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Finished Programs / Re: MP3 Player
« on: February 13, 2007, 09:15 AM »
"Billy is a lightweighted no nonsense audio player that allows you to quickly play an entire directory of MP3 files."

Finished Programs / Re: DONE: small prog to hide desktop icons
« on: February 13, 2007, 07:24 AM »
i know this is old and i tried several programs to hide icons.
the best that suits my needs is the one posted by skywalka, autohide, because it mimics the windows "show/hide desktop icons" while others make them reappear by refreshing the desktop. http://www.geocities...hompage/Autohide.htm

also, it doesn't just toggle desktop icons. if they're already hidden by xp, it does nothing, if they're visible, it hides them.

now the thing is, the author stopped updating the software and like skywalka says it's buggy and the config option is not fully working as the author warns.

i didn't want to start a new thread for this but is it possible for skrommel to code a similar app which hides desktop icons like described above and adds an icon to the systray which makes possible to toggle visibility with a left click?

in addition to hiding the icons, to add the function to apply a predefined wallpaper on program run too and when the program exits, restore the default wallpaper and the default icon visibility (hidden or visible, like they were set by pervious user). the path to the wallpaper would be relative.

this would be useful to provide a clean environment to use my portable software in a friend's computer or internet cafes where usually the desktop is cluttered.

thanks for your time and cheers.

LaunchBar Commander / Re: minimize to tray and reboot..
« on: January 16, 2007, 06:23 AM »
what mouser is saying is that it already restores the position on start-up.
if you want it to start docked, leave it docked before you reboot.
i dunno if it affects the behavior if you reboot without exiting lbc first. i always exit before reboot.

LaunchBar Commander / Re: Aligning the icons - center
« on: January 10, 2007, 10:22 AM »

here. shareware and the homepage is no more but you can still download it in the above link.
looks like the thing you were looking for.

LaunchBar Commander / Re: ampersand missing..
« on: December 23, 2006, 07:17 AM »
got it. i misread the "folder node" part. thanks.

LaunchBar Commander / Re: ampersand missing..
« on: December 22, 2006, 09:14 AM »
actually i think this is a default behavior. it happens with "pstart" too, for example.
in windows, the "&" is commonly the variable to assign a shortcut key like this: "&Program" so it appears like Program.
that's why putting a "&" all by it self will return a blank space because lbc is prolly seeing it as the variable.
and you don't have to rename the file at source, just use the "&&" technique in the caption field.

LaunchBar Commander / Re: Aligning the icons - center
« on: December 15, 2006, 11:03 AM »
cranioscopical, i think this is still not it but it has a lot of features. maybe you can find some useful. it's shareware, tho.

i couldn't find any other solution without installing and testing.
another half-solution you have is to increase vertical spacing and keep horizontal spacing, for example, so you can have separated horizontal groups of icons. (or the other way around).


LaunchBar Commander / use of scrollwheel for extensive shortcut menu
« on: December 12, 2006, 04:00 PM »
don't wanna be a pita but i'm just suggesting the option to scroll thru "bigger than screen menus" not only by clicking the up and down arrows but also with the mouse scrollwheel.
even if i have to bring the cursor down to click on the shortcut, it's easier to use the scrollwheel if i just want to browse the menu.

Find And Run Robot / Re: A unified FARR / Launcher Interface Proposal
« on: December 10, 2006, 08:18 PM »
and i was thinking that masu was that girl. that's why i said "just kidding".
actually i'm a sucker for asian girls. that's why my girl is thai :)


LaunchBar Commander / Re: Aligning the icons - center
« on: December 09, 2006, 02:01 PM »
thanks mouser, you're absolutely right. i tried that before and i didn't think about it. no bug, i'm just dumb  :-[
i think my workaround solution to justify the buttons fails because of the screen resolution changes.
i guess i'll return to the floating mode with no additional spaces.

Find And Run Robot / Re: A unified FARR / Launcher Interface Proposal
« on: December 09, 2006, 01:46 PM »
I really like the idea !!
i really like your avatar !!
just kidding ok?  :Thmbsup:

count me in for support on the "company merging" too.
is the first nontroppo screenshot of farr possible already? i mean the 3 column app list and the custom font separator captions. that would be a good addition to lbc.

i haven't played with farr a lot yet, but globally speaking and by reading the posts on this thread, i would still like the systray icon to invoke the bar (lbc+farr) docked or floating and hiding after launch along with a shortcut key option (i don't use them 'cause i lack several brain "nodes" and i tend to forget the key combinations).

according to nontroppo "imaginary screenshot, i think" there could be also the option for icons on right and typing on left or the inverse. if you want your icons centered or justified, your're bummed out. unless there's another line below just for typing and history button, maybe.

if i'm rambling, just ignore me. i'm just a n00b.

while i agree with chip mccann, i understand this feature might be difficult to implement.
as far as i'm concerned, i would make use of that feature not only to start a number of programs when blc is started but also to start others when blc exits.

pstart has that feature (in each link properties it has the option to autorun on application launch, exit, both or none) and let me give you an example: when i start pstart i also autorun a batch file importing registry keys or registring a dll for additional windows explorer right click context menu. when i exit, it autoruns a batch file cleaning those registry keys or unregistring the same dll, so i leave no traces on that machine.

if you set an application to autorun when pstart runs, it works ok too (i have a clipboard utility which when started, stays quiet in the systray so it doesn't even bother me with a window) but when i close pstart it only has the option to autorun the program again. you can't "unregister" the program like you unregister a dll, so an additional option would be to terminate process x (CLCL.exe in the case of the clipboard utility) when pstart exits.
unless there's a way to terminate a process with a batch file which i'm not aware of.

anyway, like i said, i understand this may be difficult to implement and i know you're making a great effort to make this program better, mouser. :)

in the end, i can say a batch file would do very well and i think this is not a mandatory feauture. these are just my thoughts.

LaunchBar Commander / Re: Aligning the icons - center
« on: December 09, 2006, 11:46 AM »
cranioscopical, try typing "align icons" at google. there's a couple programs called "align icons" which install new align features to the right button context menu on the desktop. this is the most quickly and accurately you can get.
not sure if it does exactly what you want, tho.

to mouser, i found a bug concerning the docked bar.
the bar pic i posted was done on a 1280x1024 resolution screen in win xp. when i opened it in 1024x768 resolution in win2000 it only shows the first icon, like the image posted below.
now, it may be beacuse i used a lot of spaces in icon captions and the last icon got off screen.
doesn't it wrap automatically? and why doesn't it show all icons *but* the one who got cut off?
don't think the operating system matters.

can anyone confirm this? thanks.

LaunchBar Commander / Re: Aligning the icons - center
« on: December 07, 2006, 06:49 PM »
thanks guys. gee, now i'm all shy...  :-[
really, best app launcher ever. everything you need and more and it's freakin' smooth and fast. no delays, no freezes.

LaunchBar Commander / Re: Aligning the icons - center
« on: December 07, 2006, 01:34 PM »
i hope for that option too.
in the meanwhile, there's a work-around to justify (not center) your buttons.

just chose the "labels under icons" option and type in, like 5 spaces, depending on the length of ur bar, for every button.
trial and error until the last button is as close to the right edge as the first button is to the left.

if you decide to type in button labels just do the same:

LaunchBar Commander / Re: Possible conflict with VLC?
« on: December 07, 2006, 01:17 PM »
i know this is almost a month old but i tried the portable version of vlc and it works fine.
if you consider changing mediaplayer i suggest mplayer it's a command line mediaplayer but there's some frontends available, being my favorite so far rulesplayer
it uses embebed codecs (don't need to install), just download the full codec package (scroll down to "binary codec packages") and copy to the codec folder inside rulesplayer.

LaunchBar Commander / Re: suggestion: More docking options
« on: December 07, 2006, 06:06 AM »

(...)But what I don't like is that it gets hidden under other windows, and no, I don't want it to always be on top for obvious reasons.

(...)This way, when the toolbar is in floating mode, you don't have to minimize all the windows to uncover the toolbar.  I really like this idea, how about you?  Maybe this could be a coding snack idea that could work with any program.

about the floating mode, i agree. but i would go for an extra checkbox option to "minimize to systray after launch" like "pstart" has. that way, after you execute something it would minimize the bar automatically, so the systray icon would be always available to invoke it.
moving the mouse to the edge to reveal a bar is not 100% accurate specially with maximized windows (it happens even with the windows taskbar).

another thing, to call the floating bar from systray it takes a triple-click. kinda strange. double-click will open the menu directly from the systray and close it again. i think double-click should launch the bar and keep the left click for app menu and the right click for context menu as it is.

as what i think is a bug but doesn't have any bad effect is the last empty line both on the app menu (after my last button there's a separator and an empty line which when clicked pops-up the context menu) and on the conxtext menu (which when clicked invokes the settings window).
if it's easy it would be nice to remove them just to polish up our baby.

thanks a lot for the quick reply!
i'll be looking forward to it and i'll be glad to test it.

hi guys, my first post here.

first of all, i've been looking for the perfect launcher since ever and believe me, i tried *a lot* of them.
mouser, i'm glad you value efficiency over eyecandy because most eyecandy launchers are pure crap. they lack options, are sluggish and buggy.

despite i found and enjoyed true launch bar on my desktop pc for a couple years, i moved to a portable software solution (which i carry in my portable 100gb hd) months ago and i had to keep looking for (yet) another launcher and this time, it had to be portable. double grief.

until i found launchbar commander. despite its bit buggy, beta version, it has been working good so far and it's fast and pretty. with a future option for us to make our own skins, it will rule the socalled-eyecandy-maclike-launchbars, by miles.
exactly what i was looking for. great piece of software.

now, i found it's *almost* portable (may be a bug):
it uses relative paths for apps and works good but it doesn't use relative paths for the configuration file.
so when i connect my hd to another computer and the drive letter changes and i run LB, a warning box appears telling me it can't find any docks/toolbars/systrays in the config file. i have to click "configure" close my empty mcf file and open my saved mcf file for it to change drive letter in the config file (.ini).
i tried replacing the drive letter in the .ini with the ".\" command but it doesn't work and as soon as i close the program and run it again it will replace the ".\" with the drive letter again. if i set the .ini file to read-only, when i close the program it says it can't write to the config file.

btw, the custom file explorer and internet browser options use relative paths too?

is there a work-around for this? i had "pstart" as my app launcher and its "tree interface" is very confusing for someone who uses more than 2 menu sub-levels.
please don't make me go back!   :Thmbsup:

love your program. keep on the good work.

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