/program that detects the drive it is run from, and gives a prompt to eject or remove it. however this is a half-way fix, because to link to it, i would probobly have 3-4 shortcuts, aswell as potentially having to update them or have them eject the wrong drive in the future due to letter swapping as described in the same link.

I do think it would work best as a simple taskbar icon with a context menu which lists drives based on a config file with bus number, target id, lun (essentially, what port it is plugged into), to be extra safe, perhaps a sanity check in config with volume label expected, or even you could do it with device serial number and there should be no duplicates, ofcourse the interface should show friendlyname/label/size/driveletter (or some of them) not the hard to identify serialnumber

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