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Thank are awesome :)

But are you nuts? I'm on diet right now...Anyone wants to win the cake? Mouser will organize a big cake giveaway drawing...Join NOW!  ;D

A lie? Why is that? Sometimes you are a pure source of usefullnes (e.g. when you recommend myBase which i immediately purchased when i tried it after your suggestion on the forum) and sometimes you are a pure riddle for me. :)

WONDERFUL drawing! You are an artist. Together with Nudone our DC Art-Studio! :)

I think we need to dump that Nany-Mug stuff for prizes. I'd prefer a Cody metallic figurine for Nany 2011 in the style of Chisakus (Cody on a pedestal). I'd pay for one if i can get one of this (if not for Nany) with engraved "For my best friend JoTo" on the pedestal.

I want something Cody-esque for myself. A plushie or a figurine. One of this. Main point, something in 3D what i can put on my desk, get in hand and feel it. And i want it NOW! *JoTo shows mouser his madest and forcible face" Move your a... errrr....i mean: May you so kind to organize something? Thank you! :)



I won in DC drawing. And this exactly on the day of my birthday. What a double present.

So add 50% to my prize happiness of already 100% :)

Thanks mouser and all sponsors.


WOW!  :)  :)  :)

What a result! I am proud to be a small gear in this great community.

It was amazing this month to wait till next day to see what comes next. And i got lot of nice readings, hints and some programs from it.

Thank you to all contributors to make this possible and i hope i have the opportunity to be a contributor in 2 years at the next fundraiser.

And thank you to all donators as well to make it possible that my most loved website in the net is now capable to exist for another 2 years or so.

And last but not least THANKS TO MOUSER! Our cheese of cheesys, our beef in the burger, our man who mouser us all the time in the IRC channel, and of course our always squeaking gear that make all this here possible (of course with the help of us - but he is mainly the engine that drive us to the events like N.A.N.Y, fundraiser, mass suicide  :huh: ...errr cancel the last please  :-[ ).  :D

Now i just hope (Attention: Pure egoism follows) that i am one of the winners of the giveaway drawing.  :P Anyone can imagine how difficult it is to write this message with crossed fingers?  :o

Fundraiser celebration is over now...but don't let celebration stop here. Let's celebrate now the results, the winners of the upcoming drawing and our community in it's all for the next 2 years. Then we end this celebration season and just begin a new one with a new fundraiser.



Hi Veign,

glad that you proofed it. I just thought i am too dumb again to use the str_replace function correctly and gave out a bad advise.

Happy replacing all :)

Hi Veign,

i was thinking about the array functionality of str_replace as well before i posted my solution of course. Problem is, that the replacements contain characters that will be replaced again (are in the search array).

E.g. if an "E" gets replaced with "012" and a "1" with "345" you end up with "03452" when using this approach. I've tested it first before i came back to my posted solution. As the characters in his string are random, you cant find an order of the search array that prevents this "reentrance".

Seems str_replace is not made for that you replace sth. with sth. that is in the search array. So this approach is not more effective but just won't work at all. :) Therefore this workaround.

For the other point i must agree with Veign. No black magic or voodoo here. Either the tags are in your source text already or your code adds them.


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